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Anime Shoes are inspired by characters in the anime world and are one of the designs sought after by young people. Each character brings its color and style. Berserk Shoes are a combination of creativity and uniqueness that receive many compliments from the customers.

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Berserk shoes reviews

Berserk is one of those comic book legends that left a deep impression on readers. This is the manga ranked at the top of Japan's most popular manga of all time. Therefore, Berserk Shoes was born in the expectation and excitement of many people, especially fans of this work. These shoes are exclusively designed by Gearanime and inspired by characters from the series. After a short time of launch, Berserk Shoes has received a lot of compliments as well as a high appreciation for the style and quality of these designs.


Guts custom shoes

Guts is known as the main character of the Berserk series, who leaves a lot of impressions in the hearts of readers. With the handsome look, he exudes strength and decisiveness like his personality. Inspired by this, Guts custom shoes are designed in black as the main color, which brings mystery as well as strength to the wearer. In addition, the style and color of Guts custom shoes are also very basic, making it easy to dress in different situations.

Skull Knight custom shoes

Skull Knight is probably a character that many people love. With a very cool appearance but is still very mysterious. Therefore, right from the moment Skull Knight custom shoes were launched, they have become the top-selling products at Gearanime. With a simple and sophisticated design, it brings the spirit to the wearer. Moreover, the material of the product is also a factor that makes customers extremely satisfied.

Daddy Donovan custom shoes

Donovan is the villain most hated by the audience because he is too cruel and willing to threaten a 9-year-old child, Guts. However, to a certain extent, this is the author's success in building the villain. Daddy Donovan custom shoes are directly inspired by the character of the same name. These shoes are boldly Donovan style. Unlike other designs in Berserk Shoes that are often impressed by the variety of colors, this design is the simplest and most minimalistic. Therefore, these shoes are also often favored because you can easily use them in many different situations.

Casca custom shoes

Casca is a very attractive female character. Sometimes, her charm comes not only from her appearance but also from her resilient personality. It is for this reason that Casca is also one of the characters with many fans. Casca custom shoes are inspired by this character, also receiving much expectation from readers in general and fans in particular. These shoes are also impressed by their youthful and dynamic design. Along with creative color combinations, Casca custom shoes have become one of the most loved products.

Zodd custom shoes

As one of the best-selling products of the Berserk Shoes at Gearanime, Zodd custom shoes are so impressive thanks to creativity and uniqueness in their design. The fashionable forms and colors make the wearer more modern and trendy, making them stand out in events, especially Anime events.

Schierke custom shoes

Schierke is an apprentice witch with blue hair in a striking purple suit. Her figure is quite impressive and special. Schierke custom shoes are a special gift for everyone who loves this character. These designs stand out in the dominant purple and black tones, clearly showing the character's style and personality. In addition, these shoes also have a youthful and dynamic style that is very suitable for the young.

Serpico custom shoes

Serpico is also one of the characters that leave a lot of impressions in the hearts of the audience, he is also the character that helps build the success of the Berserk series. He is an elegant and honest guy, leaving many good impressions on readers. Serpico's image is printed highlighted on those shoes. This is also the best way for Serpico fans to show their love for this man.

Judeau custom shoes

Judeau is an extremely smart and agile guy. He attracts many fangirls with his handsome appearance and personality. Judeau custom shoes also debuted to the expectation of many people. The fans of this guy can't miss these shoes. What's more, these shoes are also designed in a subtle, fashion-forward way to please every fashionista.


Berserk Jordan shoes

Berserk Jordan shoes are the most popular style that brings youthfulness and dynamism to you. Berserk style combined with Jordan shoe style creates an extremely unique and creative style. Exclusive designs by Gearanime bring a distinct style from color to material. 

Berserk Air force 1 shoes

Berserk Air force 1 shoes are one of the most loved styles. Inspired by characters from the Berserk series combined with the most popular shoe styles to create a breakthrough in fashion. These designs are also appreciated for their quality inside. Customers choose Berserk Air force 1 shoes for their appearance and the comfort of their feet during the walk.

Berserk Jordan 13 shoes

Berserk Jordan 13 shoes received praise from the moment they were released.These shoes help you have a dynamic and youthful look. Besides, the design of Berserk Jordan 13 shoes also creates a comfortable feeling for you.

