The 20 Most Powerful DBZ Characters, Officially Ranked

By on Feb 09, 2022

Most Powerful DBZ Characters, Officially Ranked

Who among the many, ultra-powerful warriors in the world of Dragon Ball is the strongest? CBR has got an official ranking for you right here!

Perhaps the best a part of the Dragon Ball franchise is that the fights -- the over-the-top smackdowns that end in characters shooting beams at one another and knocking opponents into mountains. These fights have cursed  us thanks to the awesome characters, warriors of great strength, power, and skill that we watch grow stronger. However, not all warriors are created equal, and because the franchise progressed from the comedic days of Dragon Ball into the epic fights of Dragon Ball Z and therefore the god battles of Dragon Ball Super, some characters got left behind.

This is to mention that among the characters within the series, only 20 stands tall because the strongest of all time. How strong are they exactly? Well, while the facility scale has shifted up and down quite a bit because the franchise has evolved, there's a definitive answer to the present question. But first, some rules. to find the strongest characters in Dragon Ball, we are ignoring any fusion characters, only gazing characters that are still alive, further as only canon, main timeline characters. Deities that don't fight are out, so characters like Zeno won't be ranked, since their power is more within the omnipotent category. Lastly, our ranking is going to be supported by the character at their peak strength. With those rules set, here are the 20 most powerful Dragon Ball characters, officially ranked.

20/20 TIEN

Sorry Tien fans, this three-eyed crane-school warrior ranks in at The underside of our list. But, do not be too disappointed, he still made the highest 20 on balance. Meaning, as a human, Tien is one amongst the strongest warriors out there, strong enough to be recruited for Universe 7's team within the Tournament of Power, which really says lots. to really measure Tien Shinhan's power, let's look a small amount at his origins. While the precise reason for his sensory receptor is rarely quite revealed, we all know that Tien was, together with his buddy Chiaotzu, the primary character to be shown flying, studying from a master who developed the technique and studied alongside Master Roshi.

So,we all know Tien has great training, which he was also strong enough to carry is own for a time against most of the most important villains in Dragon Ball Z, including usurping the androids. But, again, while Tien is powerful enough to both survive Buu's human extinction attack and be chosen to fight for the survival of the universe, he's still small potatoes compared to other characters, to not mention he dropped out of the Tournament of Power pretty quickly. a robust and capable warrior with some great techniques, Tien earns a spot within the top 20, it's just very cheap within the ranking.


So, if Tien is not the strongest human on this list, then who is? Krillin, of course. it's a typical fan theory, or rather an acquaintance analysis (analysis?), that Krillin is that the strongest human within the entire Dragon Ball franchise, and therefore the evidence backing it up is quite convincing. Krillin and Goku were both students of Master Roshi, in order that they share a number of their techniques and training, which already makes Krillin a powerful opponent. augment that the very fact that Krillin has been a martial artist his entire life which, while he has died the foremost times, he has also gotten stronger as time went on.

Krillin has been able to hold his own against major villains of the franchise and was even ready to fight Goku while they were testing each others' strength before the Tournament of Power. To top it all off, Krillin is answerable for creating easily one in every of the strongest attacks within the Dragon Ball franchise -- the Destructo Disc -- which turns ki energy into a spinning blade capable of cutting through nearly anything it comes into contact with. the actual fact that even Goku has concerned using the movie proves just how strong Krillin is, as does the actual fact that he was able to easily tackle an oversized number of Frieza's minions in Dragon Ball Super and Resurrection F. But, at the tip of the day, Krillin remains human, which ranks him below the remainder of the characters on this list.

18/20 CABBA

Goku and Vegeta (and perhaps Tarble if they ever confirm if he's canon) are the sole full-blooded Saiyans left. However, their people carry on through their children, half-human/half-Saiyan hybrids, but these two former enemies are the sole pure-blooded Saiyans within the entire universe, but not within the entire multiverse. In Dragon Ball Super we were introduced to Cabba, a Saiyan from Universe 6 who competed within the tournament between Champa and Beerus to determine who's universe had the strongest fighters. Cabba surprised Goku and Vegeta along with his lack of a tail and also the history of his Universe's Saiyans, and successively, Goku and Vegeta surprised him with their ability to travel Super.

Right there, we've enough proof to drop Cabba rather far down the ranking. While he's a Saiyan and thus gifted with great strength, high power levels, and also the ability to remodel, Cabba is nowhere near on par with the Saiyans of Universe 7, partially because he had never heard of the Super Saiyan transformation before the tournament and also because his Universe's Saiyans failed to have tails and weren't as obsessive about gaining power, only using it to assist others. While Cabba gets points for learning a way to go Super Saiyan so quickly — and successively having the ability to show it and eventually go Super Saiyan 2 very quickly — he still ranks rather low in terms of power.

