Sailor Moon Gifts - Ideal Gifts For A Sailor Moon Fan

By on Oct 08, 2022

Sailor Moon Gifts

Although anime can appear everywhere these days, in the 90s, 1992's Sailor Moon was the most popular anime show and was first shown to a wide range of children and teenagers. This anime series has become an unforgettable memory for many people.

If your loved one is a loyal fan of this anime, what could be better than giving them Sailor Moon gifts on special occasions?

Down below, Gearanime will provide you with a list of ideal gifts for your loved ones, especially anime shoes. We are sure that they will be very happy to receive them. Stay tuned, and keep scrolling down!

Sailor Moon Gifts - Ideal Gifts For A Sailor Moon's Fan

Here is the latest Sailor Moon merchandise collection you can buy online, including products like beauty products, jewelry, and accessories inspired by your favorite Sailor Scouts and guardian cats. You won't believe that some of the Sailor Moon gifts we have found online are perfect for magical girl fans.

1. Costume Sneakers

As one of the most famous Anime Shoes, Gearanime provides the best costume sneakers collections for anime fans, especially Sailor Moon!
A pair of shoes with beautiful drawings will be a gift that makes the recipient feel confident and touched.

It is made of 100% eco-friendly microfibre leather material. The shoes are also designed with a high-quality rubber sole for traction and durability, which surely satisfies the customers!

Sailor Venus Air Sneakers Custom Anime Sailor Moon Shoes PT04

Source: Gearanime

2. Pin

The pins are the perfect birthday gifts for both boys and girls. You can give any outfit a cute and fun touch with Glitter Pins - Sailor Moon Henshin! 
This beautiful hard enamel pin is modeled after the bow worn by Usagi in the Sailor Moon series! Also, this will be a great tribute to any girl's all-time favorite anime character.

Glitter Pin - Sailor Moon Henshin

Source: Etsy


Bookmarks with Sailor moon images in various materials and designs can be considered a unique gift for book lovers. 

Moreover, this is probably one of the unique anime expo gifts for your beloved with great meaning if you give them bookmarks according to the recipient's preferences.

Source: eBay

4. Phone case

Phones have always been integral to many people, so a case is a wonderful and meaningful gift to give someone you love. You can buy a Sailor Moon phone case to give your loved one a meaningful present. 

In addition, this is also the best way for them to remember you when they see this lovely case.

Sailor Moon Japan Anime iPhone 14

Source: Esty

5. Clothes

These hoodie sweaters are available in light pink, black, or white and have front pockets for storing your smartphone or purse when you are out. 

Everyone needs a nice hoodie to wrap up in on lazy gaming days, so pick one that is fluffy, soft, and fashionable. 

This item is an excellent pick for cool evenings!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Kawaii Sweatshirt for Console and PC Gamers, Girl Gamers and Magical Girls

Source: Etsy

6. Pillow

Usagi Single Pillowcase is a one-of-a-kind Sailor Moon bedroom item! This cute pillowcase would look perfect in any Sailor Moon fan's room, and your partner can match it perfectly with their Usagi collection. 

They have three cushion patterns (Usagi, bubblegum pink, and moonlight gold) - making lovely anniversary gifts for your cherished ones.

Usagi Pillow Cover - Singles

Source: Etsy

7. Sailor Moon Monopoly

Prof Tomoe, the Death Busters' captain, is on the hunt for pure heart crystals and will slaughter everyone who is in his way. Join Usagi (Serena), Rei, and the Sailor Scouts as they work together to defeat him! 

To attain your objectives, use immortal items, amulets, and Friendship and Love cards. You can be compensated for battling or winning incredible prizes! 

With their very own specialized board game, Sailor Scouts rule the magic in an exciting world! 

The iconic family activity Sailor Moon Monopoly covers places from the Sailor Moon animated feature, with objectives based on the thrilling Sailor Scouts tale.

Monopoly Sailor Moon Board Game

Source: Amazon

8. Apron

Apron will be one of the suitable Mother's Day gifts! 

If your mom or sister likes Sailor Moon and cooking, you will want to get your hands on this cute apron! 

It will make them look like a part of the Sailor Scouts, as it is decorated with Tsukino Usagi's white, yellow, blue, and yellow Scout Uniform.

