Fairy Tail Shoes

We specialize in providing anime shoes based on images of anime characters. Who are the best anime characters ever?  We always understand how customers need our products, so when you purchase our products, you don't need to worry because we always wish to bring the best for you.  Welcome to Fairy Tail Shoes!

Fairy Tail Shoes Reviews 

Natsu Dragneel custom shoes

With the personality of a fiercely loyal and protective friend, Natsu Dragneel custom shoes somewhat show the nature of the character Natsu, strong black color, extremely soft and protect your feet on every road.

Natsu Dragneel Sneakers Fairy Tail Anime Shoes MN11

Gray Fullbuster custom shoes

Gray Fullbuster custom shoes typically have white - black colors, combining the image of the character Gray. Shoes also decorated with colored textures are very eye-catching.

Erza Scarlet custom shoes

Immense endurance and immense durability are features of the shoes just like Erza Scarlet, the girl who has long, scarlet hair and brown eyes. Erza Scarlet custom shoes have been shown to possess a vast amount of endurance and durability, beautiful colors.

Happy custom shoes

Like the name of the character “Happy”, Happy custom shoes hug your feet, protect your feet more safely and bring you happiness.

Lucy Heartfilia custom shoes

Lucy Heartfilia custom shoes with a beautiful design, suitable for active young people, with the image of Lucy who is very confident in her sexy appearance. 

Gajeel Redfox custom shoes

Gajeel Redfox Shoes have elegant design,  bring a comfortable feeling, strong Durability just like Gajeel’s magic and abilities. 

Juvia Lockser custom shoes

Based on the features of Juvia’s using water skills that allows her to control and manipulate water, Juvia Lockser custom shoes also have the same flexibility and softness as the way the character uses water.

Wendy Marvell custom shoes

This kind of shoes has a compact design with a beautiful image of Wendy Marvell. 

Laxus Dreyar custom shoes  

Laxus Dreyar shoes have the lightning image of a familiar character for anime fans - Laxus Dreyar, Laxus is a very tall and muscular young man with orange eyes. Laxus Dreyar custom shoes with molded rubber sole, feels comfortable when walking. 

Ultear Milkovich custom shoes

Ultear Milkovich custom shoes have all sizes and colors you need, the product quality is guaranteed.

Jellal Fernandez custom shoes

The grooved and rugged rubber grounding of Jellal Fernandez custom shoes ensures the best traction on all terrains. 


Fairy tail Jordan shoes  

The shoes from this brand never stop being hot and never go out of fashion. With dynamic design, high quality and diverse materials, a wide range of colors for both men and women.

Fairy tail Air force 1 shoes

The designs of this type of shoe are usually soles and smooth surface with images and icons of favorite anime characters that bring a new and pleasant feeling to the wearer  

Fairy tail Jordan 13 shoes

Each designed pair is a one-of-a-kind, combining handcrafting tradition, quality, and modern style. Amazing colors and vibrant images print, robust and flexible rubber outsole with steel shank.

Fairy tail Stan Smith Style shoes

Luxurious and elegant colours, easy to combine with many different outfits, the style gives you a comfortable and convenient experience with elegant and sophisticated toecaps.

Fairy tail Yeezy shoes

Breathable, helps to balance heat and humidity in different environmental conditions, the sole has anti-slip grooves. The product has a modern, healthy style, youthful colors suitable for many ages and body shapes.

Fairy tail converse shoes

Sporty, strong design, durable rubber sole, with high grip. The stitching is extremely meticulous, making sure you are completely assured of the quality of the product. You may mix in a tone and tone style to bring the harmony

Fairy tail skate shoes     

High durability and rubber sole when worn for a lightweight feel. Dynamic shoe design with low neck design, strong laces, youthful and trendy colors.

Fairy tail slip on shoes   

With a modern design in the form of hugging the feet, it enhances the shape of the feet and is easy to move. The ink is permanent and will never come off, fade away, or peel off.


