One Punch Man Gifts - Top 30 Choices For You

One Punch Man is one of history’s best classic action-martial arts anime. The anime centers around the protagonist Saitama, who possesses superhuman power that can obliterate his enemies with just a single punch. It narrates a story of the bald caped hero in a world full of monsters and villains, winning the hearts of anime fans all over the world. (1)

If your friend or family member is a die-hard fan of this anime, One Punch Man gifts will be a perfect idea for their special day! There are many One Punch Man-themed presents to choose from for your friend, depending on how significant you want your gift to be. Gearanime can be one of the reliable stops for you to search for a lovely gift like anime shoes.

Wait no more; dive in and find out the best anime merch now!

30 Best One Punch Man Gifts 

1. Saitama Figure LED Light

Desk-mounted LED lights are inspirational decorations for your table. With the Saitama Figure as your light, you will feel motivated to work hard toward success. 

Depending on your preference, there are seven to sixteen colors with a remote to change between solid and auto color changing modes. Spruce up your workplace with the colorful vibrance!

Saitama Figure LED Light

Source: Etsy

2. One Punch Man Sneakers

Nothing represents more enthusiastic love for the anime than a pair of badass sneakers from Gearanime with Saitama’s signature punch on it. 
Made with high-quality rubber and microfibre leather, the One Punch Man sneakers pack a serious punch against chemical and crease resistance, providing a comfortable experience for the wearer.

These sneakers are 100% custom handmade of the highest quality standard and sure to last long under the heaviest weather and extreme actions. Get a pair and show off now!

One Punch Man Sneakers

Source: Gearanime

3. One Punch Man Hoodie

Want to dress in style while showing your unfathomable love for the anime series? Get One Punch Man hoodies as anime expo gifts today! The product is 100% custom made with a premium polyester blend and heat-dye application to ensure the highest quality of color appearance. The best part of it? The color patterns are for machine-washing, so feel free to do it!

When ordering, keep in mind that this product follows the Unisex US size, so the height and weight are for reference only. Contact us to get more information about your size!

One Punch Man Hoodie

Source: Amazon

4. Oppai Christmas Sweater

The signature “Oppai” icon is now available on the “ugly Christmas” sweater if you are on the quest for Christmas gifts! This sweater with action-packed icons and shenanigans from Gearanime will spice up the cold winter day at your family reunions. Each sweater is made of a premium polyester blend, which is durable against wrinkles, shrinking and mildew.

The patterns are custom-printed and sewn into the cloth when you order, with little to no differences between the design and final product.

Oppai Christmas Sweater

Source: Gearanime

5. One Punch Man Wall Poster

As a die-hard fan, you wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to spruce up your living quarters with fantastic One Punch Man posters. This product is made from high-quality canvas and unframed HD art prints, providing a fantastic decoration for your wall!

There are many unique artworks and different sizes for you to choose; all are registered! The delivery comes with a protective tube for the best preservation.

One Punch Man Wall Poster

Source: Abbystyle

6. One Punch Man Shirt

Another stylish product to put on your gift list! The custom One Punch Man Shirt is made of 100% top-quality cotton, giving the user a sense of soft and comfortable fit. This product’s textile prints are specially designed to stay durable for a long time to ensure a fantastic look every time you put them on.

One Punch Man Shirt

Source: Amazon

7. Genos Incineration Cannon LED Figure Set

The title’s iconic hero, Genos - the disciple of the One Punch Man himself is now available to heat up your room! This plastic figure set is uniquely designed with textured scenes, power cables and LED lights to illustrate the mind-blowing skills of Genos in the anime. Each part of the set is independent, so you can customize it however you like!

Genos Incineration Cannon LED Figure Set

Source: Etsy

8. One Punch Man Stickers Set

Looking for simple but delicate birthday gifts for your friend? A One Punch Man sticker set will make a great choice! All of them are handmade and come with high-definition graphics. You can choose between cool or funny images for your recipients.

Stick them anywhere you like!

