The 10 Strongest Women In Dragon Ball, Ranked

By on Feb 09, 2022

Strongest Women In Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball's men get the biggest spotlight, but some of their strongest characters are indeed women. We are ranking the top 10 females here.

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball universe features a lot of super strong and capable fighters. Throughout the manga and anime’s run, fans are introduced to a plethora of powerful characters, with each being stronger than the opposite. With most of the main target being on Goku and company, many characters get a form of swept under the rug. The Tournament of Power in Super really remedied that, with a lot of side characters getting more screen time then they sometimes would.

One thing that was made clear throughout the arc is that Dragon Ball features plenty of powerful female characters. a number of the foremost popular characters within the franchise are women, and therefore the franchise has never been afraid to throw its female characters into the ring. These are a number of the strongest women altogether of Dragon Ball, ranked.

10/10 Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi is one amongst Dragon Ball’s oldest recurring characters, having first appeared as a bit girl within the original series. Being the daughter of the Ox-King, Chi-Chi is stronger than most humans and has been shown to be a capable fighter despite not training as regularly as other human martial artists.

Though not focused on martial arts, Chi-Chi knows her stuff and has even trained Goten within the past. because of her spleen, Chi-Chi has been shown to travel berserk every so often and while it’s mostly finished comic effect, she’s shown that she will be able to handle herself during a fight nicely.

9/10 Fasha

One of the few Saiyan females introduced within the canon, Fasha was a member of Bardock’s crew who perished with the bulk of Planet Vegeta. Though not much is understood about her, she is shown to be a capable warrior.

Fasha gets along well along with her comrades but like most Saiyans, is ruthless and cold when it involves battle. She is depicted as being more capable than the typical Saiyan warrior, and may she have lived on could are a really powerful warrior.

8/10 Ribrianne

One of the strongest fighters in Universe 2, Ribrianne may be a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. Being the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs, Ribrianne may be a capable fighter in addition to someone who can rally those around her.

She is shown to be able to go up against Super Saiyan Vegeta and Android 17 without much difficulty. Though ineffectual of maintaining with a number of the more powerful fighters within the Tournament of Power, she showed great strength and determination while within the ring.

7/10 Cocotte

The best that Universe 11 has got to offer, the Pride Troopers carries with it a number of the foremost powerful fighters within the Tournament of Power. Being a member of the team, Cocotte certainly makes a case for being one among the stronger women within the series.

Cocotte has the unique ability to control the space round her. While it'd sway be detrimental within the Tournament of Power, it’s something that separates her from lots of the fighters round her.

6/10 Android 18

One of the foremost popular female characters in Dragon Ball, Android 18 is a component of the series’ long tradition of villains turned good. While she was exponentially more powerful when first introduced, 18 remains one in all the foremost reliable fighters on earth.

Though she often opts to remain behind and protect her daughter, 18 sometimes gets directly involved in battles. She’s capable of holding her own and far like her brother is quick thinking. These traits have helped her tremendously over the years. While she might not be ready to carry on with the plethora of latest transformations being introduced, she’s still powerful in her title.

5/10 Western Supreme Kai

The Western Supreme Kai may be a character that's often forgotten by fans thanks to her incredibly brief appearance within the series. Having fallen within the initial battle against Buu, she was – at the time of her introduction – the foremost powerful female warrior within the series.

Shown as being playful and easygoing, Western Supreme Kai was the primary to challenge Buu. While she did put up a decent fight, she was ultimately taken out by the microscopic demon. It’s worth noting that she’s said to possess been strong enough to require out Frieza at a time when he was thought to be the foremost powerful being within the universe.

4/10 Caulifla

One of the new Saiyan’s introduced in Super, Caulifla is one among|one amongst|one in every of} the strongest fighters in all of Universe 6. She’s an ambitious young Saiyan who, like many other Saiyans, has the will to urge stronger and hunt down new challenges.

Carolina easily achieved her Super Saiyan form with just a touch instruction from Cabba and showed great potential throughout the Tournament of Power. She’s already one in every of the strongest women within the series, and with some more training may be one among the strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

3/10 Heles

With her title of God of Destruction, Heles may be a tough character to evaluate, given what’s been shown so far. Though not much is understood about her, she works alongside Sour to stay Universe 2 in restraint.

As is that the case with the opposite Gods of Destruction, Heles is that the most powerful being in her universe, other than her attendant. Though fans don’t have all that much to base it off, she’s clearly one amongst the strongest women within the series, currently.

2/10 Kale

Though shown to be timid and meek, Kale could be a completely different person once her switch flips, and he or she goes into battle mode. As Universe 6’s own version of the Legendary Super Saiyan, Kale served as a key player throughout the tournament.


Though powerful, Kale has difficulty controlling her strength. she will be able to find yourself going berserk and completely lose herself to her anger. Though this does demonstrate her monstrous power, it also puts those around her in danger.

1/10 Vados

Though a case will be made for any of the feminine Angels at this spot, Vados gets the nod here. The attendant of Universe 6’s God of Destruction, Vados is one in every of the foremost powerful beings within the multiverse.

Vados’ power is alleged to air par with Whis’ and while fans haven’t outright seen her in action, it’s been established that very similar to the opposite Angels within the series there’s more to her than meets the attention.

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