Dragon Ball: The 10 Funniest Characters (& Their Most Hilarious Quote)

By on Feb 03, 2022

Dragon Ball: The 10 Funniest Characters (& Their Most Hilarious Quote)

Dragon Ball is a classic anime with a lot of heart and personality. From Vegeta to Goku here are its 10 funniest characters and their best quotes.

The Dragon Ball series will forever be a classic shonen anime about heroes who fight to save lots of the globe while also striving to become the strongest under the heavens. As there are such a large amount of characters with dreams as big as those, they have to even have big personalities to face out and boost their confidence.

And the best thanks to having a giant personality is thru humor. Whether it's to taunt or bribe their opponent or simply something unintentionally funny, the characters of Dragon Ball have said some pretty outrageous things throughout the series. Here are the ten funniest characters together with their most hilarious quotes.

10/10 Vegeta: "It's Over 9000!"

Based on his initial character introduction as a merciless and power-hungry Saiyan, one would never suspect Vegeta to be a funny guy. However, as brutal as he's, Vegeta owns one in every of the foremost iconic quotes in Dragon Ball due to the favored "It's over 9000!" meme.

The context of the meme originates from Vegeta's first encounter with Goku. Because Vegeta always boasts about being "the Prince of all Saiyans," he was very surprised and angered to grasp that Goku's power level rivaled his own--to the purpose where he smashed his scouter in rage. Today, the meme remains wont to add a small amount of humor when describing large quantities.

9/10 Piccolo: "I'm An Alien?! ...I'm From The Planet Namek? I Can't Believe It."

Piccolo is one in all the foremost recognizable characters from Dragon Ball because of his bold green skin and antenna. Compared to the likes of Saiyans and humans, Piccolo definitely stands out sort of a sore thumb on Earth. But on an Earth with talking animals and three-eyed humans, he may not have ever felt out of place.

Therefore, when Vegeta and Nappa broke the news to him that he was from another planet, Piccolo was struck with a light mental state. He literally couldn't believe that he was an alien from Planet Namek, despite the very fact that he had green skin and antenna. It's just hilarious that the thought of being an alien never even crossed his mind.

8/10 Nappa: "Do You Think I Was Trying Too Hard To Impress Them, Vegeta?"

Though his presence within the anime was short-lived, Nappa will forever be remembered because of the large, bald Saiyan and Vegeta's loud-mouth partner.

With much built-up anticipation around the Saiyan's arrival, Nappa took it upon himself to create their entrance as grand as possible. As soon as their space pods landed on Earth, Nappa thought it'd be an excellent idea to make bigger a complete city. After doing so, he was left on their own with Vegeta, wondering if he was "trying too hard to impress" the earthlings. regrettable there weren't any people left to impress.

7/10 Recoome: "Alright, Let's Do This, Tough Guy. This Is What I Think Of You And Your Puny 5,000 Power Level."

One of the goofiest evil organizations within the Dragon Ball series was the Ginyu Force, and therefore the goofiest of the bunch was perhaps Recoome. Though he was powerful enough to defeat Vegeta at one point, his goofball personality was what stood out most about him.

During his fight with Goku, Recoome assumed he had the whip hand, so he taunted his opponent with interesting poses and threats. While sticking his finger out, he said to Goku, "This is what I feel of you and your puny 5,000 power level." Unfortunately for Recoome, he foolishly underestimated Goku's true strength and was beaten in a rapid.

6/10 Buu: "So, Do You Wanna Be Candy, Cookie, Or Pudding When Buu Eats You?"

As a former villain of the series, Buu has done plenty of terrible things like causing mass destruction and turning humans into sweets before eating them. However, it absolutely was his innocence and naivety that was taken advantage of by the much eviler Babidi. And he only began to be told well from bad after meeting Hercule.

When they first met, Buu was still blindly following Babidi's order to kill and asked Hercule which kind of sweet he wanted to show into before his death. Through kindness and proper guidance, Hercule somehow managed to convince Buu to not eat him and instead lead a lifetime of straightness and humor.

5/10 Bulma: "Hey Guys, What's That Awful Smell? Oh, It's You. When's The Last Time You Bathed There, Bud? You Need A Bath."

Bulma is also a mean human amongst many elite martial artists, supernatural beings, and Saiyans, but she doesn't let that stop her from asserting her dominance--even before of Vegeta.

After the fight with Frieza, Vegeta returned to Earth without finding Goku, extremely grumpy. Before he could take his anger out on Yamcha, Bulma stepped in and wasn't afraid to insult the Saiyan's poor hygiene. Her ability to urge someone as stubborn as Vegeta to accommodates her wishes was hilariously impressive and one in all the numerous things that led to their marriage.

4/10 Goku: "The Earth Has Some Very Beautiful Women On It. There's One, In Particular, I'm Thinking About... The One You Get To Kiss."

Goku was once an innocent child who barely understood what love or attraction was when he unknowingly agreed to marry Chi-Chi, but as an adult, he looked as if it would devour on those concepts to an adequate degree to use them to his advantage.

In a trial to induce stubborn Old Kai to comply with the employment of Dragon Balls, Goku tempted the person with the possibility to kiss a "beautiful woman." Old Kai immediately caved, but the joke was on Old Kai because the "beautiful woman" Goku spoke of wasn't even his own wife, but rather Vegeta's wife, Bulma.

3/10 Krillin: "Yeah, I Was Doing Great Until The Fighting Started."

Krillin won't be a Saiyan like his relief, Goku, but he's still pretty darn strong for somebody who is pure human. And he only need to be that strong through intensive training.

In preparation for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa, Krillin and his friends trained with Kami for half a year to defend Earth in Goku's absence. When the Saiyans actually arrived, however, they proved to be far stronger than expected, leaving Krillin badly injured. Despite the injuries, Goku said he could tell Krillin got stronger to which Krillin responded, "Yeah, I used to be doing great until the fighting started." It all went downhill from there.

2/10 Hercule: "Yes, I'll Do Anything To Win. I'll Give You The Prize Money Plus 10 Million."

Hercule is thought of because the "World Martial Arts Champion" to the general public that idolizes him, but actually, he's far weaker than Goku or any of his friends. At some point, Hercule realizes that fact but continues to pretend like he's still the strongest within the world.

His hoax was almost blown during his tournament battle against Android 18. After striking fear into Hercule's soul and putting him in a very headlock, Android 18 threatened to show him as a fraud to the spectators if he didn't give her a hefty sum of cash. desirous to save both his life and reputation, Hercule agreed without hesitation.

1/10 Yamcha: "Well, That Was Easy. Looks Like We're In A Different League Altogether From Your Little Green Goon Squad."

In an anime world where people will be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls, death is way less tragic and is usually not taken seriously. this is often the unfortunate case for Yamcha, as long as his death became a morbid meme.

After training rigorously for half a year, Yamcha felt confident and robust enough to require on any opponent, including Vegeta and Nappa. However, before Yamcha had the chance to play against the Saiyans, he instead was tasked with fighting a Saibaman. Foolishly believing he had successfully killed one, Yamcha let his guard down while boasting that he was "in a special league" from the "green goon squad." some seconds later, the Saibaman blew itself up together with Yamcha, thus creating the enduring Yamcha death pose meme.


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