One Piece Gifts - 30 Ideas For Your Beloved Anime Fans

One Piece is among the most well-known anime in history. The characters like Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, etc., have been a part of the childhood of thousands of people. If you're unsure of the ideal present for the anime enthusiast in your life, don't worry. Here is our list of the most unique One Piece gifts and anime shoes for you to choose from.

It will assist you in selecting the ideal present for that particular someone and add even more significance to their special day. You can also check out the Gearanime for more distinctive pieces in case you want to purchase footwear items as gifts.

One Piece Gifts - 30 Awesome Ideas

1. ABY Style - One Piece 3D Mugs

ABYstyle - One Piece 3D Mugs (Barrel 3D Mug)

Suppose your loved ones enjoy drinking coffee and tea; this ABY Style - One Piece 3D mug will be their perfect present. They will feel like a true pirate while sipping drinks from this unique item. With a barrel-like design, it will be a wonderful statement piece to add to their mug collection.

Source: Amazon

2. One Piece Luffy Reze Shoes

One Piece Luffy Reze Shoes One Piece Anime Shoes Fan Gift Idea TT04

Luffy Reze Shoes will make an ideal present for sneaker lovers. Coming from the Gearanime brand, these YZ-style sneakers will be the statement piece of any outfit, making the wearer stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the breathable and lightweight fabric, you can rest your mind knowing that your loved ones will always be comfortable and ready to conquer the world.

Source: Gearanime

3. Roronoa Zoro Classic T-Shirt

BEST TO BUY Roronoa Zoro Limited Edition

In the One Piece anime series, Zoro is a master swordsman; his three swords are his most notable attribute. These pictures of Zoro are depicted very realistically on this Zoro T-shirt. The clothing's material is cozy to wear, and the overall style is simple. It will be the ideal gift for your beloved fashionable anime nerd.

Source: Redbubble

4. One Piece – Chopper Panels Crew Sweatshirt

Chopper Panels Crew Sweatshirt

Suppose your friend is struggling to pick an outfit for the next Comic Con; you can help them out with this Chopper Panels Crew sweatshirt. It will be one of the best anime expo gifts your beloved friend has ever received. Plus, this sweatshirt is soft and comfy, allowing them to enjoy their best time at the convention.

Source: Crunchyroll

5. One Piece/Nakama Poster

Nakama Poster

A poster is one of the classic yet never-old presents you can give to an anime lover. This piece of décor will bring a pop of color and be the center of attention in their room. They will now feel instantly happier and remember how considerate you are each time they see this poster of their favorite anime.

Source: Redbubble

6. One Piece Keycap For Cherry MX Keyboard

Custom keycap for cherry MX keybroard

These One Piece keycaps are the most creative and unique gift that will surely bring them joy. Each of the caps is dedicated to a character in the anime, giving the keyboard a whole new fun aesthetic. We guarantee any high-tech anime fans will instantly fall in love with this present once they receive it.

Source: Etsy

7. One Piece Treasure Chest Cookie Jar

One Piece Treasure Chest Cookie Jar

What can you offer to your anime-and-cooking-enthusiast friends? We have an idea: a One Piece treasure chest cookie jar! This item will be a perfect decoration for their home while still being functional. From now on, every time they reach for their favorite cookies, they will be reminded of you and how sweet you are.

Source: Hottopic

8. Snapback Hat Custom One Piece Hat

Carrot Snapback Hat Custom One Piece Anime Hat Mix Manga

Hats are simply charming and fashionable, and they never go out of style. Receiving a hat is usually thrilling and exciting for a person who appreciates fashion. So, this snapback One Piece Hat is the gift choice you are looking for. It is lightweight and breathable, providing maximum sun protection and comfort.

Source: Gearanime

9. SHIYAO Anime One Piece Pirates Wanted Poster

SHIYAO Anime One Piece Pirates Wanted Posters 10pcs Set

One Piece Wanted posters stand out among these One Piece anime presents because of their specific significance. It speaks for the acceptance of Luffy and his allies' abilities, shown through the rewarded money. This gift will make any One Piece fan scream with joy.