One Punch Man Stickers Set

Source: Ebay

9. Saitama vs Boros Physical 3D Print

The fierce battle that won the heart of every One Punch Man lover is now portrayed in a colorful physical 3D resin print! The set consists of two figures: Saitama and Boros, engaging in a lively fight, taken directly from the anime. This product is made by NomNom Figures, a top-quality figurine producer on Patreon.

Saitama vs Boros Physical 3D Print

Source: Etsy

10. One Punch Man Funny Knit Hat

Another simple but funny choice. The One Punch Man gift hat with an iconic face of Saitama comes in skin color, which makes a hilarious expression for the wearer. Anyone receiving this will burst into laughter when opening the gift. It’s made of natural fabric that can be machine washed with little to no care needed!

One Punch Man Funny Knit Hat

Source: Alibaba

11. One Punch Man Cosplay Costume

Want to make yourself the main protagonist of the anime? Get the original Saitama costume now! It is designed with cool and comfortable materials to ensure the best experience for the wearer. With the costume as a Halloween gift, you will be the center of attention at an Anime festival or a Halloween costume party!

One Punch Man Cosplay Costume

Source: Etsy

12. One Punch Man Nendoroid

The Nendoroids by Goodsmile company has always been popular for their product, and so does their #575 products, Saitama Nendoroid! This tiny table-mounted figure comes with a lot of accessories to customize, allowing you to create every fighting pose for your character freely! Goodsmile also offers many characters from the franchise to choose from; you should check it out!

One Punch Man Nendoroid

Source: Amazon

13. One Punch Man Backpack

Looking for Children's day gifts for your kids to go to school in style! The brand new One Punch Man-themed backpack consists of a zipper closure, padded shoulder straps, and compression straps; all are adjustable. 
In addition, it also offers extension cords for USB and Headphones recharge, so your mobile devices will never run out of power! It’s a perfect choice for fans and cosplayers.

One Punch Man Backpack

Source: Walmart

14. Saitama Funko POP

Another table-top model for stress-releasing! The Funko POP franchise’s best-seller Saitama POP figurine will make a great gift for your friend. Similar to Goodsmile, there are many other characters to collect, so this will be a good start for the collection. Despite the large head, it won’t take up too much space on your table.

Saitama Funko POP

Source: Amazon

15. One Punch Man Lunch Bag

Do you want to surprise your dad with your affection? Pick these lunch bags as Father's day gifts. His lunch now hits differently with the new One Punch Man lunch bag that reminds him of you! 

This product is made of sturdy canvas patterns, padded grip, water resistance and zipper closure, with the signature punch of Saitama printed on the front. It will bring One Punch Man fans great joy while having lunch breaks anywhere.

One Punch Man Lunch Bag

Source: Fun

16. Saitama & Genos Blanket

What could be better to be wedding gifts for One Punch Man fans than blankets with the One Punch Man theme? The Saitama & Genos blanket will make a great addition to your list! 

Designed with the signature poses of the two heroes in a chibi style, this 100% polyester blanket will comfort you as you snuggle into it while watching fantastic action-packed anime!

Saitama & Genos Blanket

Source: Fun

17. Saitama Plush Toy

The cute tiny Saitama plush toy is here! This little toy is made of plastic and plush with a small attachment ring on its head so you can hang it everywhere! You can also place it on your table to decorate your workplace. Don’t worry about cleaning! You can leave it in a washing machine or dry clean if it starts collecting dust.

Metal Saitama Pin Set

Source: Amazon

18. Metal Saitama Pin Set

Want to arrange your documents in style? Check out these amazing metal Saitama pin sets, with super cool fighting poses of Saitama and his disciple Genos. These pins are made of high-quality aluminum to protect from rust and color degradation, a perfect way to arrange your important files or posters.

Metal Saitama Pin Set

Source: Amazon

19. Hellish Blizzard Figure

Along with the powerful protagonist Saitama, Hellish Blizzard is the iconic heroine of the series. This 1:16 ratio action figure is made of high-quality plastic and durable color patterns, with an additional stand to keep it balanced. She is the wildest dream of every One Punch Man fan.

