The 25 Most Powerful Naruto Characters, Officially Ranked

By on Feb 09, 2022

Most Powerful Naruto Characters, Officially Ranked

The ninja way can only take you so far. Being OP will take you the rest of the way. Now join CBR as we count down the most powerful Naruto characters!

Although comics are often criticized for having no real stakes because superheroes are usually too strong to feasibly lose, nobody does ridiculously overpowered characters like anime. and also the biggest offender of believability during this regard is sort of possibly the seminal, beloved Naruto franchise. it would feature a number of the foremost iconic anime characters of all time, but it also has a number of the bottom stakes of any anime simply thanks to the ludicrous power levels its characters reach. Insert obligatory “It’s over 9000!” joke here. Using chakra, a mixture of spiritual and physical energy that runs through the body sort of a second vascular system in their universe, characters in Naruto is capable of everything from insane physical abilities to elemental mastery and reality-warping spells.

The series continues to be continuing with Naruto’s son, Boruto because of the protagonist of his own series. With numerous new characters still being developed and introduced, it is sensible to run down a number of the foremost powerful shinobi in Naruto lore. Point of reference: this list is going to be exclusive to the concluded Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series and can only include present characters. Otherwise, this list would just be full of Edo Tensei reanimations and not reflective of Naruto as a series.



Ninja puppet masters are special shinobi who utilize life-sized weaponized dolls that are controlled through chakra threads. The strength of those special ninjas is measured not in how powerful their puppets are, but in what percentage they will control at only once. during this regard, Sasori of the Red Sand, so named thanks to the blood he spilled, is inarguably the foremost powerful ninja puppeteer in Naruto lore, capable of expenditure to 100 highly-advanced puppets without delay. Orphaned at a young age and raised by his grandmother within the Village Hidden within the Sand, Sasori demonstrated a flair for ninja puppetry early. He was so talented in crafting puppets that he developed the flexibility to create human puppets, weaponized bodies protected against decay that retained the talents of the people they once were. Sasori eventually left the Hidden Sand and killed the Third Kazekage, the village leader, so as to create a puppet from the powerful ninja’s body.

After some years on his own padding out his collection of human puppets, Sasori managed the impossible, turning his own body into a weaponized puppet. together with his new body, Sasori could connect his puppet collection on to his chakra system, making the number of puppets he could control directly virtually limitless. With this ability, he conquered a whole country single-handedly. Sasori eventually died in an exceedingly long battle along with his grandmother, but he got the triumph by murdering Chiyo together with his unparalleled knowledge of poisons.



His time within the series was brief, but Kimimaro was one among the foremost instantly iconic and dangerous villains introduced in Naruto. because of the last scion of the Kaguya clan, he was the only real remaining user of his family’s Kekkei Genkai, unique abilities that were passed down genetically within one clan. Kimimaro’s clan had the power to control the calcium in their bodies, allowing them to use their own bones as weapons. The Kaguya clan was known for its ferocity and was tired in Kimimaro’s youth after a needless assault on a significant village. Soon after, Kimimaro was found by the manipulative ninja scientist Orochimaru, who turned the lost youth into a robust assassin with the assistance of his Curse Mark technique.

The Curse Mark helped Kimimaro develop new bone weapons.

Around this point, he developed new, innovative techniques just like the ability to shoot calcium bullets from his fingers, use his entire spine as a sword, and to make a forest of bones. Using these forms, Kimimaro was ready to tame the berserker Jugo, assist within the assassination of the Fourth Kazekage, lead the Sound Ninja Five, and even consecutively fought off Naruto, Rock Lee, and Gaara in an exceedingly short span of your time. Even more impressive, he did all of this while littered with a degenerative illness that caused him immense pain. it had been to the present sickness that he eventually fell, dying mid-strike in his fight against Lee and Gaara.



