Top 10 Best Adventure Anime

By on Feb 09, 2022

Top 10 Best Adventure Anime

Anime Top 10 List: Adventure

If you’re up to the challenge of traveling around the world and venturing into everything that life must offer, then the journey genre in anime is unquestionably for you! As adventure literally means, it’s all about traversing a large number of paths and exploring every corner of the globe and if possible - the universe/multiverse. And that’s what adventure anime shows are all about during a nutshell. Travel, explore, journey, and venture into the globe of adventure anime!

Since yore (in the history of anime), the journey genre has always been one amongst the foremost popular and most prolific genres employed in anime. As such, there are lots of titles competing to be among the most effective adventure anime of all of them. Especially today, when adventure anime are mostly overwhelmingly popular because they synchronize so well with the shounen genre and even the opposite genres, I’d be surprised if you’ve never watched one. So, with this hub, I’ll be presenting to you…the Top 10 Best Adventure Anime that you simply would surely have a good time traversing and hanging-out with!

10. Fairy Tail

Adventure, fun, and spectacular magic are what you’ll get with Fairy Tail! while your favorite mages have a guild to travel back to, that doesn’t stop them from traveling far and wide causing adventures that are stuffed with wackiness and mischief everywhere. And did I ever mention that this show is eye-candy with all its magical tricks and wizard spells up its sleeves? Well, it sure is an anime that boots up a magical fun-filled adventure at the snap of a finger and also the chant of a spell.

In a world filled with magic and mystical stuff, there exist guilds designed for the aim of banding along with people of comparable affinity and powers. Amongst all of them are wizard guilds where mages enlist on assorted missions to earn a living. and since wizard guilds and mages are making all the uproar, one stands out because the wackiest, craziest, and most unpredictable of all of them. That is, the wizard guild-Fairy Tail

9.Log Horizon

A virtual gaming world adventure? Sold! And with the virtual gaming world that Log Horizon should offer, whether or not you were trapped in it for extended periods of your time, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind at all! That’s because there’s just an excessive amount of excitement and things to explore in its domain. Well, wouldn’t that count as a very adrenaline-charged adventure? I’m sure it does count in concert, therefore the game is on!

As the popular virtual online game, Elder Tale was updated to its newest patch, 30,000 players find themselves unable to depart the sport. the sport being a virtual one, all the players that are stuck in it are left with no choice but to play along, sleep in the virtual world, and take a look at to search out the simplest way to urge out. And so, the sport begins! Nothing is assured, nothing is understood, and everything may be a mystery! the sole choice left is to appear and play until a sure exit is found. Initializing…Log Horizon…start!

8. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

As every search is an adventure in itself, what more when you’re looking for the foremost sought-after stone of all – the Philosopher’s Stone! and since Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood could be a full-scale quest and a grueling adventure to seem for the Philosopher’s Stone, the journey’s path is laden with thrills and shocks. in a concert of the foremost notorious and controversial shows, because it is action-packed, out there, this can be an alchemic adventure anime you shouldn’t miss!

The essence of alchemy governs the law of equivalent exchange – an unbreakable law that causes grave tragedies whenever someone attempts to stray removed from its rules and performs taboo. there's one exception though! There exist a strong stone that will break the foundations of alchemy and shape the globe in keeping with its owner’s will. That stone is that the Philosopher’s Stone, and also the tragic Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, are on the search to rediscover and retrieve it the least bit cost!

7.Dragon Ball

You might be wondering why Dragon Ball is even on this list, right? Well, believe it or not, Dragon Ball, for the earliest parts of it, is truly an adventure anime! Some might not remember or might not have watched Dragon Ball’s early history but, it all started with little Son Goku and therefore the gang attempting to find the dragon balls round the world. As time elapsed, the characters became so powerful and advanced that adventure was diminished because instantaneous transportation was made possible. In a sense, there’s nothing more to venture into. And so, given all that, Dragon Ball continues to be an adventure anime worthy to get on this list, because for a fact – it did evolve into a show where no place can’t be reached or explored anymore. That’s Dragon Ball for you!

Son Goku could be a peculiar young boy who’s journeying through all types of places to become stronger and be a strong martial artist. Bulma, on the opposite hand, maybe a fille who’s on the explore for the highly-sought and coveted dragon balls. Legends say that if one gathers the seven (7) dragon balls, a mystical dragon will show itself to grant any reasonable wish. And so, with Goku having one in every of the dragon balls, and Bulma on the look-out for all of them, the 2 bands together to go looking everywhere the globe for the dragon balls and fulfill their very own dreams and ambitions

6. Groove Adventure Rave


Nothing beats an adventure scaling every nook and cranny of the globe! And when the undertaking and endeavor are to beat the living daylight out of the evil that's threatening the world, the grand adventure is all the price more to require. And with great care you recognize, whether or not Groove Adventure Rave (also called Rave Master) didn’t quite finish its journey as an anime show, it did prove that it’s quite a groovy and enjoyable show to look at. Even now, it caters enormous potential that if it ever gives thanks to a remake/reboot, it can easily become one in all the foremost highly-anticipated and grandest adventure anime living.