Polyester Cartoon Anime Apron Creative Kitchen Bib Aprons for Cooking

Source: Amazon

9. Movie

If you and your friends or families enjoy the Sailor Moon anime series and the Sailor Scouts' adventures in their anime book, you should buy Sailor Moon: The Movie! Tsukino Usagi as a gift for a special day!

Trust us; this movie will make your family gathering funnier than ever!

Sailor Moon R Movie

Source: Amazon

10. Makeup Brush Set

As she wields these little weapons with these Halloween gifts, your daughter will feel like a true Sailor Scout!

These unusual cosmetic brushes, inspired by the mystical talismans and artifacts utilized by Usagi and her pals in the Sailor Moon manga and anime series, are the ideal present for Sailor Moon fans and creative artists.

These adorable brushes are crafted from actual metal and available in 8 distinct handles and brush kinds. To suit all of your kid's creative demands, there is a brush for mascara, eyeshadow, blush, powder, and brows.

Magical Girl Gold Cardcaptor Sakura Cosmetic Brushes With Cute Pink Bag

Source: Amazon

11. Luna And Artemis Salt And Pepper Shakers 

These Luna and Artemis salt and pepper shakers, based on the charming protectors of Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, are a great accompaniment to any Sailor Moon collectible household or wardrobe.

These salt and pepper shakers are 3.5 inches in height, manufactured of high-quality porcelain, and hand-painted to rigorous standards. They include a handy rubber stopper at the bottom for quick filling. Toei Animation has officially licensed this duo, who will add a touch of amusement to every dining table.

 Sailor Moon Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Source: Amazon

12. Crossbody Bag

This crossbody bag can show fans' appreciation of all items of Sailor Moon while also conveying their amazing design sense. 

You can get a black variant (indicating Sailor Moon's guardian cat - Artemis) or a white version (indicating Sailor Venus' guardian cat - Artemis), both made of premium imitation leather.

Each bag has a gold moon and star on both cat's pals' foreheads, a gold chain shoulder strap, and a metal clasp. 

Despite being less than 10 inches long and 7 inches in height, it neatly contains your basics like your cellphone, purse, and keychain.

AKStore Women's Handbag Cat Purses Cosplay Sailor Moon Bag

Source: Amazon

13. Water Bottle

This unique water bottle was created to celebrate the anime version of Naoko Takeuchi's Sailor Moon shojo manga, Sailor Moon Crystal, which will be nice as one of the children's day gifts.

This 18-ounce water bottle is robust enough to take to school or the workout.

Sailor Moon Crystal Water Bottle Sports

Source: Amazon

14. Coffee Mug

Put your best tasty beverage into this 3D Luna mug and cozy up on the couch for a party featuring your favorite Sailor Moon anime! When you have this loving feline companion at your bedside, you will feel just like Usagi; the 3D print of the cup truly portrays her sweet smile and charming cuteness.

This approved Sailor Moon goods can carry 11.5 oz of liquid and has a gorgeous detachable top, making it ideal as an alternate container for other culinary items such as sugar, coffee grounds, or tea bags. 

If you do not even wish to drink from it, use it as a cute ornament in your house or business!

 ABYstyle Sailor Moon Luna 3D Ceramic Coffee Tea Mug 11.5 Oz

Source: Amazon

15. Scepter Wine Stopper 

Open your favorite bottle in the name of the Moon! Now, Moonies can preserve freshness, flavor, and fragrance with this beautiful Sailor Moon scepter stopper. 

This sturdy metal wine stopper will fit any bottle of wine, keeping it fresh for longer.

Sailor Moon Scepter Bottle Stopper

Source: BoxLunch

16. Shot Glass

Whether fighting evil by winning love in daylight or moonlight, every Sailor Moon fan can enjoy a good spin. 

Picking them up quickly for a night out with your friends to create wonderful memories together!

 Sailor Moon Shot Glasses

Source: Amazon

17. Coaster Set 

Your father will require a coaster to keep water and unsightly water stains off the table. 

The sets not only keep the coasters dry but some mugs or glasses might leave scrapes or small cracks on the table, which is particularly true if you shake your beverage. 

So, having a coaster set of Sailor Moon as father's day gifts is not only for decorating, but it is useful stuff for your furniture.

Sailor Moon Coaster Set

Source: Etsy

18. Socks

What would be a better idea for Christmas gifts than Sailor Saturn socks from Gearanime? This unisex accessory is suitable for both gender of all ages, and it will be the perfect gift for any occasion.