Source: Walmart

10. One Piece Luffy Figure With Night Lamp Light

Kimkoala Anime One Piece Luffy Figures

Suppose you are looking for a cute décor piece; this Luffy figure night light is an excellent choice. It is among the finest birthday gifts that any Otaku could ever receive. Not only can it spark them joy, but it can also be the symbol of your friendship, always shining through the night.

Source: Amazon

11. One Piece Custom Sanji Socks

Sanji Socks One Piece Custom Anime Socks

Season after season, we quickly transition through new fashion trends in clothing, but socks are basic items that look pretty ageless. Thus, you can't find a better present for Sanji's fans than this pair of socks. It offers optimal anti-shrinkage, flexibility, and comfort while adding a personal twist to the outfit. Plus, these socks can serve as statement pieces due to their unique design.

Source: Gearanime

12. One Piece Straw Hat Gaming Mousepad

One Piece Straw Hat Gaming Mousepad

Are you looking for a gift for someone who is constantly on their computer? This One Piece Straw Hat mousepad is the ideal gift in this case. It could improve their mood whether they are working or playing video games. Not only can it aid in controlling their mouse's speed, it will also remind them about you and their love for the anime.

Source: Hottopic

13. Straw Hat Pirates One Piece Lamp

Straw Hat Pirates One Piece Lamp

Lamps are among the most common ornamental objects in every home. Hence, gifting this Straw Hat Pirates One Piece lamp is a wonderful idea.

This lamp can help the receiver get through their day without too much fuss and create a cozy ambiance that's ideal for entertaining guests.

Source: Fun

14. One Piece – Roronoa Zoro Pirate Hunter Hoodie

Roronoa Zoro Pirate Hunter Hoodie

Boys and girls can both wear this Zoro hoodie because of its unisex style. The design of this item is fairly simple yet edgy enough to cooperate with any style. It is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, offering a soft, comfortable texture while still being durable.

Source: Crunchyroll

15. Zoro 14K Gold Earrings

Zoro Earrings

Zoro's iconic earrings are an important part of his whole aesthetic. These Halloween gifts will satisfy any jewelry and anime lovers. Plus, if your loved one is a cosplay enthusiast, Zoro 14K Gold Earrings will complete their costume, allowing them to fully turn into real-life Zoro, the best swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirate gang.

Source: Etsy

16. One Piece Pirate Emblems Umbrella

One Piece Pirate Emblems Umbrella

Few think of umbrellas as gifts, so let's surprise the receiver with this unusual present. This One Piece Pirate Emblems umbrella will bring a pleasant surprise for anime fans. It can also be the message that you will always be by their side and cover for them.

Source: Hottopic

17. One Piece Embroidered Key Tags

3D Keychains Cool Cute Cartoon One Piece Keychain Car Key Bag

One Piece embroidered key tags make a thoughtful present because they are functional and here to stay. Also, these tags are universal gifts you can give to anyone, males and females of all ages. As long as they love the anime, they will love this present too. Every time they use their keys, your loved one will treasure this present and think of the fun times you have shared.

Source: Etsy

18. Thousand Sunny IPhone Case

Thousand Sunny Japanese art iPhone Case

Thousand Sunny is one of the most significant ships of the Straw Hat Pirate gang. It is a true companion of the gang that takes them across the ocean. Why not cooperate this special character in the series into a phone case? This way, your loved one will have their own Thousand Sunny that follows them and be their companion anywhere they go.

Source: Redbubble

19. Nami Ugly Christmas Sweater One Piece Anime

Nami Ugly Christmas Sweater One Piece Anime Xmas Gift VA10

Christmas will not be complete without an ugly sweater. This Nami sweater is among the best Christmas gifts that any One Piece fan can ask for. Combining their favorite anime and a joyful holiday? What can be a greater gift than this? It will help them stand out and be the star of the party.

Source: Gearanime

20. One Piece Necklace Pendant

One Piece Necklace Pendant -Hat

A straw hat necklace pendant is a go-to choice of accessory for any Luffy fans out there. It gives a lovely focal point to any ensemble and is simple to wear. It is suited for special occasions as well as casual days. They can also mix and match this pendant with different chains, adding new choices to their jewelry wardrobe.