In the world of Naruto, it’s rare for shinobi to be ready to use all five of the natural chakra elements in their combat styles. Kakuzu, the short-tempered financier of the villainous Akatsuki organization, found the way around these limitations. All his abilities are derived from his unique bodily structure. employing a technique called Earth Grudge, Kakuzu turned his body into a shell held together by many grey tentacles. Physically, they permit him to contort his limbs and extend his reach, making him a dangerous combatant. On a metaphysical level, however, they permit Kakuzu to expand his lifespan by stealing and absorbing the hearts of others.

This also allowed him access to his victims’ chakra natures and, vicariously, all five chakra elements. He stored these hearts in masks that were sewn into his back and will detach into their own bodies in his direction. Additionally, Kakuzu was a keen strategist, who was capable of creating the simplest use of his powers in any given situation. Since he technically had five hearts and his body may well be restored by his Earth Grudge, he had to be killed five separate times in quick succession before he finally fell permanently. Ultimately, it took several ninjas including Shikamaru, Naruto, and Kakashi to end him off.



The resident genius of the Hidden Leaf Village, Shikamaru Nara was never as lazy, cowardly, or simple as he liked to disclose. other than being the series’ most brilliant strategist and simply the wittiest character on the show, Shikamaru was the only heir to at least one of the Hidden Leaf’s most prestigious clans and inherited from them his repertoire of insanely creative abilities. His main technique was the Shadow Possession Jutsu, a capability that allowed him to manage his opponents’ bodies by connecting his chakra to their shadow. Deriving from that are the Shadow Strangle Jutsu, which Shikamaru could use to physically grab his enemies once they were possessed, and also the Shadow Stitching Jutsu, which let Shikamaru manifest his shadow as three-dimensional tendrils that might pierce and strap down his target.

These abilities make him a strong shinobi, but his real power is his intelligence.

Shikamaru is well able to think ten moves prior his opponents and quickly comb out the foremost efficient winning strategy. In his battle with Hidan, the masochistic zealot who killed his mentor, Shikamaru was able to predict the course of the battle so well that he ended up manipulating Hidan into helping the Leaf shinobi kill his partner, Kakuzu.



Yamato was just about destined to be one among the foremost powerful ninjas within the entire series virtually from birth. As an infant, he was kidnapped and experimented on by Orochimaru, who implanted the baby with living cell tissue from Hashirama, the primary Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, a shinobi so powerful he was spoken as a ninja god. Yamato was the sole survivor of the experiments and, as a result, developed the power to use the primary Hokage’s legendary Wood Style, a method that allowed Yamato to directly control and generate arbor.

As soon as his unique ability generated itself, Yamato was scooped up by the shadowy ANBU Root foundation, an elite black-ops team the developed cult-like around Danzo Shimura. Under Shimura’s direction, Yamato perfected his Wood Style to the purpose where he could create wooden clones from his own body, generate entire forests and houses and even use his abilities to regulate the enormous Tailed Beasts that are integral to Naruto’s lore. At a young age, he was integrated into the black ops team and was sent on multiple high-profile assassination missions. Eventually, he was tasked to be Naruto’s personal bodyguard as he was the sole one that could hope to regulate the tailed beast within him.



The Seven Ninja Swordsmen were a revolving group of shinobi who wield seven legendary and powerful blades and continuously pass away their technique and swords to the subsequent generation. the sole member of their loose group to require prominence within the series was Kisame, an amphibious member of Akatsuki who wielded the living sword Samehada. Hailing from the barbaric Village Hidden within the Mist, Kisame was a master of water-based techniques, particularly ones that involved the creation and manipulation of shark clones. Kisame was so proficient that he was able to create a large, mobile water prison by spitting out a complete sea’s worth of water to control.

Kisame's real power came from his sentient sword, Samehada.