Fairy tail Sock          

Meticulously designed hugging legs, ensuring good elasticity, help to cherish and protect your feet; there are many different colors and textures of fairy tale characters, different sizes create a variety of choices

Fairy tail Eye Mask  

With beautiful images of anime characters' eyes, breathable and comfortable, silky and skin-friendly, this material is very light, feels like nothing when used, easy to clean, dry and carry.


Fairy tail shoes leather

Durable leather material combined with a soft and lightweight rubber sole makes you comfortable and confident when going out, walking around, going to the office or going to a party. Fairy tail shoes are sophisticatedly designed with solid seams, luxurious and polite designs.        

Fairy tail canvas shoes

Fairy tail canvas shoes made of fabric with a sporty, durable, beautiful, lightweight style. Suitable for playing soccer (ground or natural grass), walking, jogging, and can participate in outdoor activities. 

Fairy tail shoes size

Fairy tail shoes come in many different sizes and are easy to choose from, for instance: US6, US7, US8, US9, US10, US11, US12, US13, US14, US15. We provide the shoe size chart and how to convert the correct shoe size, along with instructions on how to choose the best size for your feet.

Fairy tail shoes cosplay

Those shoes are based on the salient features related to anime characters, with high quality material and excellent tailor skills, you will wear it comfortably in any place and any situation.     

Fairy tail shoes custom

Fairy Tail shoes have many different levels of adjustment, bringing the most comfort and the easiest feeling to the wearer, best protecting the feet. Because our feet are extremely important to our health, fairy Tail Shoes always put the health of customers as the top priority.                  

Fairy tail shoes drawing

The drawings of fairy tail shoes have the cool style of anime characters, definitely indispensable in the collection of the girl or the boy. The beautiful images will replace the words to say, share your mood, special feelings to reveal your style. We invite you to admire and choose the most beautiful and impressive drawing. 

Fairy tail design shoes

Through the talented hands of the designer, the idea will become a reality. And the same goes for shoe design. Based on ideas from the most beloved characters in anime, we wanted to create the most realistic and original designs.             

Fairy tail edition shoes

Updated with the latest versions, fairy tail shoes have quality products, extremely modern designs with a combination of different materials, depicting different characters and textures. Always bring the best choice and most satisfied option for customers.         

Fairy tail girl shoes

Fairy tail girl shoes are suitable for jogging; walking or strolling on the street, high quality materials; Delicate and beautiful lines, with a very comfortable design, compact form, and stylish design, easy to match colors, specially for stylish and modern girls.  

Fairy tail shoes men

With a lot of outstanding features such as: young and dynamic design, unique personality color, global fashion trends, comfortable and smooth on the move, high quality durable materials, round toe, neatly hugs the foot, neoprene sole; high friction, easy to match clothes.

Fairy tail shoes for sport

Fairy tail gym shoes 

Good materials are the first step in creating the durability of an impactful shoe. In addition to the sole, even the body of the shoe is very special. When working out in the gym, the shoes still feel comfortable and always hug the foot to make it easier to move.

Fairy tail tennis shoes

Create a smooth and comfortable feeling for the feet, designed with a youthful and healthy style, suitable for sports activities, especially playing tennis. This kind of shoes has light weight, meticulous seam, and is solid.

Fairy tail custom shoes basketball 

The body is airy, comfortable, hugging the legs; Better foot protection in horizontal movements. The lacing system makes it easy for the user to adjust the shoe for a better fit, enhancing support and stability when playing the ball. 

Fairy tail shoes for sale

We have a wide variety of designs, colors, providing a rich choice for you. Besides, we also often have product promotions to ensure the best service to our customers. We are ready to assist if you have any questions.

Fairy tail shoes in real life    

In fact, we receive a lot of positive feedback from customers who have shopped in our store. Your contribution is a great motivation for us to improve our products to serve our customers now and in the future.

Fairy tail convention  

In the special occasion for otakus to gather to cosplay, Fairy Tail Custom Shoes are indispensable accessories on this occasion. We are right here to bring the best products and services for you on every road.