Top 30 Attack On Titan Gifts: Reaching The Latest List

By on Oct 07, 2022

Attack On Titan Gifts

Attack on Titan (AOT) is the title of the best-selling manga series and the best-known epic anime franchise of all time. The story tells a hopeless yet tenacious fight between humans and man-eaters giant creatures. (1)

The spirit of the story quickly gained popularity throughout the world. An array of merchandise like anime shoes with Attack-on-Titan theme comes out in the market aiming to cheer up yourself or your beloved ones.

To help you have more options for choosing the right gift, Gearanime, a well-known brand to deliver custom anime shoes, comes here today to deliver the list of Attack on titan gifts for you. 

This is written not just for fans of Attack on Titan but also for non-anime fans who are into the awesome spirit of this series. Let's check it out now!

Top 30 Attack On Titan Gifts

1. Ripple Attack on Titan Corps Unisex Hoodie

This option is one of the most prevalent birthday gifts for your partner, who is a big fan of AOT.

The pattern is the symbol of the human spirit in this epic story and the incarnation of freedom as well. Each Attack on Titan lover must know this spirit, so if they have a chance to get the present from you on their birthday, how joyful they are! Others might even get a little jealous of them!

Ripple Junction Attack on Titan Survey Corps Adult Unisex Zip Hoodie

Source: amazon

2. Attack On Titan Personalized/ Name/ Custom Mug

The design of the typical symbol of Attack on Titan is laser-engraved on the tumbler so that it can stand the test of time. The tumbler is made from high-quality material that breathes a premium sense. You can keep cold or hot water inside to your liking. That comes in handy!

Anime AOT Engraved Coffee Tumblers

Source: etsy

3. Attack On Titan Scouting Wings Of Backpack

If you are struggling to look for an AOT gift for your students' kids, you should consider the option. This personal and practical present has printed eye-catching images from their favorite anime. It would make their classmates eye-opening sooner or later!

Attack On Titan Scouting Regiment Wings Of Freedom Backpack

Source: hottopic

4. Funko Anime Attack on Titan Titan Action POP Figure

The AOT's man-devouring giants are downright not an appealing bunch. Some are definitely ugly, and most are creepy. Some are so freakish that it is muddling even to meet their looks. The Armored Titan is built with armor plates to create a martial appearance that is not disturbing as most others. 
Thus, if you would like to have an aesthetic accent for your room where a big fan of AOT lives, thanks to the stylizing in Funko Pop, a titan figure should be your priority.

Funko POP Anime Attack on Titan Armored Titan 6" Action Figure

Source: amazon

5. AILUOR Anime Necklace Anime Cartoon Lovers Jewelry

There is a truth that ladies are into jewelry. So it's really infallible when you send a woman some lovely bling item. If she is keen on the Attack on Titan anime, this necklace is the ideal present for her. The option can meet various opportunities, especially for wedding gifts. By buying a couple of necklaces, your friend and his significant other will always be by the other's side.

Wings of Freedom Cosplay Necklace Leather Rope Investigation Anime Cartoon

Source: amazon

6. Attack On Titan Art Plush Blanket

The blanket is made from 100% polyester with 48 x 60 inches, which is quite safe for the skin and big enough for an adult. 

The AOT Art Plush Blanket and your couch are indeed a perfect complement for your rest every weekend. The feeling of curling up with the fluffy and soft throw blanket will add more comfort and enjoyment to your rest. Any fans of anime characters would wish for the blanket.

Attack On Titan Key Art Plush Throw Blanket

Source: hottopic

7. Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack on titan Sasha Braus T-Shirt

Your beloved ones are dynamic and big fans of AOT who are always chasing creative and unique styles. If so, the Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack on titan Sasha Braus T-Shirt is perfect for them. 

These items are made from high-end material with 100% combed ringspun cotton. The fabric is the softest and ideal for some graphic tee in the business. This line of products runs three key sizes ranging from 2XL to 3XL.

Shingeki no Kyojin - Sasha Braus T-Shirt

Source: teepulic

8. Attack on Titan Socks Cosplay Attack on Titan Anime Gifts

If you intend to seek some Christmas gifts, you can't go wrong with the set of AOT cosplay socks to warm up this chilly festive season. This choice will allow you to show off your love, personality, and individuality for AOT with some fun samples. The product is produced from 3% Spandex and 97% Polyester, which is safe for skin and machine washable.

The set consists of five-pair packs: Armin Arlert, Colossal Titan, Mikasa Ackerman, Eren Yeager, and Captain Levi.

Attack on Titan Socks Cosplay (5 Pair)

Source: amazon

9. Levi Sunset attack on titan T-Shirt

The product coming next on the list would satisfy Attack on titan fans thanks to its design, style, and material. Levi Sunset Attack On Titan T-Shirt can please the most demanding customers. Your friends can put it on for dressing casually, extra-class activities, and hanging out. There is a wide choice of colors to pick the right one for your friend's favorite colors.