17/20 GOTEN

Like Cabba, Goten isn't as strong because the other Saiyans within the series, and since we're not counting fusions, Goku's second son is on his own during this ranking. this is not to mention that Goten isn't strong -- he's the son of Goku, a Saiyan hybrid (which are thought to own greater potential than pure-blooded Saiyans) and he was able to go Super Saiyan at an incredibly young age, after all. However, within the larger scheme of things, Goten remains just a child and hasn't really received that much training, especially not as an excellent Saiyan. While Goten has had basic martial arts training from his mother and a few advanced training from his older brother, he hasn't had all that much ki or other superhuman martial arts training.

In fact, this was shown when he flubbed using the Kamehameha, pronouncing it wrong and creating a hard-to-control variant attack. It's stuff like this that shows Goten isn't all that trained, and though he can be powerful, and even a prodigy, since he was able to go Super Saiyan at an awfully young age (supposedly a result of being half-human), he lacks the training and techniques that his brother and father have that make them capable fighters. except for learning fusion, Goten doesn't know much and relies totally on his power, which is plentiful, but a small amount on the lower side compared to others.

16/20 TRUNKS

While we might like to include Future Trunks during this list, he's a small amount of a wild card. He had an area among the most cast of characters both within the Cell saga and also the Goku Black saga, but he's from another timeline. Also, his evolution as a warrior relies on tragedy and survival. Finally, having two Trunks' would just be confusing, so we are keeping to the most timeline Trunks, who might actually be stronger, or, at the very least, on the trail to being stronger. See, Future Trunks didn't actually go Super Saiyan until he was a youngster, the death of his mentor, Future Gohan, acting because of the catalyst for this transformation. Kid Trunks, on the opposite hand, was ready to go Super at eight years old.

What places Trunks above Goten is both his age and his father. Where Goten did not have his dad around to coach him (and Gohan didn't train him much either), Trunks had Vegeta to coach with. We saw at the start of the Buu saga that Trunks trained along with his father within the gravity chamber, and with how competitive Vegeta is, it stands to reason that, a minimum of as kids, Trunks would be stronger than Goten. All that said, while Trunks is stronger than his relief (noted when Trunks had to lower his power so as for them to fuse) he's still low within the rankings within the larger picture.


Piccolo is one in all the numerous characters within the Dragon Ball franchise who started off as a villain and eventually became an exponent, ally, and... babysitter? just like the other villains-turned-allies, Piccolo is additionally one among the numerous characters that Goku had plenty of trouble facing during their first fight but is now rather far behind him. Where he was once an unstoppable enemy, Piccolo is now somewhat the second tier on the ability scale. But, he's not without his worth, since without him, Gohan wouldn't have learned the way to fight and a few of the opposite Z-fighters would are dead twice over.


However, Piccolo's power continues to be below a number of the Saiyans, though not for lack of trying. Piccolo has been stated to be stronger than Super Saiyan Goku and was ready to tackle Super Saiyan 2 Gohan at one point, but his power doesn't grow as fast because the Saiyans, and thus, despite constantly training, we, unfortunately, need to place Piccolo a touch farther down the list. He may well be the strongest Namekian breathing, a brilliant Namekian by all means, he might even be a fan-favorite character, but his power doesn't quite surpass a number of the opposite, more powerful characters within the franchise.

14/20 ANDROID 17

Androids 17 and 18 are a small amount of an enigma in terms of measuring their power. While Piccolo originally had trouble defeating Android 17 within the Cell saga, the Namekian's power is now far greater than that of the cybernetically-enhanced warrior. But, here's the thing, both Android 17 and his sister are "infinite energy" model androids, meaning they are doing not get tired and their energy doesn't get depleted. Furthermore, despite the actual fact that their power comes from an inside source, both Androids 17 and 18 are ready to train their bodies to urge stronger and their power levels to extend.

Suffice it to mention, Android 17 encompasses a lot of things that make him stronger than most, which is why we ranked him beyond Piccolo. Piccolo can be stronger, but in an exceedingly war of attrition, Android 17 would win on every occasion. Where Piccolo would take lots of your time to assemble the energy for a Special Beam Cannon, 17 could release a ki attack even as powerful without losing any energy. this is often all to not mention the actual fact that he has an unbreakable barrier that he can unleash at any time to shield himself. All things considered, Android 17 is stronger than Piccolo and therefore the others.