Samehada was a semi-sentient sword capable of eating and absorbing chakra. It could then redirect that chakra to its master within the kind of stamina and energy. Though an innately temperamental weapon, Kisme appeased Samehada by consistently feeding it a robust chakra. They were bonded for therefore long that their chakra signatures eventually became identical, allowing them to merge into an anthropomorphic shark form that doubled Kisame’s strength and speed. Kisame was even able to hide inside Samehada for long periods of your time, allowing him to infiltrate enemy territory on the QT. He eventually sacrificed himself to his own sharks after being captured by his rival, Might Guy.



The leader of a Hidden Village, called a Kage, is usually the foremost powerful ninja related to that land at that point. within the case of Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, the Kage was the foremost powerful ninja within the village for multiple generations. He was made Hokage as a young man who then devoted himself to being the protector of his people and learning a way to protect them as best he could. This involved him learning a large number of high-powered Jutsu and techniques, including some forbidden ones. His battle arsenal was so extensive that he earned himself the nickname ‘Professor.’ He eventually retired but was forced back to his old job when his successor died suddenly.

In his youth, he was revered as a veritable god among shinobi. By the time Naruto starts, however, Hiruzen was well into his adulthood, and his abilities had deadened somewhat, but he was still ready to deliver to audiences their first taste of Kage-level combat together with his epic battle against his former student Orochimaru. within the fight, Hiruzen busted out his insane mastery of ninjutsu. He also demonstrated his unique summoning technique, calling the Chinese folklore character the Monkey King to fight at his side within the variety of an expanding staff. Hiruzen ended the battle and his life with the final word sealing technique, a Jutsu that summons the reaper itself to seal away the souls of both the jutsu’s victim and its user.



In Naruto lore, the Village Hidden within the Mist had a barbaric history and reputation under the tyrannical control of the Fourth Mizukage. Whoever succeeded him would be burdened with the mission of rehabilitating the Hidden Mist’s image to the remainder of the planet. Fortunately, Mei Terumi was up for the task. other than her outgoing, flirty personality, Mei was born of two iconic clans within the Hidden Mist, giving her access to 2 different Kekkei Genkai's.

As the child of two clans, Mei could be a master of both Vapor Style and Lava Style.

With her Vapor Style, she could exhale an enormous cloud of highly acidic mist that would melt through everything from flesh to metal to even the impenetrable chakra defenses of the Susanoo. it had been so powerful and fast-acting that Mei once used it to defend her village from falling meteorites, with the stones melting in midair before any significant damage may be caused. Mei’s other unique ability was the Lava Style technique, a jutsu that lets her spit outbursts or a gentle stream of boiling lava, the shape, speed, and temperature of which she will be able to control at will. On top of her more specified powers, she’s also a master of lightning, fire, earth, and water style jutsu, making her one amongst only some ninjas who can burn up to four chakra natures.



A descendant of the primary Hokage, Tsunade was born into one amongst the foremost powerful ninja clans of all time. But after a reasonably tragic life, Tsunade wasn't meant for war. Instead, she applied her skills together of the foremost proficient medical ninjas of all time. Her control over her chakra was so precise that she could stitch together virtually any wound and will even use her hand as a scalpel.

Tsunade was also the primary person to understand the combat potential of medical ninjutsu. She was able to divert her chakra to specific limbs, increasing her physical strength tenfold. Her strength was so monstrous that she was able to cause seismic events together with her punches. Tsunade also held the summoning contract with the slugs, allowing her to summon giant slug hivemind Katsuyu to assist her both in battle and in healing. But her most impressive feat is, by far, her Mitotic Regeneration. By storing her chakra during a seal on her forehead, Tsunade can release it all without delay to exponentially speed up her cellular regeneration, allowing her to heal almost instantly from any injury. Though this lets Tsunade openly engage in combat, it also shortens her lifespan on every occasion she uses it. Still, the facility it affords her gave her the strength to interrupt through Madara’s supposedly unbreakable Susanoo defense. Tsunade earned herself the title of fifth Hokage through her devotion to her practice and therefore the rules related to it.