Berserk Stan Smith Style shoes

Perhaps we all have owned a pair of Stan Smiths' shoes in our shoe closet. However, Berserk Stan Smith Style shoes will help your shoe cabinet become much more new and unique. The shoes are inspired by the characters of the Berserk series, so the colors are also very diverse and creative. If you need to refresh an already familiar style, choose a pair of Berserk Stan Smith Shoes that you like.

Berserk Yeezy shoes

Yeezy Shoes are shoes that resonate in the fashion industry because of their unique design. Berserk Yeezy shoes will be a combination of fashion and breakthrough creativity. No longer the normal Yeezy shoes, these Berserk Yeezy shoes will express your personality and favorite anime characters

Berserk converse shoes

Don't worry about the familiar classic style that Converse shoes bring to you. Berserk converse shoes will be a breakthrough creation. An outstanding design from form to color brings a new style to you.

Berserk skate shoes

Skate shoes are no longer strange to us, but Berserk skate shoes bring new energy and inspiration to you. No longer a simple pair of Skate shoes, these designs will not let you down with creative and fashionable color combinations.

Berserk slip-on shoes

Last but not least, Berserk slip-on shoes once again surprised us all with their creativity and uniqueness. These designs are appreciated for both fashion and practicality.


Berserk Socks

A pair of Berserk Socks will make your outfit more perfect, especially when you want to cosplay as any character from the Berserk series.

Berserk Eye Mask

If you are a fan of Berserk manga, you can't miss Berserk Eye Mask. Besides taking care of your eyes, it also gives you a cooling sensation.


Berserk leather  shoes

There is one thing we must admit that those who are followers of shopping have heard about the term Leather shoes, the shoe material is more popular than ever. Therefore, Berserk leather shoes have also become the most sought-after product at Berserk leather shoes not only ensure the fashion factor but also take the best care of your feet.

Berserk canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are often cheaper and more durable than other materials. Those shoes made from Canvas fabric are often preferred by customers for daily use because it is very durable and waterproof, convenient in daily use. However, for your Canvas shoes to not be boring or out of fashion, Berserk canvas shoes will be the perfect choice for you. Berserk shoes inspired by the comic series of the same name, bring novelty and originality to you.

Berserk shoes size

Berserk shoes now have all full sizes to serve both male and female customers. visit our website to find the pair of shoes you want.

Berserk shoes cosplay

To successfully cosplay into a character in the Berserk series, you cannot lack Berserk shoes that will help you shine and stand out more. Whatever character you want to transform into, Gearanime will help you!

Berserk shoes custom

Customizing shoes is not too strange to us. This is how people express their style and taste in their shoes. Berserk Shoes are also very popular as customers can choose the shoes and characters they like to redesign their own style.

Berserk shoes drawing

Berserk Shoes drawing brings you a unique and cool look. You also can choose many exclusive shoes on our website. 

Berserk design shoes offers many fashionable Berserk design shoes. You want your shoes to show your style, you just need to pre-order with us to get them right away. We respect all the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Berserk edition shoes

Berserk shoes have many different editions, meeting a lot of different needs and preferences of customers. From classical style to modern and dynamic style, each edition will bring you different looks.

Berserk girl shoes

Berserk custom shoes are the favorite pair of shoes of women. Whatever your style, these shoes will meet your needs.

Berserk men shoes also provides many shoes that are suitable for men.

Berserk shoes for sport

You can absolutely use Berserk shoes in sports, including outdoor sports because their materials will bring comfort to your feet. You can also choose a suitable pair of shoes such as:

  • Berserk gym shoes
  • Berserk tennis shoes
  • Berserk custom basketball shoes 

Berserk shoes for sale

Many attractive promotions are waiting for you when buying Berserk shoes. Visit our website today to grab special offers.

Berserk shoes in real life

We have a lot of real feedback about Berserk shoes. You can also check them on our website. The quality of our service, as well as our product, will satisfy you!

Berserk convention

The Berserk convention is the gathering place for all Berserk fans in particular and anime in general. This is where you can freely express your interests and personality. Berserk shoes will help you shine in all Anime events.