13/20 ANDROID 18

One might think that, since they're twins and were modified into androids at the identical time, Androids 17 and 18 have identical power levels. However, the numbers they were assigned to prove otherwise. See, when Android 17 was created, there was a slip-up in his design that made it impossible for him to totally utilize his strength, leaving his power level slightly below that of his sister, whose design didn't have this error. But, since we are staring at these characters at their peak strength, this is often now not a difficulty, since he eventually overcame this error.


But, by the very nature that Android 18 was built after Android 17, we will assume that there are other upgrades she has that her brother lacks. But, whether or not this is not true, we are able to still assume that Android 18 is stronger than her brother because, like 17, she is additionally able to train herself to urge stronger. Without having to push past the wall of the look error her brother had, 18 was able to get prior to him in power if she trained properly. Okay, that's a touch of a stretch, but we've got seen 18 do more fighting than 17, so we're gonna count it.


This was a small amount of a tricky call to create, since, while Androids 17 and 18 have the advantage of never getting tired and Caulifla isn't versed within the Super Saiyan form tolerably to manage the rapid energy drain it, or the following level causes, the facility she exhibits within the Tournament of Power shows that she is stronger by some means. If anything, the actual fact that Androids 17 and 18 and Caulifla have different kinds of power is reasonably a testament to the creativeness of the franchise, especially within the Tournament of Power, which pitted hard-trained warriors against those with interesting and different innate powers.

But, we digress, the most reason that Caulifla ranks above Androids 17 and 18 and even ranks such a lot on top of her Universe 6 teammate is her base form. See, the Super Saiyan form doesn't supplement power, it multiplies it, so a Saiyan with a stronger base form is going to be stronger in their Super Saiyan form, and within the Dragon Ball Super manga, Caulifla is alleged to be the strongest Saiyan within the universe 6. If you wish proof from the anime, then have a look at Caulifla's brother Renso, who was Cabba's mentor and thus should be stronger. Renso himself that his sister is stronger than him, which suggests her base form is stronger, and thus, as both an excellent Saiyan and an excellent Saiyan 2, Caulifla is miles before others within the Tournament of Power.

11/20 KALE

This one was much easier to rank since Kale's power level is INSANE. Kale could be a bit sort of a female version of Broly, gifted with an excellent Saiyan form much stronger, more brutal, and overall more powerful than basic Super Saiyan forms. rather than being a Legendary Super Saiyan, however, Kale's form is understood because the Berserker Super Saiyan form and turns her into an enormous, hulking, green-tinted golden-haired warrior. However, "monster" may be the more accurate term to use, since Kale loses all mental control when during this form, a trade-off of the large power. But, we're not weighing the great and bad of Kale's power, we're watching how strong she is in her peak, which suggests when she is out of control and muscled up.

Though she might attack her friends and allies when in her Berserker form, the facility it grants her is insane and ranks her high on our list. She is certainly stronger than her fellow Saiyans, seen when she attacks Caulifla, and even gave Goku a last his money, though it absolutely was only after he lost his stamina and energy from fighting Jiren using Ultra Instinct. Regardless, we predict that Kale's berserker form ranks her at number 11 within the top 20 strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

10/20 HIT

Hit is an assassin from Universe 6 with a good amount of power, but his true strength lies in his unique ability, the ability to skip through time. With this power, Hit is ready to maneuver forward in time and take his opponent suddenly. He also contains a long list of other time-related powers that stem from his power to skip through time. for instance, Hit during a position|is ready} to store up the time that he skips over in a pocket dimension that enables him several additional abilities, like having the ability to trap his opponents during this dimension, over which he has control of, or having the ability to store his physical form within the time dimension to create himself intangible. It's all quite interesting and powerfully deadly, which is why he's such a good assassin.

In terms of overall power, Hit is sort of powerful, able to go toe to toe with Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms, which is incredibly impressive. However, there are some things that dampen his overall ranking, despite the actual fact that he's considered the strongest fighter in Universe 6. For one thing, remove his time-based powers, and Hit doesn't really have any special techniques, only hoping on close combat and precise aim with super-strong punches. this can be to mention that Hit earns an area within the top 10 thanks to his Time-skip powers, but we're visiting place him at exactly number 10 because he doesn't fully utilize his strength.

9/20 BUU

Because Buu has such a lot of forms, it's sometimes hard to see which was his strongest. While his "Kid" form was the ultimate enemy of Dragon Ball Z, it wasn't actually his strongest, it absolutely was just his base form that was so driven by rage and raw power that it absolutely was harder to fight supported unpredictability and stronger malicious intent. So, since we are ranking characters at their strongest point, then we are visiting go together with Buu's "Super" form, specifically when he fought Vegito after he absorbed Gohan, which we expect is his peak power level.