Levi Sunset T-Shirt

Source: teepublic

10. Attack on Titan Eren Pendant Gold Metal Leather Shingeki No Kyojin Necklace

The AOT inspires the pendant, no doubt. These necklaces are exquisitely elegant, crafted, and inspirational designs. Giving it to AOT lovers will completely make your beloved ones jump with joy. 

The item comes to market with a smart design that permits it to fit any size. It has a small clasp to let the product be manipulated to go with any neck's size and ensure it is secure.

Attack on Titan Eren Jaeger Key Pendant Necklace

Source: amazon

11. The Last Stand Attack on Titan Board Game

Enjoying the clever game will deliver your friends another method to wallow themself in this anime area of Attack on Titan. When you book the product, its pack consists of one giant Titan standee with six platforms, eight-player pieces, twenty custom dice, four wooden cannons, seven Tactic cards, four Heroes cards, twelves citizens tokens, one buildable dual-tiered tower, thirty-two Titan cards, and twelves heart tokens.

Attack on Titan: The Last Stand Board Game

Source: hottopic 

12. Eren Jaeger 3D Lamp

Eren Jaeger's conversion from a mischievous adolescent to a mature totalitarian has been wonderful in the epic series. Thus, it is not surprising that he is everybody's favorite character. This is a key reason why it's really infallible when you pick the Eren Jaeger night lamp as a gift for your friends who are AOT-obsessed.

Anime 3D Lamp Gift Led Night Light Attack Anime Actor Figure

Source: amazon

13. Attack on Titan Poster

A great idea is to lend a new appearance and decoration to an old wall with a perfect art painting. The printing is an HD artwork printed on high-end canvas. Furthermore, there is a big range of sizes allowing you to choose the right one that matches your wall. We bet that the choice can please any AOT lovers.

Attack on Titan Poster Nine Titan Decorative Painting Wall Art Canvas Posters Gifts 12x18 inch

Source: amazon

14. Eren Titan Skate Sneakers

The next option comes from Gearanime - Eren Titan Skate Sneakers. 
A pair of shoes from the brand has high-end rubber soles, which enhance durability and traction. The eye-catching pattern plus the bold color theme also give it a bonus. Especially, shoes from the brand are handcrafted and tailor-made-to-order to the high-quality standards. If you want to bring a great surprise to your AOT friends, the choice might be a wise one. Your buddy will be out of the blue for this amazing gift!

Eren Titan Skate Sneakers Uniform Attack On Titan Anime Shoes

Source: gearamine

15. Captain Levi Figurine - Clean Version

To be honest, Levi is not the best merry character among the heroic Survey Corps, yet the maid version of his delivers joy and chuckles.

You don't forget to test and adjust the right poses of the figure; that pushes you to laugh a lot. This choice is ideal for mother's day gifts to show that you know how hard she has endured to take care of this family, especially the housework.

Levi Ackerman Q Version Model Toy Clean Version Anime Manga Figurine

Source: amazon

16. Attack On Titan Microplush Blind Box

Need some cute vibes? Most characters (both villains and heroes) of the epic anime Attack on Titan are shown up and metamorphosed into chibi models! These are among the most wonderful children's day gifts you can think of. Taking the AOT Microplush Blind Box home with you to prepare a special present for kids is an amazing idea. Which character will your baby receive? A titan? Mikasa? Eren? It is a big surprise!

Attack On Titan Microplush Blind Box

Source: boxlunch

17. Attack On Titan Characters Rubber Bracelet Set

When you order the Attack On Titan Characters Rubber Bracelet Set, you will find a six-pack featuring multi-character in this set. By choosing the present, you can stimulate a new hobby of collecting all characters of this anime series, both the bad and good, on one arm. 

If you give this one to your fellas, we bet that many AOT fans will cherish it for years to come.

Attack On Titan Characters Rubber Bracelet Set

Source: hottopic

18. Attack on Titan - Manga Box Set

If you haven't had enough of the AOT manga set, we suggest getting all the volumes to enjoy the full spirit of merch collection. Collecting all the sets will be an appealing thing to every fangirl and fanboy of the famous series. 
When you order the manga box set, you will be awarded two great sticker kits featuring Erwin, Levi, Mikasa, and some other Survey Corps figures.

Attack on Titan Manga Box Sets

Source: amazon

19. Colossal Edition Manga

The Attack on Titan volume consists of Vol. 1-5 in large field size 7 inches x 10.5 inches, with fifteen attractive color pages. It used to be hard to get the volume, even though it wasn't published in Japan. You can imagine how surprising your buddy is when suddenly gets this present from you!

Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1

Source: amazon

20. Attack on Titan Bag

Perhaps this design belongs to one of the most stylish recently in the anime world. There is a large variety of patterns to pick, from fine animated toons of these AOT characters to the Armor Titan fighting against Mikasa. 
This option does not simply look cool but can handle various uses. Taking it to a school is one of these practical utilizations. This will let other otakus be amazed!