Source: Walmart

21. Straw Hat Crew Tote Bag

Straw hat crew. Land of Wano gear Tote Bag

A canvas bag worn as a handbag is a fun, cozy, and fashionable way to carry all the essentials. Hence, let's offer your friend this Straw Hat Crew tote bag as a gift. It can go with any outfit of any style, fulfilling their love for both fashion and this iconic anime series.

Source: Redbubble

22. One Piece Tony Chopper Ichibansho Statue

One Piece Anniversary Tony Tony Chopper Ichibansho Statue

If Chopper is the receiver's favorite character in the entire series, then giving them this Chopper Ichibancho statue will certainly make them smile from ear to ear. It will make great décor for their work desk or bookshelf and serve as a reminder of your relationship.

Source: Fun

23. One Piece Luffy's Straw Hat Pirate Flag

One Piece Luffy's Straw Hat Pirate Flag 3X5 Ft

The skull flag is a recognizable feature of the boat that Luffy's gang travels aboard. This gift will fulfill their dream of becoming a member of Straw Hat Pirate. It can serve as a decoration piece for their lovely home or a sheet for outdoor camping.

Source: eBay

24. One Piece – Film: Z – Movie – Blu-Ray

One Piece - Film: Z - Movie - Blu-Ray

The best Mother's Day gifts are the ones that can bring every family member together. What can be better than having a movie night with your friends and family on this special day? Let's sit back, relax, and enjoy this One Piece – Film: Z movie together.

Source: Crunchyroll

25. One Piece Anime Ring

Monkey D. Luffy, anime accessories, cosplay props, Ace Ring,Law Ring

Who said only couples could celebrate their relationship? You can do the same on this year's International Friendship Day. Let's surprise your lovely friends with these rings as anniversary gifts. Not only will they look fabulous with the rings, but these can also be the seal-the-deal symbol for your long-lived friendship.

Source: Etsy

26. Skull And Crossbones Embroidered Black Beanie

Linhiian Anime Skull and Crossbones Embroidered Black Beanie Hats

If you think your friend doesn't like the previous headwear option, try to get them a beanie instead. This Skull And Crossbones beanie will add edginess to their outfit while not being overwhelmed. You can say it brings an effortless coolness to the whole look.

Source: Amazon

27. Gum Gum Fruit Laptop Skin

Gum gum fruit Laptop Skin

Most parents aren't even aware that their laptops require protection. Therefore, one of the best Father's day gifts this year would be a laptop skin. With the simple Gum Gum Fruit design, your dad's laptop can still maintain its original look but with a personal touch.

Source: Redbubble

28. New One Piece Anime Bedding Set

New One Piece Anime Bed Bedding Set Twin Full Queen King Size-1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcase Luffy Zoro Nami Chopper

Being practical and not only for decoration, bedding items also make wonderful presents. This One Piece anime bedding set includes a blanket cover and two pillowcases that are extremely soft and cozy, bringing the best sleep to the receivers.

Source: Walmart

29. One Piece Straw Hats & Heart Pirates Water Bottle

One Piece Straw Hats & Heart Pirates Water Bottle

Combining your kids' favorite anime and a functional item will be the perfect idea for Children's day gifts. You kids will surely love this One Piece Straw Hats & Heart Pirates water bottle, and so will their friends. It will also be a great companion and reminder to drink more water.

Source: Hottopic

30. Custom One Piece Area Rug

Custom One Piece Area Rug

Giving newlyweds a home decoration piece is never an outdated present. Thus, if you are looking for wedding gifts for an anime-fan couple, this custom One Piece rug is the best thing you can find. It will be a great tale starter in addition to being fantastic home decor. Just think of the stories they may share with their visitors about their bond with you.

Source: Etsy

Wrapping Up

Optimistically, our collection of One Piece gifts may provide some inspiration to help you decide what to get the special fan. Remember that, in the end, what matters most are your feelings of gratitude and admiration for the other person.

In case you still wonder where to get the most beautiful anime-inspired merchandise, we suggest you check out Gearanime. You can find items with distinctive designs from pretty much every famous anime series.


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