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If you are a lover of fiction-themed Anime, then definitely check out the Pokemon series. Pokemon Shoes have also become one of the best designs when it comes to Anime shoes. Welcome to Pokemon Shoes!


Pikachu Sneakers Custom Anime Pokemon Shoes


Pokemon shoes reviews

Pokemon is a series associated with the childhood of many of us. We are no stranger to the image of characters that are extremely diverse, colorful, and lovely in the series. Besides, the attractive and attractive content is also a factor that helps the series become one of the classic anime and manga works of young people. Pokemon shoes is a collection of designs based on characters from the series. These shoes are not only appreciated for their quality but also considered as a spiritual gift for those who love Anime in general or this series in particular.


Pikachu custom shoes

Pikachu is one of the most famous Pokemon in the series. Pikachu is easy to recognize by the audience because of its cute little yellow body combined with black stripes, this is also one of the outstanding features of this character. Pikachu custom shoes have also shown the spirit as well as the image of the character of the same name. In addition, these shoes are stylishly designed with a compact design to help people wear them conveniently.

Snorlax custom shoes

Snorlax is created from inspirations in daily life, so the shape of this character brings a sense of familiarity to readers. Snorlax custom shoes bring new perspectives on fashion thanks to its creativity in color combinations. The shoes stand out in blue, which is the main color of the character, combined with the black and white checkered pattern, making the shoes more prominent and personal.

Squirtle custom shoes

Zenigame, also known by its English name as Squirtle, is a Pokémon species that leaves many impressions and imprints on the audience. With her lovely shape, Squirtle inspired Gearanime to design Squirtle custom shoes. This is one of the most successful designs in taking advantage of the inherent advantages of the character. The shoes stand out in blue, bringing freshness and freedom to those who wear them.

Charizard custom shoes

Lizardon, known to audiences worldwide as Charizard, is a type of Pokemon with special powers in the series. Charizard often flies around the sky in search of its opponents and flame is its ultimate weapon. Charizard custom shoes are simply designed in white to highlight Charizard's image. Thanks to the compact design, youthful colors, these shoes are really suitable for the youthful style of young people.

Umbreon custom shoes

Among the many colorful Pokemon characters, Umbreon is distinguished by its unique color. Therefore, Umbreon custom shoes are special and different from other designs in the collection. However, these shoes still carry the general spirit of the collection, bringing youth and freshness to those who wear them.

Sylveon custom shoes

Sylveon custom shoes are definitely the design that Pokemon fangirls are looking forward to. The shoes stand out in cute pink, bringing a sweet and lovely touch to the person who wears them. This is one of the most searched designs in the Pokemon collection

Bulbasaur custom shoes

Bulbasaur is known to be a small Pokemon, with an impressive and prominent shape. It is prominently illustrated in green, which is one of its distinctive identifying elements. Bulbasaur custom shoes also choose a blue color to best express the spirit, characteristics, and personality of the character of the same name. Besides, this creative color brings energy and freshness to the wearer.

Gengar custom shoes

Gengar custom shoes are considered the brightest star of this shoe collection. Gengar is a type of Pokemon that possesses a somewhat personality, cold and aggressive appearance. Gengar custom shoes choose a purple color to express the character's characteristics through every little detail. From color to style, these shoes highlight the image of Gengar printed on the shoe. Like other designs in the collection, Gengar custom shoes also have a dynamic and basic design, bringing a lot of energy to you.

Mimikyu custom shoes

Mimikyu is also known as a disguised Pokemon because it has a very similar appearance to the character Pikachu. If you're not a die-hard fan of this series, it's probably hard for you to tell the difference between these two characters. However, this character also impresses readers with his own personality unlike any of these characters. Mimikyu custom shoes are like other designs in the collection, keeping the general spirit of the collection and adding the unique features of each character. 

Garchomp custom shoes

If you love the character Garchomp while reading the Pokemon series, then visit Gearanime.com to check out the latest designs inspired by this character. With purple as the main color, these shoes allow you to build a look as lovely and mysterious as the character's personality.

Eevee custom shoes

Eevee stands out among the many different types of Pokemon in the series. Eevee custom shoes also bring a style, a separate mark, unlike other designs. These shoes also somewhat express the personality and unique characteristics of the character Eevee in the series.

Dragonite custom shoes

Dragonite is an extremely adorable character that receives a lot of love from readers. Still keeping the general style of the collection, but with this design, these shoes have a special feature. The design of these shoes is simple but still very unique.

Vaporeon custom shoes

Vaporeon custom shoes are one of the most successful designs in expressing the image of a cartoon character through every detail of the shoe. Fashionable and eye-catching designs of Vaporeon custom shoes also help wearers express their personalities and preferences.

Absol custom shoes

Absol custom shoes bring excellent quality to customers. Thanks to the fashionable materials and designs, this design has become a companion for many customers.

Ampharos custom shoes

Ampharos is a type of Pokemon with striking yellow fur. Besides, the long neck is also a special identity feature of this character. In addition, they also have black stripes on the neck and tail that make them easily confused with the character Pikachu. Ampharos custom shoes stand out in yellow color and accompanying details such as black and white plaid pattern. All of the above factors contribute to the characterization of the character.

Gardevoir custom shoes

Gardevoir custom shoes will definitely be the design that makes your shoe cabinet more prominent and diverse. The shoes stand out in blue which is the main color of the character Gardevoir in the Pokemon series. This is one of the most unique and fancy designs in this collection.

Torterra custom shoes

The cute and smart personality of Torterra are also reflected in the color and style of Torterra custom shoes. So these shoes are sought after by fans of Torterra. It is not only high fashion shoes but also serves as souvenirs for fans of this character.

Rayquaza custom shoes

The novel combination of colors of Rayquaza custom shoes is also an important feature that helps these designs impress customers every day at first sight. These shoes bring a new style that is both modern and classic fashion trends. 

Arcanine custom shoes

Arcanine custom shoes brought unexpected success to the Pokemon Shoes. With the dominant orange color and unique design, the shoes have conquered all customers no matter how fastidious they are.

Lucario custom shoes

Lucario custom shoes make you unable to take your eyes off because of its novelty and design ingenuity. Every detail shown on these shoes such as the color or image of Lucario helps to bring a great experience to customers.

Typhlosion custom shoes

When launching this design, Gearanime hopes Typhlosion custom shoes will be a spiritual gift to bring joy to Typhlosion fans. Besides, these shoes also make customers super satisfied thanks to their extremely fashionable and innovative design.

Infernape custom shoes

Infernape custom shoes bring the distinct spirit and color of the series of the same name and are designed as a meaningful present for all lovers of this series. Moreover, these designs also create a new fashion trend that is well received and interested by young people.

Flygon custom shoes

Flygon custom shoes bring new and unique fashion trends that are constantly pursued by young people. Besides, these designs also impress with their quality which is a big plus point that cannot be ignored when it comes to Pokemon Shoes

Tyranitar custom shoes

Inspired by the content and spirit of the Pokemon series, Tyranitar custom shoes are just like that, these shoes are designed with a gentle and lovely style. The patterns on the shoes make you look fashionable.

Ninetales custom shoes

Ninetales custom shoes are considered a special and worthwhile present for those who love the series in general or this character in particular.

Blaziken custom shoes

Blaziken custom shoes express the spirit and image of the character in the most detailed and realistic way.  Moreover, these shoes also provide a soft and comfortable feeling to the wearer in every use thanks to their soft leather material.

Suicune custom shoes

These shoes bring something mysterious, chic, and classy to your look. Because of these advantages, Suicune custom shoes have become one of the chart-topping designs in the Pokemon Shoes