Make of 75% polyester and 25% cotton. It provides maximum flexibility and anti-shrinkage. 

Moreover, it is designed with dry-fit, lightweight, and breathable material to help your feet stay cool and dry all day wearing, without skin pressure, and offer extra comfort.

Sailor Saturn Socks Sailor Moon Uniform

Source: GearAnime

19. Phone Grips

Add a magical girl flair to your friends' smartphone with one of these Sailor Moon phone clips! 

It will give the receiver a sturdy grip on the phone and a convenient stand for watching videos, and they are available in five magical girl designs!

Cute Sailor Moon Luna The Cat Squishy

Source: Amazon

20. Bed Set

Many people buy bed sets as wedding gifts. The couple's bed is a sacred space. It promotes the intimacy and connection that are fundamental to a successful marriage.

Beautiful Sailor Moon bedding will create an inviting atmosphere, a welcoming retreat at the end of each day. It is where couples can embrace each other in warmth and luxury. 

And as their family grows, it's a place where they can cuddle their pets or kids to spend some loving time together.

Sailor Moon - Crescent Moon and Bunny Pattern Comforter

Source: Etsy

21. Hat

Pretty Guardian and Vans Sailor Moon have joined forces for a special partnership to celebrate love and fairness for all. This line of shoes and clothing invites you to join the Sailor Guardians in paying homage to the popular anime.

The Jockey Bill Jockey Vans X Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Hat, which features Sailor Moon's front and center postures in a starry frame, gives legendary performances fun to enhance your style. This hat is flexible and fits everyone.


Source: Vans

22. Bottle Opener

This Moon Stick bottle opener is perfect for your partner's party! This product is an extremely popular Shōjo franchise that tells the story of Usagi, a high school student with a purpose: to protect the planet from bad powers.

She becomes Sailor Moon and fights the Shadow Realm with the assistance of other defenders with names derived from the planets in the solar system.

Sailor Moon "Moon Stick" Bottle Opener

Source: eBay

23. Ramen Bowl

Use the power of the moon to reheat your food! You will enjoy your meals as much as Usagi loves to eat her steam buns inside this practical ramen bowl, which will aid you in battling evil.

Like Usagi's Moon Stick, this Sailor Moon item has enough enchantment to improve your supper.

It never fails since you can clean and reuse our Sailor Scout merchandise! Warm up with a bowl of hot cuisine for lunch.

 Sailor Moon Crystal 16 oz

Source: Amazon

24. Rings 

Your daughter will love you so much when she receives the Sailor Moon Stackable Ring Set for her birthday. 

All the rings are available in a shiny, finger-sized crown with your individual choice of gemstone and metal accessory.

Sailor Moon Stackable Ring Set

Source: LunchBox

25. Makeup Palette

Does your best friend love Sailor Moon? Get her the full Sailor Moon x ColourPop collection! This set includes their first lenticular print palette and compact compressor. 

The Pretty Guardian palette has the perfect pastel color to give your friends the cutest look. The set includes two lipstick packs, two blushes, and two glitter gels!

sailor moon x colourpop collection

Source: Colourpop

26. Oven Mitts

Channel your inner superpower with this Sailor Moon Oven! Designed to resemble the legendary gloves used by Sailor Moon to ward off bad powers, these gloves will help protect your pals from all the hot dishes in the kitchen.

Oven mitts! Sailor Moon

Source: Etsy

27. Sandals

Skechers, commemorating its 25th anniversary, is sending us back to our childhood years with a collaborative project with Sailor Moon, giving us a collection that includes bright slides and textured sandals. 

The standard collection begins with five pairs of colored slides, each representing a particular Sailor Guardian from the anime. 

These cheerful slides are embellished with a satin ribbon and star brooch and have a perforated EVA sole for strength, durability, and ultralight comfort.

The Skechers x Sailor Moon Collection

Source: The Skechers

28. Playing Cards

This Sailor Moon-inspired deck of cards will give a girl a magical touch on her next poker night with your cards.

The set includes 54 cards with iridescent card faces and gold foil backs that will be the essentials for an exciting game night!

Sailor Moon Playing Cards

Source: Amazon


Above are suggestions for 30 special Sailor Moon gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones. We are sure these gifts will create joy and happiness for the recipient. 

Hopefully, the above article has assisted you in finding a unique gift for special occasions. Thank you for reading the post. See you around!

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