Death Note Shoes

Anime shoes inspired by the characteristics and identity of anime characters are a special worthwhile present for anime fans. Death Note Shoes are one of the foremost favorite designs by customers. Let's discover more about this design!

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Death Note shoes reviews

When it involves interesting Anime series, it's impossible to not mention the Death Note series. This can be a series that has left plenty of impressions within the hearts of the audience due to its appeal contents. Since its release, Death Note manga and anime have received much exceptional feedback from readers and also the media. Death Note Shoes are inspired by the form and personality of the characters within the series. Besides, with uniqueness and inventive designs, the shoes are asked for by youth, especially fans of the Death Note series.


L Lawliet custom shoes

L Lawliet is known as the central character of the series Death Note. The guy impresses the audience along with his shape and personality. L Lawliet custom shoes inspired by this character are the foremost loved design within the Death Note Shoes collection. These shoes are the ingenious combination of 2 factors: fashion and applicability. Besides, with a dynamic and stylish design, these shoes are always the greatest choice of customers who want to get a trendy and gorgeous look.

Light Yagami custom shoes

Light Yagami is one of the main characters who encompasses a lot of fans. He contains a scholarly and handsome appearance that captivates many fangirls. Inspired by this character, designed Light Yagami custom shoes. With red color as the main color, these shoes facilitate you to stand out at events. Light Yagami’s image is printed on these shoes that are highlighted factors of this design, bringing a familiar sense to his fans. Besides, being made of soft materials together with stylish designs are the undeniable benefits of this design.

Ryuk custom shoes

Ryuk custom shoes are known as one of the foremost stunning and unique designs of Death Note Shoes. Inspired by the form and personality of Ryuk, these shoes facilitate your expression of your appreciation for this character. The exclusive color combination and also trendy design are the unassailable advantages of those shoes. If you're a lover of the Death Note series, don't ignore this design.

Rem custom shoes

Rem is known as the girl with the foremost lovely appearance within the Anime world specifically and therefore the Death Note series generally. Inspired by this character, Gearanime exclusively designed Rem custom shoes that attract the attention of customers. The shoes are definitely the wonderful gifts that female fans of the Death Note series are looking forward to. The image of Rem printed highlighted on these shoes helps you express your love for this character. Moreover, possessing a compact and straightforward design, these shoes are highly functional which goes well with these daily outfits.

Near custom shoes

Inspired by the character Near within the Death Note series, Near custom shoes are designed in white as the main color, which provides freshness to the wearer. Additionally, the design of Near custom shoes is very elemental, making them easy to wear in numerous situations.

Mello custom shoes

As one of the foremost popular designs in Death Note Shoes, Mello custom shoes bring exclusive and artistic style to the wearer. Taking the black and yellow color as the main color, this design brings you a refreshing and dynamic look.

Misa Amane custom shoes

If you're a follower of the Death Note series, you certainly cannot forget the beautiful girl, Misa. Misa is a beautiful, gorgeous girl. She is often impressed by her long blonde hair. Misa Amane custom shoes are specially designed and a worthwhile present for Misa fans. Taking basic white as the main color, Misa Amane custom shoes facilitate your look more trendy and charismatic. Besides, the color and style of those shoes are so basic and straightforward that they are suitable for various clothing styles.

Teru Mikami custom shoes

Finally, we've got Teru Mikami custom shoes. These shoes receive many compliments due to their inventive design and impressive color combination. This design facilitates you to build a trendy and energetic look.