Top 30 Haikyuu Gifts For All Special Occasions

By on Oct 27, 2022

Haikyuu Gifts

Don't know what surprises the fans of Haikyuu comics on their special occasions? - Give them awesome Haikyuu gifts such as authentic comic vols, posters, figures, anime shoes, and more.(1)

Gearanime gives you 30 ideas that will always make the receivers be on cloud nine.

Scroll down to check them now!

Top 6+ Haikyuu Birthday Gifts

1. Orange Rouge Haikyuu!!: Shoyo Hinata Firgure

Shoyo Hinata Firgure

Source: Amazon

Undoubtedly, the middle blocker Shoyo Hinata has the biggest fan club worldwide. It also means that his figure is one of the most desired gifts for the comic's fans.

What we love about this figure is the confident smiling expression of Hinata and the carefree way he puts on the jersey. Do you know any potential receiver with a similar personality?

2. Kageyama Tobio Art Board Print

Kageyama Tobio Art Board Print

Source: Redbubble

While male fans love Hinata, female fans are more fascinated by Kageyama.
Most of the time, he is very stubborn, serious, and even considered a self King of the Court. Nonetheless, Kageyama can act adorably at times. Girls like such a cool boy losing his stern look and becoming cute.

As a result, this beautiful print is absolutely a birthday gift.

3. Karasuno Asahi Azumane Sneakers

Karasuno Asahi Azumane Sneakers

Source: Gearanime

Supposing that the receiver is a fan of Haikyuu and a Team Captain, you can consider giving him these Karasuno Asahi Azumane Sneakers on his next birthday.

At a glance, the shoes look cool. They are also comfortable and durable, thanks to their high-quality microfiber leather.

These Haikyuu gifts can last for years to come!

4. New Anime Haikyuu Cosplay Jacket

New Anime Haikyuu Cosplay Jacket

Source: Joom

Check whether your beloved ones have had the new Haikyuu uniform. If not, this will be the gift they always desire.

Putting on the uniform creates a feeling as if the receivers become a member of the Haikyuu volleyball team. With an orange accent on the black theme, the wearer becomes cooler than ever. Who will not like it?

You can choose to buy a jacket or a combo of jacket and pants.

5. Miniature Figure Anime Volley

Miniature Figure Anime Volley

Source: Etsy

If you do not mind investing some money for birthday gifts, get a set of eight figures which portray eight famous characters of Haikyuu.

From right to left, they are Nishinoya Yuu; Kōshi Sugawara; Kōtarō Bokuto; Hisashi Kinoshita; Kenma Kozume; Shoyo Hinata; Karasuno Tsukishima; and Oikawa Toru.

The receivers can place those figures on their working table and remember you - the lovely sender.

6. Haikyuu Throw Pillow

tanaka- haikyuu!! Throw Pillow

Source: Redbubble

Throw pillows are good ideas as birthday gifts.

The image of a funny Takana with a hilarious description will surely make your guests burst into laughter when coming to your house.

Imagine the receivers lying like a potato on the living room's couch or the bed when they can fall onto the cushioned pillow and have a nap.

Top 3+ Haikyuu Anniversary Gifts

8. Kageyama Hinata Kenma Kozume Acrylic Keychains

Kageyama Hinata Kenma Kozume Acrylic Keychains

Source: Alibaba

For instance, you and your close buddies will hold an anniversary party for a 10-year friendship. Kageyama Hinata Kenma Kozume Acrylic Keychains are good gifts for others, then.

Why are they?

The keychains above capture the most wonderful time of the Haikyuu team. Thus, by giving friends the keychains, you want to say: We will have fun together many decades later.

9. Custom Anime Commission Anime

Custom Anime Commission Anime

Source: Redbubble

Interestingly, both you and your lover might be fans of Haikyuu. Why don't you get a hand-drawn couple portrait in the Haikyuu style?

You need to place an order and send your photos to the seller. A digital image will be sent back to you, ready to be printed and hung over the wall.

Or you can also send the images of your friends and their partners who will get married soon as wedding gifts.

10. Tsukki & Yamaguchi Duo Sticker

Tsukishima X Yamaguchi Sticker

Source: Redbubble

Many fans of Haikyuu ship Tsukki and Yamaguchi because of their lovey-dovey moments.

They are childhood friends who have the same dream of volleyball sports and spend many years with each other. Tsukishima always stands up to those who make a fuss with his uke Yamaguchi.

If you also have such a cute bickering boyfriend, buy this sticker and add it to the gift you want to send to him.

