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30 Best Suggestions for Death Note Gifts

By on Nov 05, 2022

Death Note is a manga series penned by Tsugumi Ohba. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump manga magazine for nearly two and a half years, from 2003 to 2006, with over 108 chapters. (1)

The huge success of this manga series has led to it being adapted into anime, cartoons, video games, and live-action films. Of course, Anime merch is also not out of the game, making wonderful presents for any otaku.

Death note gifts come in many genres, ranging from clothing and emblems to models and key chains. Also, if you are looking for anime shoes for any occasion, Gearanime has some things for you!

1. Death Note: The Complete Series

Death Note: The Complete Series

Source: Amazon

If you're looking for birthday gifts for a lover of Death Note or someone who doesn't know this masterpiece, Death Note: The Complete Series is the one to get. 

Besides the anime itself, this product also gives you three hours of additional content, including behind-the-scenes footage with the cast, production art, interviews with the creators, and more.

2. Death Note L and Kira Mugs

Death Note Kira and L Magic Mug

Source: Merchandisingplaza

The Death Note L and Kira Magic Mugs are one of the most liked and fascinating products related to Death Note. They feature standard size and can hold a considerable portion of liquid of any kind.

These fantastic mugs feature high-quality paint with a glossy finish. One of the unique things about these mugs is that they can change their surface painting when you pour the heated liquid into them. 

Once getting heated, the Kira mug will add Ryuk in its background, while the one with the L character will show the “L” logo in the backdrop.

3. L Snapback Cap

L Snapback Cap

Source: Merchandisingplaza

One of the most beloved characters in the Death Note series is Lawliet, leading to the "L" symbol being well-received among fans. Simple yet meaningful, the L Snapback cap can become one of the perfect anniversary gifts for L followers if you buy two of them.

This free-size cap comes with a big white letter “L” sewn. It is a 100% cotton material and delivers excellent airflow and sweat-absorbing qualities.

4. Misa Pin

Misa Pin

Source: Teepublic

Misa is the most famous character in the Death Note series among fan girls as a symbol of love and devotion. Despite her beauty and fame, this character chooses to remain subservient to the Light Yagami.

Misa Pin is one of the most affordable items delivered on this list. You'll get a UV-resistant glossy finish without breaking the bank. You can insert it on your scarves to make them look fancier or wear it on your shirts as one brooch.

5. Ryuk Pillow Cover

Ryuk Pillow Cover

Source: Redbubble

Suppose you’re searching for a comfortable sitting and want to take a break from slouching on your couch or chair. In this context, a Ryuk Pillow Cover might be the way to go.

Besides adding an excellent aesthetic sense to your space, this pillow cover also delivers complacency by having a Shinigami near you. It is constructed from great-quality spun polyester. In addition, the three-foot size makes this model produce substantial sitting space. 

6. Mello iPhone Case

Mello iPhone Case

Source: Redbubble

Mello was a cynic and narcissist who desired to put his hands on the Death Note. But he captured Death Note fans’ hearts when he gave his life just to expose the real Death Note utilized by the second Kira. 

This case shows Mello's peculiar style. Sitting on a couch, this character looks like a king. Its cover delivers flexibility and durability, and its imprinted colors are long-lasting. This product also comes in different sizes and models.

7. Light Yagami Funko Pop

Light Yagami Funko Pop

Source: Amazon

If you want something for your child, you shouldn’t want to skip this option. Funko Pops, available in online and retail stores, will be one of the perfect children's day gifts. The Light Yagami Funko Pop is made from vinyl and is 3.75” tall, making it ideal for almost every location in your home.

8. Ryuk Figure

Ryuk Figure

Source: Hottopic

When it comes to Death Note-themed Halloween gifts, it would be remiss to ignore Ryuk's figure, as many fans and lovers obsess over the god of death. The Ryuk figure is produced from PVC and uses high-quality paint that does not fade away over time. 

Unlike other tiny figures, this Ryuk figure is considerably taller, around 12 inches, with delicate details. Just imagine your buddy jump with joy when receiving and adding this figure to his or her collection.

9. Death Note Keychain Bundle

Death Note Keychain Bundle

Source: Hottopic

If you’re a Death Note lover who wants all anime expo gifts on your favorite characters, this item is worth considering. It delivers this series's three most unique specialties: The Death Note, the L symbol, and the L character.

Those high-quality export keychains are made from Metal and PVC. With smooth edges and a 3D design, they are ideal for your keyrings and school bags.