The world is in an exceedingly state of chaos and it’s only a matter of your time before evil and therefore the dark bring engulfs all of it. On a faraway island which isn't yet littered with the onslaught of the Demon Card and their malicious dark bring, a weird little creature suddenly appears and becomes the pet of teenage island resident, Haru Glory. Plue is truly no ordinary animal because it’s the bearer of the holy bring, Rave. When Haru meets with Plue, the previous Rave Master Shiba, and therefore the lackeys of Demon Card, the wheels of destiny start to roll turning him into the new Rave Master whose mission is to avoid wasting the planet from the malice of the dark bring.

5. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Season 1) and Magi: the dominion of Magic (Season 2) are the very definition of magical adventure! There are compelling stories and also the fascinating works of magic to lure anyone out into its mystic domain. Also, the hitch doesn’t stop there because this show, even as it’s very awe-inspiring, can even be very graphic and grim occasionally. And that’s what makes it great! It’s appealing and fetching with its own magic formula that the journey makes everything all the more exciting and fascinating.

Out of the blue within the natural course of the globe, dungeons within the sort of mysterious tower structures suddenly sprouts to bring untold phenomena upon the planet. it's said that in these dungeons, there lie labyrinths that are equipped unimaginable treasures and golden vessels that grant enormous powers. But, as surreal the contents of the dungeons are, danger and death lurk in every corner. And if one ever conquers a dungeon, that person shall become a king candidate with the facility to alter the course of the planet and also the flow of destiny.

4.Inu Yasha

Japan has always been rich and abundant when it involves history and culture. that's why journeying to its past has always been a remarkable adventure and a mystical escapade. As such, Inu Yasha offers all of that plus more! This anime doesn't only take the viewers into ancient Japan but also, lets them partake during a quest stuffed with action, mystery, history, comic relief, and drama. It’s not just a usual historical adventure but also, an action-packed adventure hooked on the traditional times!

Inu Yasha follows the story of the half-demon, half-human, Inuyasha, and therefore the human girl of present-day Japan, Kagome, as they travel together within the lands ancient Japan, attempting to find the lost shards of the powerful Shikon no Tama jewel. As they face countless foes who also seek to say the Shikon no Tama, Inu Yasha, and Kagome, similarly because the comrades they're going to meet along the way, will stop at nothing only to complete the jewel, discover its mysteries, and keep it far away from the malicious clutches of evil.

3. Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

There is also plenty of adventure anime shows out there but, Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) is unlike the other you’ve ever seen before! It’s fully an adventure arrayed with lots and plenty of action and to-die-for scenes. Unfortunately, the anime adaptation may be a bit less great than the manga counterpart, but still great nonetheless. Largely, Nanatsu no Taizai still has gigantic potential and has proved with its airing that it’s clearly an adventure anime force to be reckoned with!

In the kingdom of Brittania, there exist a gaggle of dangerous and powerful criminals who were branded as traitors for causing great distress to the dominion. they're referred to as the Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai), and for ten (10) years, no news of them has been heard.

Present-day, chaos seems to air the increase with the Holy Knights –who are alleged to protect the kingdom- within the backbone of it. And so, wedged within the devious situation as a princess of Liones, Elizabeth dons a rusty armor and takes the gamble of seeking unlikely help from the sole ones who have the ability to prevent the holy knights and restore the dominion - the Seven Deadly Sins!

2. Hunter X Hunter

Adventure? Nuff’ said! When one hears of the word adventure with relevance anime, Hunter X Hunter should automatically be formed as an internal representation within the mind. Why’s that? Well, that’s because it’s agreeably one amongst the best! The story, the action, the drama, the power, the friendship…everything! All elements within it seem to fall in situ perfectly to deliver an adventure that everybody can hold very dear and think of a treasure.

In a world where mythical creatures and mysterious events run rampant, there’s a line of execs that are so highly valued and really important to treat them just like the better of the most effective. they're the hunters – licensed professionals who are tasked to shape the globe and uncover its secrets. It’s challenging becoming a hunter though because one should take the perilous and deadly hunter examination to hitch the ranks!

On a particular corner of the globe, a 12-year-boy named Gon Freecs aspires to become a hunter irrespective of what. because of his circumstances and his burning passion to follow within the footsteps of his hunter father and appearance for him in an exceedingly near-impossible search, Gon shall brave his way into the globe of hunters with unparalleled determination and carve an impressive path of his own.

1. One Piece

I don’t think there’s an anime living that’s as gigantic and large joined Piece. And I’m not even exaggerating here. At far more than five hundred (500) episodes of pure adventure, action, and fun, One Piece is undeniably the amount one (1) adventure anime in existence! And for your information, it’s faraway from done! There’s such a lot to explore and see as there are sand grains on the beach. Episode-by-episode, One Piece whirls and waves with epicness and awesomeness that it’s enough to submerge everyone into an adventure as big and as grand because of the most terrifying ocean!

After the king of Pirates, Gol D. Roger, left his glorious last world to the globe, the golden age of pirates sparks-up into a fiery upheaval filled with dreams of plundering priceless treasures and large grandeur. the foremost sought-after treasure is that the One Piece - a treasure hidden deep within the foremost dangerous seas of the death-defying Grand Line. But, the danger’s all well worth the struggle because the one who claims the One Piece shall become the new King of Pirates who shall stand proud atop the legendary mound of treasure and also the whole world.

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