Hitman Reborn Shoes

Anime shoes are one of the design ideas that receive the foremost positive feedback in the fashion field. Directly inspired by characters from the Anime and Manga world, these designs have attracted the attention of the young, especially for Anime lovers. One of them is Hitman Reborn Shoes. Let's discover these shoes today!

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Hitman Reborn shoes reviews

Hitman Reborn is a series that brings excitement to readers from the first chapter. With attractive content and many unexpected details, the series quickly became the chart-topping books at that time. In addition to interesting content, Hitman Reborn is also impressed by the way its character is built. With outstanding and creative shaping ideas, each character in the story becomes a different source of inspiration in the field of fashion. Hitman Reborn shoes inspired directly by each character in the series of the same name has brought a new fashion trend to young people. The shoes are always sought after by young people and quickly become the top product at Gearanime.com. Besides that, we have to mention the excellent quality of these shoes


Tsunayoshi Sawada custom shoes

Although being one of the main characters of the Hitman Reborn series, Tsunayoshi Sawada was once built with the nickname Dame Tsuna who has no achievements to be proud of. However, the guy was impressed by his spectacular breakthroughs. Tsuna is the main inspiration in the design of Tsunayoshi Sawada custom shoes which is a gift for all those who love this character. Tsunayoshi Sawada custom shoes impress customers at first sight by its outstanding design. It can be said that these shoes are one of the most successful designs of the Hitman Reborn Shoes collection. The uniqueness and appeal in the color combination make a difference for this design. Besides, these shoes are made of high-quality leather material that both keeps you stylish and protects your feet.

Mukuro Rokudo custom shoes

Hitman Reborn Shoes is one of the impressive and unique collections with novel and unique color schemes. Each design in this collection offers distinct colors and styles that attract customers at first sight. Mukuro Rokudo custom shoes are one of the most impressive designs of this collection. This design takes blue as the main color, bringing novelty and oneness while bringing a fresh look to the wearer. These shoes will help you show your admiration for the character Mukuro Rokudo because the image of this character is prominently printed on the shoes.

Hayato Gokudera custom shoes

Hayato Gokudera custom shoes are the most unique and fancy design in the collection of shoes inspired by the Hitman Reborn series. WIth creative color combination between blue color and black color. These are also the two main colors on the costume of the character Hayato Gokudera. These will help you stand out in any event or situation, especially events related to Anime in general or Reborn Shoes in particular. These designs have a youthful and dynamic style that allows you to express your identity. 

Kyoya Hibari custom shoes

Kyoya Hibari custom shoes are the final design of the Hitman Reborn shoes. However, this is also one of the designs that are both appreciated in terms of fashion, applicability or quality. Made of high-quality leather, these shoes will bring comfort and flexibility to your feet.  If you are a lover of the Hitman Reborn series in general or the Kyoya Hibari character in particular, don't miss this design!