So, thereupon in mind, how strong was Super Buu at this point? Well, after his evil half absorbed his innocent half, Buu became Super Buu, a far stronger version of himself that would also steal the powers of others, which is strictly what he did after he absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan. It took the facility of fusion to fight and overpower Super Buu like this, which is why we are ranking him so high at number nine. Some might think that Super Buu should be above on the list, but once you see who's next, we predict you'll trust this ranking.

8/20 GOHAN

Gohan has had quite the journey over the years. He started off as an innocent child Chi-Chi didn't want to become a fighter. But, due to the upcoming arrival of the Saiyans, Gohan was forced to learned to fight by Piccolo, sticking along with his training from then on to assist fight the Androids. Gohan was even the one to defeat Cell after being the primary to unlock Super Saiyan 2, a form rather more powerful than regular Super Saiyan. From there, Gohan lost a small amount of his power during the peaceful time leading up to the Buu saga, losing even more after Buu was defeated, becoming what many have called Tracksuit Gohan, who was a shadow of his Ultimate Self. But, leading up to and through the Tournament of Power, Gohan has reached his highest power yet, an influence that puts him at number eight on this list.

When Gohan went Super Saiyan 2 during the Buu saga, Vegeta said that his power was less than it absolutely was during his fight with Cell. So, does that mean his fight along with his Cell was his peak? Nope, and it wasn't during his fight against Super Buu either, which alone is enough to rank his power higher. No, his highest level is, as mentioned, within the Tournament of Power, where he regained his Ultimate Form and so some, ready to access all of his body's power without draining his stamina and ki. He won't be the strongest fighter, but Gohan is certainly the strongest half-Saiyan.


When Frieza was introduced to Dragon Ball Z, he was alleged to be an endgame villain, a personality so unbelievably powerful that there were no conceivable thanks to defeating him. But, of course, Goku was able to defeat the intergalactic tyrant by achieving a form thought to be lost to time, a form that Frieza feared the foremost, the Super Saiyan form. With this power-up, Goku was able to fight Frieza blow for blow, eventually leaving him to die within the explosion of Planet Namek. But, he didn't die, he survived and got a cybernetic body, which still wasn't enough against an excellent Saiyan, as he was killed by Future Trunks. Frieza eventually returned with a form that knocked his previous power level out of the park.

We are in fact talking about Golden Frieza, a short-lived form that Frieza achieved after training for the primary time in his life and puts him at his peak strength. during this form, Frieza was said to be stronger than Super Saiyan blue, but we're visiting rank him at number seven on this list, both because Goku and Vegeta eventually gained forms stronger than Super Saiyan Blue and since there are some other warriors we have seen that surpass him.

6/20 TOPPO

Just who are the soldiers except for Goku and Vegeta that are stronger than Frieza? Well, the most effective place to appear is that the opponents that he faced within the Tournament of Power, one among the strongest being Toppo. Top hails from Universe 11 and could be a member of the Pride Troopers, warrior heroes who fight villains and defend justice. he's also their second strongest member, in both his normal form and a form he revealed towards the top of the Tournament of Power. Since we are gazing at these characters' peak strength, then we are after all visiting study Toppo's Destroyer form, which made him one tough opponent.

See, Toppo is that the next in line to be his Universe's god of destruction, and through the Tournament of Power, Toppo gave in to his potential and have become a Destroyer, summoning Destruction power and achieving the strength of a god, strength that Frieza had to combat. In his Destroyer form, Toppo has access to godly ki, which puts him on the identical level as Super Saiyan Blue, also as Destruction power, which puts him well past Super Saiyan Blue and allows him to destroy anything he wishes. Toppo was so strong during this form that it actually took a self-destruction technique from Vegeta to require him out, not even Golden Frieza could win against this God of Destruction candidate!


As we just mentioned, the sole one who was able to defeat Toppo was Vegeta, and he was only ready to do so by using the identical self-destruction technique he wont to defeat Majin Buu, only now it worked and he survived. the very fact that he was ready to survive his own explosion says plenty about how far Vegeta has come, and while he's constantly trying to surpass Goku, and thus never satisfied together with his own immense power, he still deserves a high ranking on this list. We gave him number five for some reasons, the primary being that he defeated Toppo and is thus capable of destroying a Destroyer, and also the second is that he finally surpassed Goku within the Tournament of Power, a minimum of in one regard.