10. Funko POP! L Action Figure

Funko POP! L Action Figure

Source: Amazon

L is one of the most fan-favorite Death Note characters and among the most popular anime characters ever. Do your loved ones adore this character? You should add this adorable Funko Pop - L figure to their anime shelf.

Besides his intelligence and idiosyncrasies, we also love his looks. This character dresses in a pair of blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt, with dark circles under his eyes and black pointy hair. He features a very memorable appearance.

11. Death Note, Light & Ryuk T-Shirt

Death Note, Light & Ryuk T-Shirt

Source: zumiez

This T-shirt is inspired by the iconic duo: Light Yagami and Shinigami Ryuk. These two characters have eased each other's boredom and have kept us entertained from beginning to finish. So if Ryuk and Light are your fellas' favorite iconic duo,  this T-shirt should be part of their wardrobe.

12. Funko POP Ryuk Action Figure

Funko POP Ryuk Action Figure

Source: Amazon

Shinigami Ryuk is a scary but kinda hilarious character, making him one of the fascinating and well-favored characters in this series. This character put the Death Note into the world to ease his boredom, then Light Yagami picked it up.

In addition to being hilarious, Ryuk has a cool appearance. The haunting grin makes it seem like he is constantly grumbling at events he is set into motion. It will be one of the perfect gifts for people fascinated by Ryuk.

13. Death Note Shinigami Ryuk T-Shirt

Coskidz Misa Dark Gothic Cosplay Costume Dress

Source: Amazon

Shinigami Ryuk decided to “lose” the Death Note in the fascinating human world and set the entire story into motion. This unusual character is not the prettiest deity you will see, but Ryuk is still a fan favorite despite his scary appearance.

If you have acquaintances who love Shinigami Ryuk, consider getting this cool t-shirt, and they will surely prefer it. This T-Shirt also is available in red, which is perfect for Christmas gifts.

14. Coskidz Misa Dark Gothic Cosplay Costume Dress

Coskidz Misa Dark Gothic Cosplay Costume Dress

Source: Amazon

If you're a girl and don't know which character to cosplay for the upcoming Halloween, you can't go wrong with this high-quality leather costume dress. This outfit includes Misa's iconic dress, one choker, two lace sleeves, and two lace stockings. It breathes nothing but mystery and alluring.

15. Ryuk Figure 3D Night Light Led

Ryuk Figure 3D Night Light Led

Source: Amazon

This Ryuk LED night will boost the ambiance in bedrooms with unique light. LED options are available in various colors, including green, blue, yellow, red, cyan, pink, and white.

This LED light boasts its innovative 3D visualization and comes with a simple one-touch button function that allows the receiver to switch colors. It is also easy to charge this light via its USB charging interface.

16. Death Note Playing Cards

Death Note Playing Cards

Source: Ebay

Consider buying these playing cards if you’re looking for unique father's day gifts without being too fussy. We bet you, your dad, and other family members will have a great time with them.

These cards have fantastic characters from the Death Note anime. So, you will find all of your fav characters here. We hope they will make you and your dad closer.

17. Death Note Chibi Group Water Bottle

Death Note Chibi Group Water Bottle

Source: Hottopic

This portable water bottle will ensure your besties stay hydrated at any time. Its body includes some of Death Note's main characters, including L, Light, Ryuk, and Misa. Each is holding an apple, and the anime title is above. This bottle comes double insulated with a carrying handle and a screw-on and flip-top lid.

18. Ryuk Canvas Death Note Custom Anime Shoes

Ryuk Canvas Death Note Custom Anime Shoes

Source: Gearanime

Whether a man or a woman, you can please them with these Death Note canvas shoes from Gearanime. It comes with a Ryuk figure in two shades on each side of the shoe. Even so, it will not lose the harmony between the two.

These fantastic shoes are available in seven sizes for both men and women. So whoever you are, you will find what works best for your giftee.

19. Golden Watch Necklace Death Note

Golden Watch Necklace Death Note

Source: Ebay

Are you looking to introduce a refreshing touch to your jewelry box with an impressive accessory? Or are you feeling confused about choosing wedding gifts? If so, look no further than this fantastic necklace watch.

It is designed for both men and women, which is why you should purchase a pair for the newlyweds. Whether you wear this watch on your wrist or hang it on the wall, it is a great way to add a touch of style to your friends' new home after the big day.

