Every Z-Fighter, Ranked From Oldest To Youngest (& How Old They Are)

By on Feb 03, 2022

Every Z-Fighter, Ranked From Oldest To Youngest (& How Old They Are)

The Z Fighters come in all shapes and sizes. Here's how they rank in age.

Fans have watched Goku and his friends go up against foe after foe for many years now, and while every fan has felt the aging process for better or for worse throughout their personal Dragon Ball journey, so have the particular characters. While many Dragon Ball characters have endured visual changes over the years, most of them are ready to defy the character of aging thanks to their species or perhaps intense training regimen.

Of course, the ages of the many Dragon Ball characters are often overlooked, with many of their birthdates being printed in Dragon Ball encyclopedias containing information that just cannot be discovered within the actual show. This list will study the oldest Z-Fighter all the thanks to the youngest and can be taking under consideration their current age because it stands by the top of the Tournament of Power (where Dragon Ball Super's anime concluded).


Majin Buu (Since The Beginning Of Time)

Babidi and his father Bibidi were able to manipulate Majin Buu into doing their bidding, but he's actually been around for much longer than they need. In his original form, he was a force of pure destruction that existed since the start of your time, serving as an indiscriminate force of destruction.

He's more sort of a child than anything now, so it's hard to believe that he remains one in all the oldest characters within the franchise.


Master Roshi (350 Years Old)

While one examines Master Roshi says that he's an old-timer, nobody could've guessed that he's been alive for over three centuries! Dragon Ball Super implied that it absolutely was his consumption of the rare Paradise Herb, found within the Forest of Terror, that enabled him to measure for therefore a few years.

It's no wonder why he was once the strongest man on the world, having had three centuries to hone his skills to the letter.


Vegeta (48 Years Old)

While Vegeta barely looks on a daily basis over 35, he's actually nearing 50! It's no wonder why he looks down on many of the opposite Z-Fighters, providing he's older than most of them.

At his age, he's a seasoned warrior, and he's definitely lived a protracted life filled with ups and downs, making him lots wiser than the typical 48-year-old.


Yamcha (47 Years Old)

Of course, Yamcha just should be one year younger than Vegeta. Not only did he lose the competition for Bulma's affection, but he couldn't even beat Vegeta during a contest old.

The only thing he has going for him at 47 seems to be his luscious locks that do not appear to be graying or break up anytime soon.


Tien (47 Years Old)

Coincidentally, Yamcha and Tien are the precise same age, making them the proper rivals for each other once they met back in Dragon Ball.

And while Yamcha has strayed from his background as a martial artist, it looks as if Tien's age hasn't yet held with him, although he's now experienced enough to guide his own dojo now, something that the Tien of Dragon Ball definitely wasn't able to do.


Krillin (44 Years Old)

Krillin definitely doesn't look his age. His height and lack and hair make him seem like he's still in his 20s!

Hopefully, he keeps his youthful look, although Dragon Ball GT showed fans that he doesn't have for much longer before he starts to resemble the grandfather that he'll inevitably become.


Goku (43 Years Old)

Fans first saw the 5-year age gap between Goku and Vegeta within the Dragon Ball Z television special Bardock - the daddy of Goku, that showed a young Vegeta defeating several Saibamen while Goku was still an infant. Despite being 43, he's managed to keep up a childlike innocence that produces it difficult to even attach an age to him within the first place.

Back in Dragon Ball, it had been clear that he was a small amount younger than his early rivals like Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien, although his tiny stature in the past gave the impression that he belonged to a totally different generation than someone like Yamcha, who, if nothing else, had him drill in the peak department.


Chiaotzu (42 Years Old)

It's pretty disturbing to consider how old Chiaotzu really is when he's always sounded like a 12-year-old. The series has never explained why he hasn't aged a small amount, mentally or physically.

With the knowledge of his true age, many fans may never observe him the identical ever again without feeling a small level of discomfort.


Androids 17 & 18 (Mid-30s)

Androids 17 and 18 have not had their official age revealed, but it's pretty easy to infer their ages supported what information is understood regarding the dual siblings. the 2 were referred to as notorious renegades back in their younger days, but after Dr. Gero abducted them, he turned them into the androids that fans know and love today. Despite being mostly biological, the 2 haven't aged in the least over the years.


Their appearances now are presumably their appearances after Dr. Gero captured them; they definitely look to be in their early to mid-20s, just some years shy of the Z-Fighters after they first encountered Androids 17 and 18 back in Dragon Ball Z. Being that the 2 now not age biologically, over the last decade that has passed by that they've known the Z-Fighters, they'd be somewhere in their mid-30s by the tip of the Tournament of Power.


And after all, Android 18 is older than Android 17, which could've fooled many fans given what proportion stronger Android 17 has always been compared to his sister.


Future Trunks (30 Years Old)

Upon making a return in Dragon Ball Super, Trunks managed to somehow look younger than he did back when he made his debut in Dragon Ball Z! Regardless, he truly makes 30 appear as if the new 20!

This older version of Future Trunks is unquestionably plenty more mature and levelheaded than the passionate teenaged version of Future Trunks that fans were accustomed, but in fact, anyone living in a very world as dark as Future Trunks' possibly grows up pretty fast.


Piccolo (27 Years Old)

While Piccolo looks and acts much older than he's, it is a well-known incontrovertible fact that Namekians mature faster than Earthlings.

He could also be one amongst the foremost "youthful" Z-Fighters around, but mentally he's well beyond his years (and after inheriting Kami's knowledge after their fusion, probably beyond Roshi in terms of his aged wisdom).


Gohan (23 Years Old)

It's easy to forget that Gohan is so young after seeing him with a wife, daughter, and a successful career. At 23, he's lived a fuller life than most of the opposite Z-Fighters put together, to not mention that he's surpassed many of them in terms of power, even after going years without serious training.

But while he's definitely wise beyond his years, the naive mindset that he's displayed during battles against powerful foes like Cell and Super Buu shows that he still incorporates a lot more living to try to to.


Trunks (14 Years Old)

Trunks are far and away one in every of the youngest (and strongest) Z-Fighters up to now, mastering a customary Super Saiyan transformation by the age of 8. Despite being well into his teenage years by Dragon Ball Super's finale, he hasn't experienced a growth spurt of any kind just yet.

When Future Trunks first traveled to the past, he was actually 14 years old, a sign that there are either some serious continuity errors within Dragon Ball Super, or his physical transformation could happen any day now.


Goten (13 Years Old)

Like Trunks, Goten seems to be a later bloomer still. At the youthful age of 13, Goten remains the youngest Z-Fighter to ever exist, and continues to carry the title because of the world's youngest Super Saiyan!

If only he trained the maximum amount as his father did, he'd probably already be the strongest half-blooded Saiyan, and would maybe even be able to give Goku and Gohan a run their money years down the road.

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