One of the foremost popular characters within the series, Gaara of the Desert, began on the show as a sadistic and powerful young ninja with the eerie ability to govern sand. At his birth, Gaara became the unwilling vessel of Shukaku, the one-tailed demon of the desert. Though the demon gave Gaara incredible powers, it also drove him insane with whispered violent advice. By the time he was introduced to the series, Gaara’s control of sand was so precise that his go-to combat method was simply to encapsulate his enemy during a coffin of sand and crush them to death under extreme pressure. His sand perceived to have a lifetime of its own, rising up to defend Gaara whenever a threat got too close.

With his Ultimate Defense, Gaara could encase his body during a dense sand armor.

In a worst-case scenario, Gaara could give control to Shukaku and even transform into the enormous demon to wreak havoc on his opponent. Even when Shukaku was eventually far from his body, Gaara had access to a plethora of powerful abilities, like a 3rd eye manufactured from sand that might hook up with his nervus opticus, crafting otherworldly weapons out of the sand, and even the ability to regulate entire deserts without delay. After being made Kazekage for his strength, he was subsequently made the leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces for his role in reinvigorating the older Kages. Oh, and he could also fly along with his sand.



In Naruto, each of the chakra natures focuses on a distinct element in combat. Wind style is concentrated on cutting, water style is usually about crushing and lightning style is primarily the tool of speed and piercing abilities. and no-one within the Naruto canon embodies this quite A, the Fourth Raikage of the Village Hidden within the Clouds. As a master of lightning style, A could use his chakra to surround his body with an electrical aura that enhanced his speed exponentially, even compared to the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, who could teleport with a space-time technique. He’s so fast that he was ready to use his speed to beat Tsunade in an arm-wrestling contest. He’s also strong, though not through any jutsu, he just works out.

Though both his speed and his incredible physical strength, A developed his own combat technique that Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto based largely on real-life rassling moves. along with his supernatural speed, A can move faster than the attention can follow and deliver devastating attacks before his opponents even know he’s there. irrespective of how strong he's, however, he’s at his most powerful when tag-teaming along with his adopted brother Killer Bee. Together, they’ve beheaded enemies with their Double Lariat even without their respective augmented forms.



As the third Tsuchikage, the leader of the Village Hidden within the Stones, Onoki is of course a strong ninja, but his abilities start to interrupt the physical laws of the Naruto world. Using his expertise in Earth Style jutsu, Onoki can make himself so light that he are able to do flight. His abilities also work the opposite way, so he can make his enemies so heavy that they sink into the bottom and can’t move. He’s also able to create rock golems, giant humanoid boulders that he can send into battle for him. But his ultimate technique is that the one-handed all the way down to him by his predecessor, the Particle Style jutsu.

With Particle Style, Onoki can disintegrate matter on an atomic level.

By using three elemental types directly, Onoki can turn his target into nothing but dust. because of his diminutive stature and middle-of-the-road nature, Onoki never bothered to be told much taijutsu, physical martial arts techniques, but he can accentuate his physical attacks by encasing parts of his body in thick, bulky rock armor so he can deliver powerful strikes. As a Kage, Onoki helped to interrupt through Madara’s impenetrable Susanoo and even helped Gaara to prevent the Shattered Heaven technique, which calls down a pair of meteors to strike a particular point.



Though Naruto is stuffed with powerful characters who push the bounds of believably with their abilities, Kakashi Hatake was the primary shinobi who was presented as being overpowered. As a baby prodigy, Kakashi demonstrated his ability to control four chakra elements from a young age. His strict devotion to the shinobi lifestyle drove him to coach extensively and put him previous his peers. Under the tutelage of the Fourth Hokage, Kakashi grew into a robust ninja capable of developing his own ultimate technique, the piercing lightning jutsu called Chidori.