Top 3+ Anime Expo Gifts

11. Karasuno Haikyuu Anime Cosplay Costumes

Karasuno Haikyuu Anime Cosplay Costumes

Source: Gearanime

If your friends are now preparing for the Anime Expo celebration, you can buy them these hoodie sweaters.

The clothes look like the uniform of the Haikyuu team, yet they are adjusted from the T-shirts to sweaters to create some interesting differences. Sizes are unisex, so you can buy sweaters for both male and female receivers.

12. TOKYO-T Haikyuu Cosplay Costume Uniform Set

TOKYO-T Haikyuu Cosplay Costume Uniform Set

Source: Amazon

If the Anime Expo Festival is in the summer, you can give the TOKYO-T Haikyuu Cosplay Costume Uniform Set instead.

The number on the cloth is 10, meaning it is the best Haikyuu gift for Shoyo Hinata's fans.

Several sizes are available. Or, you can also look for different numbers.

13. "Karasuno High School Volleyball Club" Unisex Hoodie

"Karasuno High School Volleyball Club" Unisex Hoodie

Source: Ebay

The receivers might want to cosplay the Karasuno High School Volleyball team in everyday life rather than on the court. Then, Karasuno High School Volleyball Club uniform is a must-have item.

The hoodie looks cool and makes you transform into a real anime character: the mysterious color, the foot ISC logo, and the club's name on the front with a convenient kangaroo pocket!

Top 3+ Mother's Day Gifts

14. Haikyuu Shiratorizawa Academy Sneakers

Haikyuu Shiratorizawa Academy Sneakers

Source: Gearanime

Who says your mother cannot be a fan of Haikyuu?

She might be a big fan and will be happy to receive the beautiful Shiratorizawa Academy Sneakers designed by Gearanime.

The shoes feature adorable pink and white colors, with high-quality standards. We like the rubber sole the most. It helps improve traction and exceptional durability.

15. Haikyuu Nekoma Team Scarf Customizable

Haikyuu Nekoma Team Scarf Customizable

Source: Etsy

Besides Karasuno High School, other teams also play excellently. Take the Nekoma Team, for instance.

Supposing your Mom also likes Nekoma Team, a hand-crocheted team scarf is a good gift.

The whole scarf is made from black and red Turkish yarn, plus the logo and the player number are stitched on. You can customize the number and colors based on your mother's favorite team.

16. Aoba Johsai banner design Classic T-Shirt

Aoba Johsai banner design Classic T-Shirt

Source: Redbubble

How about buying two T-shirts with the classic Johsai banner and giving one to your mother?

Then, invite her to an Anime Fanclub meeting so she can better understand your reading hobby.

Imagine wearing the same T-shirts as your Mom's, and people will say: Like mother, like daughter (LOL.)

Top 3+ Father's Day Gifts

17. Haikyuu iPhone Case

Haikyuu iPhone Case

Source: Redbubble

The iPhone case is a practical gift for your Dad on Father's Day.
The case has a print of the number 10 Shoyo to showcase that your Dad is a real fan of the anime.

In addition, it is compatible with iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 8, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 models having MagSafe charging.

18. Haikyuu Drink Otsuka Energen Squeeze Bottle

Haikyuu Drink Otsuka Energen Squeeze Bottle

Source: Ebay

Interestingly enough, Energen offered the Otsuka Squeeze Bottle model to cosplay the volleyball sports bottle in the Haikyuu manga.

It will also be a wonderful idea for Father's Day.

Your father can make energetic drinks and bring this bottle around on a hot day.

19. Ohgiminami High Sneakers

Ohgiminami High Sneakers

Source: Gearanime

While your mother has the pink Shiratorizawa Academy Sneakers, your father will also want to have these Ohgiminami High Sneakers.

The designs are similar: Basic, dashes over the white cover, and signature colors for each Haikyuu volleyball school team.

The dark blue is of Ohgiminami.

Top 7+ Children's Day Gifts

20. Haikyuu!!, Vol. 1 (1)

Haikyu!!, Vol. 1

Source: Amazon

If your kids have not read Haikyuu before, you will want to give them Haikyuu!!, Vol. 1 (1).

This manga increases the kids' interest in sports, making their heart racing due to high-intensity volleyball matches. Moreover, the characters' compelling storylines teach lessons about family and friendship.

And if your kids love it, you can continue buying other vols.