Hellish Blizzard Figure

Source: Amazon

20. Saitama Plate

Eating with Saitama has never been funnier! This plate is made of high-quality ceramic and cool patterns of Saitama’s face on the bottom. It will make a great addition to the anime gift collection of a true One Punch Man fan! 

Besides, these plates make wonderful Mother’s day gifts that aid her in her cooking time and make her feel like you are always by her side.

Saitama Plate

Source: Geeky

21. One Punch Man Metal Keychain

A One Punch Man gift keychain is a surprisingly simple yet meaningful present for your friend. Made of high quality aluminum, this product features the signature pose of Saitama and makes a perfect gift for your fellow fan!

One Punch Man Metal Keychain

Source: Amazon

22. One Punch Man Blu-ray / DVD Combo

No true fan of One Punch Man can ever resist the physical Blu-ray and DVD Combo of the series! This limited edition features all season 2 episodes and a collection of One Punch Man cards. Your fellow fan will be astonished upon seeing this amazing present!

One Punch Man Blu-ray / DVD Combo

Source: Amazon

23. Saitama Notebook

The next product on our list is the badass personal Saitama blank notebook, which consists of 110 blanks, ruled high-quality pages that can be used to write, draw, and as a journal or composition book for school. Of course, you can’t miss the delicate Saitama design of the cover page!

Saitama Notebook

Source: Amazon

24. One Punch Man Trivia Book

It's time to share the knowledge with friends! One Punch Man trivia book contains all information about the series’s every character, lore, significant event, and more! Many of the deepest secrets about the anime that will puzzle the most enthusiastic fans can be found in this book. Get yourself a trivia book today and have tons of fun!

One Punch Man Trivia Book

Source: Amazon

25. One Punch Man Mug

Why not wake yourself up with the inspiring pose from Saitama printed on your mug while enjoying some great coffee? One Punch Man Mug is made of ceramic, with an astonishing capacity of 320 milliliters, and is hand-washable only.

Buy two for couple mugs and turn them into perfect anniversary gifts. Every sip your partner takes will remind her of your sweet love.

One Punch Man Mug

Source: Amazon

26. One Punch Man Gift Box

This special gift box is a convenient combination of many One Punch Man-themed gifts, including postcards, stickers, pins, a water bottle and keychains. If you wish to get the full collection as a present for your friend, this gift box will make a perfect choice for any occasion. Get them now!

One Punch Man Gift Box

Source: Animegiftbox

27. Saitama Planter

Simply, it’s a hilarious plastic and clay flower pot with Saitama’s face as a front. You can enjoy the iconic expression of Saitama while growing some plants above his head! Come to think of it, wouldn’t that give our favorite hero some hair? What a funny and convenient way to relax and have a green thumb!

Saitama Planter

Source: Etsy

28. One Punch Man Candle Holder

A candle holder box is a creative and delicate present for your friend. Imagine placing a candle inside it in the middle of the night, and the hero’s shadow will fill your room! This holder is 100% customizable; you can chat with the seller to add whatever image you like!

One Punch Man Candle Holder

Source: Etsy

29. Saitama Water Bottle

Another small yet amusing present for your fellow Saitama fan! The manufacturer has taken a classic image from the manga yet with a twist  to put on the bottle - the green onion on Saitama’s hand. 

The serious face of our bald hero makes this gift an unfathomable source of willpower, reminding the recipient of staying hydrated to be energetic and funny all day.

Saitama Water Bottle

Source: Amazon

30. Watchdog Man Keycap

The Watchdog Man is an adorable but very powerful hero in the One Punch Man universe. Yet, Klearcap keycap artisan has made a unique product based on this character. Replace your old Esc key on your keyboard with this cute and transparent model of this hero!

Watchdog Man Keycap

Source: Etsy

Final Verdict

With this list, you will know the best One Punch Man gifts for your fellow anime lover! Regardless of what you choose for them, they will be super grateful for your present for their special day. Don’t forget to add a nice card for the specific occasion to show your friend how you feel about them!

Thank you for reading!


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