However, the jutsu never fully worked until Kakashi received his greatest gift: the Sharingan Eye. The exclusive eye jutsu of the Uchiha Clan, the Sharingan gives its user ridiculously enhanced perception. Kakashi was able to use his single Sharingan so proficiently that he could copy the techniques his opponents employed by following their movements, earning him the nickname ‘Copy Ninja.’ Later, his Sharingan evolved into a Mangekyo Sharingan, giving him access to the Kamui ability, which lets Kakashi warp objects between dimensions. except for his extensive list of techniques available to him, Kakashi could be a combat genius and is capable of constructing up new tactics and jutsu on the fly. For his role in ending the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi was named the Sixth Hokage.



The only person to show down the title of Hokage, Jiraiya was one amongst the three Sanin, a team consisting of himself, Tsunade, and Orochimaru who represented the simplest shinobi of the Hidden Leaf during one among the numerous shinobi wars. Jiraiya was also the Toad Sage, a robust shinobi capable of using sage chakra to reinforce his strength and speed.

By merging with the Frog Lords, Jiraiya could reach the powerful Sage Mode.

Outside of Sage Mode, Jiraiya was extremely proficient with ninjutsu and had several unique abilities. He could summon the enormous toad chiefs, manipulate and generate oil to use in his Fire Style techniques, melt into and manipulate shadows and grow out and control his hair with the Raging Lion’s Mane Jutsu. But his most powerful technique was the one he learned from his student, the Fourth Hokage: the Rasengan. This swirling sphere of pure chakra was capable of cutting through solid wood, blasting enemies several yards away, and have become the signature move of both Jiraiya and Naruto. Jiraiya even improved the Rasengan by creating an enormous version of it so large that it could drill through a complete body. After being considered unbeatable for many of his life, he eventually died in a very battle along with his former student, Nagato, who had transformed himself into the Six Paths of Pain.



Originally in consideration for the role of Third Hokage, Danzo came into power as a balance for Hiruzen. Whereas Hiruzen was benevolent and peaceful naturally, Danzo was paranoid and vindictive. He formed the Anbu Root organization to be a veritable cult around himself and started taking all personal precautions he could to make sure both his and his village’s survival. This involved stealing the Sharingan from multiple Uchiha and implanting them in his right arm and eye similarly as implanting himself with cells from the primary Hokage. In battle, Danzo could be a master of Wind Style techniques, specifically vacuum-based suction attacks. The Sharingan implanted in his right eye was an evolved Mangekyo Sharingan which gave him the Kotoamatsukami ability, the ability to cast an illusion so subtle that it can alter the need of its victims without them even realizing it.

He was also capable of summoning a robust chimera beast to fight for him in desperate situations. He could even use Wood Style jutsu, though he didn’t have good control over it. His most powerful technique, however, came from the Sharingan in his arm. With them, he could use the reality-warping Izanagi, which allowed him to create slight alterations to the planet around him at the expense of his sight in one amongst his many eyes. He was eventually killed by Sasuke, who was able to overcome his Izanagi along with his own Sharingan eyes.



Originally a sidekick and apprentice to Orochimaru, few could have predicted that Kabuto would become one amongst the foremost dangerous villains within the entire series. A medical prodigy, Kabuto’s combat ability was initially limited to turning his arms into sharpened scalpels together with his chakra. After Orochimaru’s apparent death, however, Kabuto implanted himself with Orochimaru’s cells and transformed into an anthropomorphic snake. together with his new body and skills, Kabuto was ready to learn sage techniques like the blindingly painful White Extreme Attack, the environment-warping Inorganic Animation, and will even manifest the talents of these whose cells he’s absorbed, including the Sound Ninja Five. Despite this, his most powerful claim to fame isn’t in any respect associated with his sage jutsu. Kabuto’s most dangerous jutsu is that the Edo Tensei, the Impure World Resurrection Technique

With his technique, Kabuto can basically create ninja zombies.