20. Death Note Poster

Death Note Poster

Source: Ebay

This beautiful poster is inspired by the anime series with excellent quality and detail. It is fun to look at and easy to apply or remove without damaging your wall's paint. It will surely be a masterpiece that will envy all your friends. 

The poster is durable and cannot tear or rip easily. In addition, the paper is waterproof, allowing you to use it outside without fear of it getting damaged.

21. Death Note Heart Necklace

Death Note Heart Necklace

Source: Joom

This necklace is suitable for all ages and genders, making it one of the best gift ideas for adults and teens alike. It seems a popular gift for anime fans, but you can also consider it one of the ideal mother's day gifts so that it can remind her of you every time she wears it. It also comes with a tassel, which can be utilized to adjust the length.

22. Light Yagami Death Note Figurine

Light Yagami Death Note Figurine

Source: Ebay

This figurine portrays Light Yagami in his school costume when he found the Death Note. The figure features changeable parts so he can carry the Death Note, a pen, an apple, or a giant golden scythe. Also, it has three face plates, allowing you to change facial expressions.

23. Death Note Earrings

Death Note Earrings

Source: Etsy

These charming earrings are hand-made to mimic the Death Note in small form. The hooks are silver-plated and hypoallergenic for sensitive-skinned lovers.

The number of pages in each booklet might vary as these products are hand-made. However, the artist will take care to ensure symmetry between pairs. Because of their cuteness, you can rest assured that these earrings will made your friend's day.

24. Death Note L and Light Figurine

Death Note L and Light Figurine

Source: Ebay

This Light and L combination figurine was created by the legendary Megahouse. This statue is a must-have for manga and anime lovers and can be the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

This figurine is expensive, and many people might balk at its price. But it is worth it for any fans and followers who know Megahouse's reputation for incredible details. 

25. Misa Amane Accessories

Misa Amane Accessories

Source: Ezcosplay

If you think that wedding gifts always have to be something fancy and expensive, you are wrong. Let's say your best friend is getting married; check out this glamorous accessory.

As a Death Note enthusiast, you will know that Misa Amane is a fashionista who is usually well-dressed. Besides her dress, Misa is so well-known for accessories, including gothic cross earrings and necklaces that this character always wore.

26. Light Yagami Ugly Christmas Sweater Death

Light Yagami Ugly Christmas Sweater Death

Source: Gearanime

If you are looking for Christmas gifts, whether for you or your loved one, this Light Yagami Ugly Christmas sweater from Gearanime will hit the spot.
Of course, the central theme of this sweater is Light Yagami, who received the Death Note. Meanwhile, on the back, you'll see the shadow of Ryuk, who dropped this book into the human world.

27. L Figurine

L Figurine

Source: Amazon

This figure depicts the excellent detective perched in a chair, dark shadows around his eyes, messy clothes and hair, and waiting for criminals to make the wrong move. 

This figurine includes changeable items. Hence, he can hold a cake or a fork, wear one-half of handcuffs or put his hands on his knees. He also comes with three face plates, which allow you to change his expression.

28. Ryuk on Apple Pullover Hoodie

Ryuk on Apple Pullover Hoodie

Source: Amazon

Ryuk is a haunting yet humorous character. Most of the funny moments revolved around his obsession with apples. People who do not know Death Note may wonder why there's an apple on this incredible hoodie, but fans will know why.

The officially licensed hoodie is available in sizes for  Unisex, Men, and Women. You can machine wash it with similar dark colors in cold water.

29. L Funko Pop (With Cake)

L Funko Pop (With Cake)

Source: Alibaba

If you're one of the gift buyers on a tight budget or a slightly less discerning fan, this figurine is the one to get. This cute figurine is not as costly as models from Nendoroid, so it is not versatile.

It is available with a single facial expression, and the figure cannot move. It just shows this detective munching on his favorite snack: A tasty cake.

30. Ryuk Statue

Ryuk Statue

Source: Walmart

This shinigami Ryuk statue depicts the creature with wings spread wide while his mouth stretched into a macabre grin. 

It is made from sturdy plastic and set on a firm base, making it ideal for fans and lovers who prefer collecting figurines of their favored characters. So if you are one of them, this highly detailed figurine won't disappoint you.

The Bottom Line

Gearanime has brought you 30 suggestions for Death Note gifts. Whatever your gifting purposes, you'll get something suitable here.
Thanks for stopping by!

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