10 Best Anime For Wrestling Fans

By on Feb 02, 2022


If you're a wrestling fan, then these anime are just what you need.

Wrestling encompasses a surprising amount in common with anime.  Big, larger than life heroes, villains who are capable of doing the evilest acts, and ridiculous fight scenes.   And over any of that, characters moving between being good and evil with much more ease than is truly possible in reality. thereupon in mind, it isn't particularly surprising there is a number of wrestling anime series that are made through the years.

This list takes a glance at the least of the most effective wrestling anime, a number of which have actually contributed to wrestling history, while others take direct references from Japanese wrestling themselves.



A series released within the mid-2010s, Abarenbou Rikishi follows a young man named Matsutarou Sakaguchi. after we meet him, he’s lazier and causing problems than he's your typical sports series protagonist. He’s not particularly good at much, except being strong...and sumo wrestling. This series isn’t anything like what people are normally accustomed to, and therefore the protagonist can even be a turn-off, but the art style and watching the character’s journey can still draw some people in.



This series is literally a couple of young ladies who starts out as an idol that becomes a wrestler. But unlike what people would expect from most series like this, the most character doesn’t quickly rise through the ranks, beating people with ease. No, the most character constantly loses, even after getting experience. This series is incredibly hated it or adore it though, as there’s much fanservice and therefore the voice acting...well, just watch with the sound down.



Keijo is that the most anime thing ever. It involves women battling on floating platforms above the water, trying to knock each other off with their butts. Now if this looks like an excuse to throw the maximum amount of fanservice as possible...it quite is.

But the show also plays this idea super-straight. The competitions play out like several other sports series, building drama and having fighting styles that give each fighter their own edge.  Looking past the fanservice, many wrestling and action fans could find plenty to enjoy with this series.



This series takes place in an exceeding universe where tiny robots referred to as PlaWres are capable of doing battle alongside their young partners. the most character here is Sanshiro Sugata, who builds his own custom model called Juohmaru to participate in matches. This series is reasonably like Gundam Build Fighters meets wrestling, for people who were ever interested in a mixture about something like that.



This series follows Hinomaru Ushio, a young person who wants to be a professional wrestler...but he’s under the burden limit.  With him being unable to quickly gain weight, his best and the only shot is becoming the highschool Yokozuna, the strongest grappler in highschool. But since he also has got to build up his school’s sumo club from scratch, he’s got even more work to try to than he might need thought.



One of the older anime series, Tiger Mask premiered back within the late ’60s. The show followed Naoto Date, a young man who was a heel wrestler in America, turning into a decent guy after hearing a baby saying they wanted to become old to be a heel a bit like him. Naoto finally ends up fighting against the Tigers’ Den, a gaggle that trained children to become villainous wrestlers. Naoto battles against this organization and its leader.



Experienced wrestling fans are tuned in to one of all the foremost legendary wrestlers in Japan: Jushin Thunder Liger. A junior heavyweight with a thirty-five-year career, the wrestler originally got his gimmick from an anime with the same name.

The anime is about a few young men named Ken Taiga, who gains a special armor to fight against a gaggle referred to as Dragonite, protecting the planet as Jushin Liger.



The 90s and 2000s kids will remember Kinnikuman as Ultimate Muscle, a series that aired on Fox hold in the first 2000s. It follows Mantarou Kinniku, the son of King Suguru, a widely known wrestler. Mantar is pushed into a conflict against DMP, a bunch that attacks Earth. Though he has no interest in fighting them, when he meets his dad’s old trainer, he still finishes up immersed in conflict and on a probe to save lots of the planet.



Someone was searching for an isekai anime a few wrestlerss, certainly. Kemono Michi is about Genzo Shibata, who gets summoned to a different world by a princess searching for help against the monsters ravaging her kingdom. So tired of this job he gives the princess a suplex and with no way home, he decides to require on the role of a beast hunter to search out as many of the “monsters” of the planet as possible, make friends with them, needing to in some unspecified time in the future own his own store.



Tiger Mask W is connected to the first Tiger Mask series. now it focuses on Naoto Azuma, who takes on the role of Tiger Mask and begins training to battle against the Tiger’s Lair. This brings him into competition against his friend Takuma, who aims to become Tiger the Dark and also the master of Tiger’s Lair. What makes this series stand out over all the others on this list is it’s a connection to New Japan Pro Wrestling. Several main stars from the corporate make appearances during this series, even helping the most character in certain storylines.

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