With just some bits of DNA from a dead shinobi, Kabuto can reanimate them into undead slaves to try and do his bidding. Kabuto claimed to own perfected this system and was able to summon a military of dead ninja to fight within the Fourth Great Ninja War. He eventually is caught in Itachi’s eternally looping Izanami illusion, forcing him to relive the identical couple of minutes of his life until he has an epiphany. Kabuto manages to flee the illusion by coming to terms along with his traumatic upbringing. After the war, he became a peaceful monk and opened an orphanage.



Most ninjas on this list became insanely overpowered thanks to their crazy jutsu and unique talents derived from their chakra. Might Guy is that the exception that proves the rule. Though capable of using ninjutsu, Might Guy chose to focus on taijutsu and is without a doubt the foremost accomplished and powerful physical fighter within the entire Naruto universe. Using just his fighting skills, Guy was ready to hold off both Itachi and Kisame after they attempted to invade the Leaf Village.


When pushed to dangerous levels, he can use the Eight Inner Gates, a series of chakra stabilizers throughout a shinobi’s body which might be overclocked to temporarily grant them superhuman strength and speed at a physical price. because the gates progressively open, Guy is capable of using increasingly powerful attacks. as an example, the Morning Peacock allows him to punch the air with such velocity that it makes a wreath of fireballs, the Afternoon Tiger sends a wave of condensed air at its target and also the Evening Elephant sends multiple cannons of pressure waves to one point, all through with nothing quite pure physical techniques. But his power doesn’t end there. By opening all eight Inner Gates, Guy turns his blood into a pure fire and exude it from all of his pores. His already enhanced strength increases a hundredfold, and he moves so fast that even Madara, a god-like shinobi, recognizes him as a worthy opponent.



As the most powerful of the Hidden Leaf’s legendary Sannin, Orochimaru’s power was surpassed only by his twin ambitions of learning every jutsu ever created and achieving immortality. He specialized in body techniques and even created an Immortality Jutsu that allowed him to transfer his soul between different vessels to remain alive. He’s done such a large amount of modifications to his own body over the years that he’s practically more snake than human, and he could use his serpentine body to heal himself from even bisection. His knowledge of ninjutsu was unequaled, and he can use all five chakra natures. He can summon giant serpents, shoot a whole wall of shadow snakes from his sleeves.

Orochimaru can even transform into an enormous, eight-headed hydra.

For defense, he can even summon a trilogy of giant Rashomon gates. Though he's incapable of using sage jutsu, Orochimaru crafted his signature Curse Mark technique by modifying sage chakra. The Curse Mark imbues its target with a sliver of Orochimaru’s elemental power to reinforce their power. In a pinch, Orochimaru can even resurrect himself from the little bit of his DNA within the Curse Seal. Moreover, he possesses the Grass Longsword, which may reach any length and pass over virtually anything. He keeps this sword inside one in all the various snakes that structure his body. In fact, Orochimaru’s true form is really a large, human-headed white serpent with other smaller snakes for scales.



Obito Uchiha and therefore the insane power levels he reached might just are the foremost shark-jumping moment of the complete series. After being presumed dead during a mission in his childhood, Obito was recovered and healed by Madara, who kept him alive with cells from the primary Hokage, giving Obito limited use of Wood Style. As an Uchiha, Obito was able to unlock the Sharingan and, when he witnessed his crush being killed by his succor, Obito’s Sharingan evolved into its Mangekyo form. Like its twin that was employed by Kakashi, Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan gave him the Kamui ability to warp parts of his body in and out of other dimensions, making him virtually untouchable.

