Gintama Shoes

 If you are a lover of the world of manga and anime, then Anime shoes are certainly no stranger. This is a novel and unique fashion trend that is directly inspired by characters in the anime series. Gintama Shoes are also designed based on a series of the same name, bringing new and creative styles that are sought after by young people.

Sakata Gintoki and Toshirou Hijikata Sneakers Gintama Anime Shoes

Gintama shoes reviews

Gintama is a humanistic series and contains many meaningful stories. Therefore, this series has quickly received a lot of support from readers. Not only has a good and profound plot, but this series also impresses the audience with its uniqueness and novelty in the way the characters are built. Each character in the story has a different personality, characteristics, and appearance that provide different design inspirations in the field of fashion. Gearanime also took direct inspiration from this series to launch this new collection. Gintama Shoes carries the distinct spirit and color of the series of the same name and is designed as a meaningful present for all lovers of this series. Moreover, these designs also create a new fashion trend that is well received and interested by young people.


Sakata Gintoki custom shoes

Sakata Gintoki is a guy who impresses readers with his unique appearance. Curly silver hair is the character's distinguishing feature. Not only that but the guy is also described in many beautiful words such as handsome, manly, attracting the eyes of women. He is also the main inspiration for this design of Gearanime. Sakata Gintoki custom shoes clearly express the spirit and identity of the character through their novel colors. This design uses a blue stripe pattern as the main detail that is based on the color of the character's outfit. Besides, these shoes also make customers super satisfied thanks to their extremely fashionable and innovative design.

Hijikata Toushirou custom shoes

Hijikata Toushirou is known as the guy with the most fans in the Gintama series. He is often described as handsome, attractive, and cool. His every action in the story brings curiosity to the readers. Hijikata Toushirou custom shoes are designs that want to express the character's image through design and color. Gearanime has conveyed the spirit of the character as well as the whole story through this design. Besides, the unique and novel color combination also helps this design score points in the eyes of customers. Yellow and black are the two main colors that bring striking contrast to these shoes. Fashionable and eye-catching designs also help wearers express their personality and preferences.

Tsukuyo custom shoes

Tsukuyo is a girl with attractive and beautiful blonde hair. However, her personality is built extremely strong and fierce that is not as weak as her appearance. This is also the character that brings many surprises to readers throughout the series. Tsukuyo custom shoes express the image and spirit of the character of the same name through every little detail on these shoes. This is also one of the most unique designs in this collection that Gearanime launched. The novel combination of colors is also an important feature that helps these designs impress customers every day at first sight. These shoes bring a new style that is both modern and classic fashion trends. 

Kagura custom shoes

Kagura is a girl with an outstanding appearance. From her hair to her outfit, red is the main color. Besides, with a cute and innocent appearance, she is also a character that attracts a large number of fans thanks to her appearance. The innocence and cuteness of her personality are reflected in the style of Kagura custom shoes, a design that is directly inspired by her. When launching this design, Gearanime hopes it will be a spiritual gift to bring joy to Kagura fans. However, this design brought unexpected success to the collection. With the dominant red color and unique design, the shoes have conquered all customers no matter how fastidious they are.

Katsura Kotaro custom shoes

Katsura Kotaro aka Zura is a guy who brings many surprises to readers. The guy is built with a cool look and a somewhat unpredictable personality. This character also brings curiosity to readers. In addition to the mystery, he always knows how to create his own highlights, leaving many impressions in the hearts of readers. Katsura Kotaro custom shoes are designed to express the personality and characteristics of this character. This design makes you unable to take your eyes off because of its novelty and design ingenuity. Every detail shown on these shoes such as the color or image of the character helps to bring a great experience to customers.

Okita Sougo custom shoes

Last but not least, we have to mention Okita Sougo custom shoes, one of the designs that brought the success of this collection. Okita Sougo custom shoes have a unique color and style that cannot be compared with any other design. Black and yellow are the main colors to help the design not bring boredom to the riders. These shoes bring something mysterious, chic, and classy to your look. Because of these advantages, Okita Sougo custom shoes have become one of the chart-topping designs in the Gintama Shoes collection.