Rucksack Shingeki no Kyojin Levi Eren Anime with USB Charging Port

Source: amazon

21. Wings Of Freedom Watch

What could be better as father’s day gifts than watches? The watch has come to the market with a heroic story behind its design. The needy dwellers stuck behind the wall on AOT were falling back on the Scouting Regiment to help them. 

Please, don't be late. Keep yourself on track and punctual with the Wings of Freedom watch. This is a deep story and message when you give a present to your greatest man!

Attack On Titan Scouting Regiment Watch

Source: hottopic

22. My Neighbor Attack on Titan Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The Long sleeve T-shirt coming with the best AOT patterns inspired by both Attack on Titan and Totoro has become the best-selling commodities of the producer. The page offers an array of various standards and colors, which can be gratifying for everybody's size!

My Neighbor Titan Long Sleeve T Shirt

Source: Society6

23. Attack On Titan Air Sneakers Custom Manga Mixed Anime Shoes

One more option from the Gearanime family helps you address your search in getting Halloween gifts for your otaku friends. This brand does not just offer handcrafted but also 100% vegan and eco-friendly shoes.

The black-n-white theme is highlighted with the colored image of the character, making it life-like as if he is fighting in real life. No one can say no to such an outstanding design, let alone die-hard fans of AOT.

Attack On Titan Air Sneakers Custom Manga Mixed

Source: gearamine

24. SEGA 7’’ Mikasa Figure

When it comes to AOT, Mikasa is a well-favored female character. She belongs to one of the best well-written characters in this epic anime. Thus, the Mikasa figure will be a great gift for any AOT otakus!

SEGA Attack on Titan 7" Mikasa Figure

Source: amazon

25. Armin Arlert Collectible Pin

Armin might not be the most dominant or the strongest character, yet he is a good strategic planner. His character seems to please most AOT lovers, and the character has become their favorite! So if your buddy is in the same boat as them, sending him the Armin Arlert Collectible Pin is an excellent idea to make him happy.

Golden Armin Arlert - Attack on Titan Collectible Enamel Pin

Source: amazon

26. Attack on Titan Jacket / Cloak

Have you seen Eren's short brown jacket in the series and even others put it on during their performance? There is also another choice for you to pick Captain Levi's stellar green cloak. He showed up with the jacket when he annihilated the hoards of the Titans. 

The only goal of the Survey Corps has been to improve Paradis despite sacrificing themselves. Thus, the design is a good way to show your gratitude to them.

Cloak Cape Hooded Jacket Scouting Legion Freedom Cosplay Costume Clothes

Source: amazon

27. Attack on Titan Shoe Charms

Have a pair of shoes but don't know how to make some focal points for them? Well, it isn't hard for someone with a big passion for Attack on Titan. These charms of the Titans, Eren, Captain Levi, and Mikasa will make you stand out from the crowd.

21 Pcs Anime Shoe Charms Packs Decorations

Source: amazon

28. Captain Levi Keychain

The key chains feature several of the most prevalent characters from the series in their lovely chibi styles. If your beloved ones are diehard fans of AOT, one of the chibi features in the set was enough to entertain him a lot. 
Are you seeking some anniversary gifts? You can also consider the choice and buy them for both you and your partner to show your affection.

Funko Attack On Titan Pocket Pop! Levi Key Chain

Source: hottopic

29. Scout Regiment Sneakers Attack On Titan Anime Sneakers

The option comes to the market with two versions for both women and men. Shoes from Gearanime are made from microfiber, which meets some strict standards of aging resistance, anti-crease, chemical, and abrasion resistance.

The high-top sneaker is surely a must-have item for Attack on Titan fans who pursue minimalism. Only the AOT logo on the side can be a head-turner on the street.

Scout Regiment JD1s Sneakers Attack On Titan Anime JD1s Sneakers

Source: gearanime

30. Attack on Titan Gift Set

Are you on the quest for anime expo gifts for a buddy whose biggest interest is AOT? Here is the perfect gift for him. The set consists of AOT stickers, bracelets, keychains, themed lanyards, and so on. He can dress up with these accessories to go to the festival this year.

KINON Attack on Titan Gift Set, Including Drawstring Bag, Face Masks, Button Pins, Cute Stickers, Bracelet, Lanyard, Phone Ring Holder, Keychain, Posters, Multicolor

Source: amazon

Bottom Lines 

To meet the needs of diverse anime lovers generally and AOT fans particularly, there is a wide range of Attack on titan gifts launched in the market these days, gaining popularity from different classes. Thus, choosing the right one for your loved one's personality isn't straightforward. Yet, once we have succeeded in keeping your company until these bottom lines, we bet you encountered your pick already. Check out Gearanime to see eye-catching anime merchandise if you are in a rush.

Well! It's time to say thank you for your reading. Hope you and your loved ones have enjoyable moments with amazing presents! 

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