Apart from that, he was naturally gifted at fire style techniques, could summon the Gedo Mazo demon statue, and have become a master of sealing jutsu. He later acquired the Rinnegan, a supplementary eye technique several steps beyond the Mangkeyo which granted him access to 6 Paths Jutsu, the powers of the legendary Sage of Six Paths. shortly at the moment, Obito became the jinchuriki host of the unstoppable Ten-Tails. In his new and final form, Obito could naturally fly, create additional limbs with thought, and had access to the Truth-Seeking Balls, indestructible flying black spheres which can be bent into any shape Obito needed. He was so powerful that even when he died in battle against Kaguya, he was ready to lend Kakashi his chakra and Sharingan eyes from beyond the grave.



Hailing from the Village Hidden within the Rain, Nagato was transplanted with the Rinnegan eyes, a signifier of the mythic Sage of the Six Paths, at a really young age. He was trained in ninjutsu by Jiraiya who revered the young war refugee as a reincarnation of the Sage. Nagato was capable of all five chakra natures, projecting an astral image of himself et al. and will spy on people through rainfall. Later in life, he was crippled during a battle along with his village’s leader and learned a way to operate from a mechanical chair. Fortunately, his access to the Six Paths power let him create chakra receivers. By placing them in corpses, he could reanimate them and grant them some of his power while he controlled them remotely. He even gave himself a replacement name, Pain.

Nagato reshaped the peaceful Akatsuki organization into a criminal cabal.

With his six avatars, the Six Paths of Pain, Nagato could control gravity, summon a large kind of giant animals, absorb chakra, control people’s souls, and switch into a weaponized cyborg. He could even consort with the lord of the underworld to return the souls of the dead to their bodies within the ultimate deus ex machina. along with his Rinnegan, he had shared his vision together with his Paths and will strategize on the fly using information from all of them directly. With this power, he captured and killed several powerful jinchuriki, murdered his old teacher Jiraiya and even decimated the Village Hidden within the Leaves.



At a specific point, Masashi Kishimoto himself named Itachi Uchiha because the single most powerful character within the Naruto universe. That was long before newer characters revealed just how overpowered they might be, but an endorsement from the creator still goes an extended way for this list. It is also worth mentioning that Itachi never once unintentionally lost a fight. He was a prodigy of the Uchiha, unlocking his Sharingan at an early age, joining Anbu black ops at age 11, and activating his Mangekyo Sharingan in his teens. He was so powerful, so early in life, that he was selected for an impossible mission. His clan was grumbling about potentially attempting a coup. to forestall this, Itachi had to slaughter most of his circle of relatives in one night, leaving only his blood brother Sasuke alive.

However, this was an intentional ruse by Itachi. By forcing all of his brother’s animosity into one target, Itachi planned to finish his clan’s Curse of Hatred by letting Sasuke kill him at the correct time. In combat, Itachi is virtually unmatched. He can cast powerful illusions, dissolve his body into a flock of crows, and is one among the strongest Fire Style users within the series. His real power, however, stems from his Mangekyo Sharingan, which grants him access to 3 legendary techniques: the torturous illusion Tsukuyomi, the unquenchable Black Fires of Amaterasu, and therefore the impenetrable defense of his Susanoo avatar. He eventually died at Sasuke’s hand, but that had been his intention right along.



Madara Uchiha’s world-breaking powers made him one amongst the foremost powerful ninjas to ever live. By implanting his brothers’ eyes into his own, Madara unlocked the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, giving him access to, among other powers, the right Susanoo, an unbreakable, fully-formed chakra avatar that would be used for offensive and defensive purposes.

With the Shattered Heaven technique, Madara could send meteors down on his enemies.

Even without his Susanoo, Madara’s regular Sharingan was so powerful that he went up against the Allied Shinobi Forces single-handedly and made a major dent in their numbers. He also mastered the Edo Tensei and was able to restore himself to full life when he was reanimated with it. By combining his Sharingan with the cells of the primary Hokage, he was able to unlock the Rinnegan and every one powers related to it further because the coveted Wood Style. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, he became the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails and gained the powers of flight and therefore the Truth-Seeking Orbs. With the combined power of the ten-tails and therefore the Rinnegan, Madara was able to cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi, an illusion that enthralled the complete planet. While they were under his spell, Madara was even able to generate a forest large enough to hide the world. Even without all his additional forms, he was ready to control the tailed-beasts with just his Sharingan and his will.