See, both Goku and Vegeta are ready to go Super Saiyan Blue, a form that results from using the godly ki of Super Saiyan God and filtering it through their Super Saiyan form. While Goku did achieve a brand new variety of his own (we'll get thereto next), Vegeta also achieved a brand new form within the Tournament of Power, one that really surpasses Super Saiyan Blue. This form, called Super Saiyan Blue Evolution, is actually Super Saiyan 2 but with godly ki, which, if we are considering this Vegeta's peak, makes him one in every of the highest five strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

4/20 GOKU

Come on, don't act such as you didn't see this coming! in fact, Goku ranks more than Vegeta, he's the most character after all! Plus, the full point of his character his breaking limits and pushing his power as far because it can go, so by all means he should be most wanted on this list, but he hasn't quite reached that power level yet. So then, how strong is he if he's not number one? Well, he has not achieved Super Saiyan Blue Evolution as Vegeta has, but he did achieve a brand new form within the Tournament of Power that trumps it, Ultra Instinct.

This form isn't actually an excellent Saiyan form and is more of a way that comes with a metamorphosis, one that anyone could conceivably achieve, though not easily since even the gods of the Dragon Ball universe have trouble achieving and mastering it, which is why all of them stood up in respect for Goku when he used the total Ultra Instinct form for the primary time. this could say something about the ability of this kind, which supplies Goku perfect offense and defense stupidly, counting on pure instinct to attack, leading to the strongest he's ever been. due to the effectiveness of this kind, Goku comes in at number four on this list.

3/20 Jiren

What? Goku is number four? But who can be stronger than him? Well, other than the gods of the franchise (which we'll get to), there's but one warrior who has proven to be an excessive amount of for Goku, Jiren the grey. Jiren may be a Pride Trooper from Universe 11 who, after a tragic event in his past, trained non-stop to never face that sort of tragedy again. the sole thing that matters to Jiren is strength, and he worked hard to induce it; so hard of course that he was feared by the gods to be the legendary warrior prophesied to surpass them.

Jiren is unbelievably strong, so strong that the hardly should move a muscle to destroy an opponent, and when he does actually get serious, his punches are strong enough to hit from afar and his psychic attacks are nearly unstoppable. Jiren was so strong that his power was enough to challenge Goku into pushing his own limits and achieving a brand new form, and even that wasn't enough to defeat Jiren! Seriously, Jiren actually sat out most of the Tournament of Power because it'd are a waste of his power to use his strength on the opposite warriors. Without a doubt, Jiren is the strongest mortal to exist within the world of Dragon Ball.


Now we get into the ultimate two, which are, of course, gods, since no mortal could make it at the highest of the list. First up is God of Destruction Beerus. Why Beerus when we have seen other Gods of Destruction? Well, apart from short squabbles with Champa, Beerus is that the only God of Destruction whose power we have seen fully. Thus, he's the sole one we are able to really judge among all of the Destroyers. So, how strong is Beerus, and what makes him stronger than Jiren, despite the very fact that we just said Jiren may be a being who surpassed the gods? Let's take a glance at what a Destroyer does.

The job of a God of Destruction is to, well, destroy. But destroy what, exactly? Beerus uses Destruction energy to require out threats to mortal life and peace within the universe. he isn't an evil villain, he's only 1 side of the life and death god coin, acting because of the counterpart Supreme Kai Shin, the god of life. While Jiren's power level may be higher, Beerus possesses both Godly Ki, which he has trained for hundreds of years with and is less assailable than regular ki, and destruction energy, which, paired with all the training he has received from Whis, means very nature of his power surpasses Jiren's whether or not his mastery of it and level of it would not.

1/20 WHIS

While we might prefer to put Zeno at the highest of this list, the Omni-king isn't a fighter, and his power is de facto more about his omnipotence and almighty control over reality and therefore the multiverse. So, who is at the highest of this list of Dragon Ball characters that truly fight? None aside from Beerus' Angel attendant, Whis. While Whis may not be an energetic fighter in any of the conflicts that the Z-fighters have faced in Dragon Ball Super, he's Beerus' teacher, which implies he's both stronger than the God of Destruction and a more robust fighter. All Angels are assigned to Destroyers to show them to properly wield their Destruction power, which implies they need to be strong enough and powerful enough to handle already powerful beings on a routine.

Whis has this power unquestionably. he's both a strong being with great amounts of Godly Ki and he's an incredibly skilled fighter and teacher, one who is additionally incredibly fast. In fact, Whis claims to be the fastest amongst all the Angels, a claim that's saved by his incredible speed both in a very fight and while traveling across the universe. To top it all off, Whis has great magical abilities that allow him to make anything he needs and even bring the dead back to life. While Goku fans may not just like the results, Whis is certainly the strongest fighter all told of Dragon Ball.

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