21. Mystery Haikyuu Anime Sticker Pack

Mystery Haikyuu Anime Sticker Pack

Source: Etsy

Your kids might be fans of Haikyuu already. Then, they will love Mystery Haikyuu Anime Sticker Pack for sure.

Each pack has five to ten stickers, depending on their size. All are cute.
Kids can stick them onto their water bottles, binders, scrapbooking, backpacks, crafts, and more.

22. Haikyuu Backpack, Haikyu Anime Bag

Haikyu Anime Bag

Source: Etsy

Bags are also common Haikyuu gifts on Children's Day.
You can easily find gifts online, for example, the orange Haikyu Anime Bag.

Do not forget to add a name on the pack so that your kid feels like a member of the Karasuno and is proud to bring the pack to school.

23. Haikyuu Team Symbols Tote Bag

Haikyuu Team Symbols Tote Bag

Source: Redbubble

Another bag to give your kid is the Haikyuu Team Symbols Tote Bag, preferred by girls.

Interestingly, each school volleyball team has unique mascots, including the Karasuno crow, Fukurodani owl, Seijoh branch, Nekoma cat, Dateko iron wall/shield, Shiratorizawa eagle, and Nohebi snake.

Over the mascots, there are words related to volleyball sports.

24.  Orange Rouge Haikyuu!! to The Top

Tobio Kageyama Nendoroid Action Figure

Source: Amazon

Kids always love cute figures. And here you are, the Tobio Kageyama figure sitting on a chair.

Despite being a chibi, Tobio keeps his serious attitude. This helps inspire your kids to be determined in everything they do, sports and studies.

Your children can display the figure on shelves, desks, or in tight spaces.

25. Anime Character Haikyuu Tobio Kageyama Q Version

Tobio Kageyama Q Version of The Nendoroid Figure

Source: Amazon

Kids cannot get enough of Tobio Kageyama. Thus, we bring another figure for your reference. This time, Tobio is on the court.

We believe that your kids will want you to register for a volleyball course for them. Having sports frequently is very helpful for their growth and mental development.

26. Karasuno Good Morning Postcards

Karasuno Good Morning Postcards

Source: Ebay

Iwaizumi and Oikawa are childhood friends, so this postcard portraying them going to school with dozy faces will surely make your teens who are high-schoolers cherish, making them feel youthful.

The postcards look adorable and beautiful. Thus, your teenage kids will be happy to receive them and hang them in their room immediately. Or else, your children can send this postcard to their best friend.

Top 2+ Halloween Gifts

27. Custom Anime Wig Volleyball for Costume

Wig Kenma Kozume Yu Nishinoya Shoyo Hinata Kuroo Tetsurou Wig

Source: Alibaba

Ask whether your friend has a concept for this Halloween. If not, you can give him these wigs and suggest he cosplay any character in the Volleyball club in Haikyuu at will.

These special hair styles will get the spotlight at the Halloween party.
Also, you can consider buying the TOKYO-T Haikyuu Cosplay Costume Uniform Set to complete the set!

28. Kageyama Unisex Hoodie

Jersey Kageyama Number 9 (Karasuno) Lightweight Hoodie

Source: Redbubble

Is your buddy a die-hard fan of Kageyama? Give him or her this unisex hoodie. Even better, the black color of the Karasuno uniforms match the Halloween parties well.

On the front of the sweatshirt is the number 9 of the receiver's favorite characters printed, which is Kageyama. Your loved one will cherish this Haikyuu gift, we bet.

Top 2+ Christmas Gifts

29. Haikyuu Coffee Mug

Haikyuu Coffee Mug

Source: Redbubble

Coffee mugs are always a nice-to-receive gift on Christmas. Thus, we bring the Haikyuu Coffee Mug under your fingertips.

There is a design of the Karasuno team together to wrap around the cup. Thus, every time the giftee takes a sip, they can look at the team and put a smile on their lips.

30. Haikyuu Ugly Christmas Sweater Haikyuu Anime Xmas

Haikyuu Ugly Christmas Sweater Haikyuu Anime Xmas Gift

Source: Gearanime

Colorful sweatshirts will remind the buddies or fam squads that Christmas is coming.

It would be even better for Haikyuu fans if they received a shirt with the main characters' images printed over it, like the one by Gearanime.

They cannot help but wear this sweatshirt to the Christmas party, proudly telling everyone, "My friend gives this cute to me!"

It's Time to Buy

All Haikyuu gifts above are lovely and heart-warming to give to others or even to yourself on a special vacation. We love the ones from Gearanime because they look trendy and are very high quality.

How about you; what are your favorites?

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