The 10 Best Villains of Dragon Ball

By on Feb 09, 2022

Best Villains of Dragon Ball

See the most powerful villains of the original season of Dragon Ball Z, GT, Super, and the official movie with GearAnime.

Best Villains of Dragon Ball

Since the primary episodes of Akira Toriyama’s anime, Dragon Ball, several super-powerful villains are introduced to the general public. Several of them gave work to Goku and his friends for an extended time, bringing some serious consequences to the lives of the most characters.

In this list, you'll be able to see a number of the franchise’s most powerful or striking villains, starting from the first season to DBZ, GT, Super, and also the official movie.

Dragon Ball’s most brutal Saiyan, Broly appears in several franchise movies destined to destroy Goku, Vegeta, and whoever else comes his way.

Broly may be a true show of power and is understood because of the Legendary Super Saiyan. His rage wide open for everything and everybody is accountable for enough destruction within the series that Goku, Gohan, and Goten have to use a family Kamehameha to defeat him.


Despite being today one amongst the franchise’s greatest heroes, Vegeta, or Prince Saiyan, began as a good Goku antagonist.

He is one amongst the last of his kind after Freeza destroyed his planet. Upon arriving on Earth, Vegeta was very cruel and killed many humans until finally facing Goku during a heavy battle.

He changes sides frequently throughout the series, either because his mind is under the control of some villain or because he simply freaks out and tries to confront Goku.

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The cell is one of the foremost memorable villains within the entire Dragon Ball franchise. within the anime Dragon Ball Z, the android created from the cells of several powerful fighters wants to evolve to its perfect form. For this, it absorbs the energy of other beings, sucking, for instance, Android 16, 17, and 18.

The cell was a villain who defeated our heroes one by one, and not even Goku could beat him. It took Gohan then to unleash his level 2 Saiyan power to exterminate him.


Freeza is that sort of villain who made his mark. Freeza’s impact goes beyond his world power, but it absolutely was because of him, as an example, that Goku became Super Saiyan.

Cold, sadistic, and dishonest. Freeza destroyed several planets and civilizations, including Vegeta’s Planet. Although defeated several times, to the present day the villain decides to form appearances, giving more and more work to Goku.

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Piccolo Daimaou

He is the devil incarnate who wont to live inside Kami-sama before separation. Tyrant, cruel and manipulative, Piccolo stood out for being the evilest and threatening villain until that point within the series.

He was also the primary villain chargeable for the deaths of the many of Dragon Ball’s main protagonists. it absolutely was due to him, even, that the dragon balls were created.

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Goku Black

He is from an alternate timeline, and his identity is truly Zamasu, the Supreme Kai of Universe 10 who gives abreast of humanity and decides to destroy it to start a brand new world.

Zamasu used the Dragon Super Spheres to change bodies with Goku, and after the exchange, killed Goku. Thus was born one amongst the best villains of Dragon Ball Super.

Defeating him took Gods, Time Rings, temporal changes, and a large amount of outdoor help.


Baby is the biggest threat of all Dragon Ball GT. He was liable for lighting quickly and becoming a virtually indestructible villain, even defeating Goku several times.

In revenge for having her planet destroyed, Baby wants to wipe out all the Sayajins. Over time, he overpowers the Z Warriors, uses Vegeta’s body as a number, and rebuilds his own world on Earth. To defeat him, Goku must undergo new training, transform into Super Saiyan 4.


Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of the Gods introduced us to Beerus, the God of Destruction, who showed no joke when he was able to stop a Goku in his Super Saiyan form 3.

Though extremely powerful and dangerous, Beerus destroys planets out of sheer whim, especially for issues involving food and also the fight with opponents he deems worthy. additionally, to the movie, the villain also appears as supporting within the Dragon Ball Super series.

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Android 17 and 18

Here could be a combo of two villains that looked like a true threat to Goku and his friends. And although within the anime’s main timeline, they didn’t take long to defeat, Android 17 and 18 triggered a real apocalypse within the Future Trunks universe.

In that world, the androids destroyed almost everything and everybody and left the few survivors living in terror.

Majin Buu

One of the foremost destructive villains within the Dragon Ball Universe as Majin Boo. The character had 3 different versions in Dragon Ball Z, each of which was dangerous and powerful in a very different way.

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While the Buu fat, more childish, can turn people into the chocolate and eat them, Super Buu has the ability to punch holes within the dimensions if he gets angry. the shape referred to as Kid Buu is that the original sort of the villain. Although he appears smaller than the others, he's more dangerous than the other due to his sheer evil and unpredictability. To defeat the villain, Goku first reaches Super Saiyan level 3, and at the tip of the Saga, Boo builds a brilliant Genki Dama made with the energy donated by the people of Earth.

 Super Genki Dama made with the energy donated by the people of Earth.

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