As the anti-hero of the whole franchise, Sasuke Uchiha’s vengeful mission began when he witnessed his older brother massacre their family. Starting then, Sasuke trained diligently to at least one day become powerful enough to beat his brother. Though he didn’t learn as fast as Itachi, Sasuke had a wider sort of teachers. Kakashi taught him vigilance and, after his Sharingan unlocked, taught Sasuke the powerful Chidori technique. However, Sasuke’s thirst for power surpassed Kakashi’s teachings, and he eventually aligned himself with Orochimaru, trusting the Sannin to imbue him with the strength he needed. Under Orochimaru’s guidance, Sasuke became a more efficient fighter before ultimately killing Orochimaru.

After killing Itachi and unlocking his Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke could easily fight Akatsuki or multiple Kages simultaneously, and he even killed Danzo for his role within the Leaf conspiracy, overcoming the reality-warping Izanagi within the process. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke was granted Six Paths chakra by the Sage of Six Paths himself, unlocking the Rinnegan in his left eye. While this provides him access to the Six Paths, it also grants him a special space-time technique called Amenotejikara which lets him instantly switch places with a target. His most powerful move, however, is Indira’s Arrow, which shoots a lightning bolt infused with demonic chakra from Sasuke’s full-bodied Susanoo with enough power to chop through a tailed beast's attack.



The main character of an anime series is nearly always ridiculously overpowered, and Naruto is not any exception. In his most simple form, he’s capable of constructing thousands of physical copies of himself, employing a series of giant Rasengan attacks and summoning giant Toad Chiefs. His next most powerful form is that the use of the Nine-Tailed Cloak. By accessing the chakra of the nine-tailed fox named Kurama sealed inside him, Naruto can surround himself in an exceedingly boiling aura of chakra that offers him beast-like abilities, lets him extend his limbs, and allows him to use the devastating Tailed-Beast Bomb. the subsequent level for Naruto is his sage mode, which lets him use the Frog Kata physical combat technique and also the Rasenshuriken, a deadlier version of his already powerful standard attack that he can throw sort of a disc.

Without a doubt, Naruto is that the most powerful human within the series.

After befriending Kurama, Naruto reached Nine-Tails Chakra Mode, which turns his body into a flaming chakra. Like this, he can grow additional limbs, move faster than lightning, can spread his chakra to a whole army, and might manifest Kurama’s body within the sort of a chakra avatar. this type is augmented by Six Paths chakra, letting Naruto use Truth-Seeking Orbs, fly, access the Six Paths, and lets him hold the ability of all nine tailed-beasts in his body without delay.



The literal deus ex machina of the whole series, Kaguya, was the rabbit-demon puppet master pulling all the strings the entire time. The alien mother of the Sage of the Six Paths was Kaguya who first created and dispersed chakra. This gave her god-like powers, including flight, the flexibility to merge herself with nature, change environments, dimension-hopping, telepathy, chakra absorption, regeneration, and therefore the ability to form. In combat, she will be able to use her bones as weapons and even a scratch from them will reduce a target to ash. she will be able to shoot needles out of her hair and control its length and density.

Kaguya may also use the Expansive Truth-Seeking Orb, a large ball of destruction that would feasibly wipe out an existence in order that she could remake it in her image. additionally, she wields all three major eye jutsu: the Byakguan, the Sharingan, and therefore the Rinnegan, and may initiate the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Once she has people under her control, she will be able to even transform them into White Zetsu slaves. she will be able to also absorb and transform into the Ten-Tailed Beast at will, instantly becoming a large raging monster. Truthfully, considering that she will jump between realities, becoming a monster is one in all her weaker abilities.

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