Assassination Classroom Shoes

Anime Shoes get inspiration from the identity and appearance of characters within the anime world. Each character could be a distinctive source of inspiration. Assassination Classroom Shoes are one of the foremost loved designs by customers. Let's find out more about this design!

Nagisa Shiota Sneakers Assassination Classroom Anime Shoes PT10

Assassination Classroom shoes reviews

Assassination Classroom is one of the foremost outstanding manga series in Japan thanks to its engaging content and impressive character creation. Inspired by each character within the series, Gearanime designed Assassination Classroom shoes. This design could be a special presence for all lovers of the series. As soon as this design was launched on the market, these shoes were flattered by shoppers. With their exclusive and innovative design, these shoes became the highest selling products at Gearanime. Besides the eye-catching color and energetic style, the Assassination Classroom custom shoes also are highly recommended for their quality.


Nagisa Shiota custom shoes

Nagisa Shiota is one of the best characters in the series that leaves a memorable impression within the hearts of readers. The guy contains a petite figure, blue hair is additionally an identifying feature of this character. Inspired by this character, designed exclusively Nagisa Shiota custom shoes. The shoes are designed with a simplicity that forwards to the convenience of the wearer. With a straightforward and basic design but still with its own highlight by printing the image of Nagisa Shiota on the shoes, these shoes quickly became the chart- topping products of this collection. These shoes are designed in a very stylish and unique style, making them easy to combine & match with various clothes. 

Korosensei custom shoes

If you're searching for an excellent pair of shoes that's suitable for several different situations, then Korosensei custom shoes are one of the first-rate choices for you. Inspired by the character Korosensei, Gearanime also chose yellow as the main color for this design. With a compact and straightforward design, these shoes will save your mix and match time because it really matches any item in your closet. Additionally, these shoes facilitate you to build an energetic and trendy appearance. 

Karma Akabane custom shoes

Karma Akabane custom shoes get inspiration from the character of the identical name within the Assassination Classroom series. Karma features a pretty outstanding figure with red hair. He has left many memorable marks within the hearts of readers. This design also received lots of compliments from customers for its creativity and exclusivity. Karma Akabane's image is highlighted on these shoes, which makes this design distinctive and unique. Besides, don't worry about being outdoors all day since these shoes will take care of your feet

Itona Horibe custom shoes

When it involves the Assassination Classroom Shoes, we won't help but mention the Itona Horibe custom shoes. Inspired by the character Itona, these shoes are a singular and intensely fancy combination of colors. With a fresh and stylish design, these shoes bring you a youthful and energetic look. Due to being made of super-soft materials, these shoes bring convenience and comfort to you.