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Anime shoes are inspired by the shape and personality of each character in the Anime world. We provide a full collection of shoes of all stories. So which is the best collection?  Let's enjoy Sailor Moon Shoes for today!

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Sailor Moon shoes reviews

Sailor Moon is a series associated with our childhood. Since its release, the series has left many unforgettable impressions in the hearts of readers. The characters in Sailor Moon are extremely beautiful and gorgeous, which is a source of inspiration in many different fields. Sailor Moon shoes are inspired by personalities and characters from the series of the same name, these shoes are sought after by young people for their uniqueness and creativity in their designs and colors. Besides, these shoes will be a great gift for your friends, especially Anime fans.


Sailor Moon custom shoes

Sailor Moon, also known by her real name Usagi Tsukino, is the main character of the series of the same name. This is the most favorite character and also the most influential figure in the fashion style of young people. Her appearance is extremely impressive with outstanding long blonde hair. Her sailor outfit is also a great inspiration for fans. Sailor Moon custom shoes take blue and yellow as the main colors that remind us of Sailor Moon. Moreover, the dynamic and trendy design is also the advantage of this design.

Luna Cat custom shoes

Luna Cat is a lovely cat, leaving many special marks throughout the Sailor Moon series. Inspired by this character, Luna Cat custom shoes chose purple as the main color to create a mysterious and shimmering look for the shoes. Made from soft materials with a compact, convenient design, these shoes bring comfort to the wearer.

Sailor Mercury custom shoes

Sailor Mercury is a girl with a lot of fans. She is shaped with an extremely gorgeous appearance. She often appears in a blue dress to attract the attention of readers. Sailor Mercury custom shoes are designed based on her individuality and shape. These shoes are among the best sellers at Gearanime. The material and design of this design are also a plus point that cannot be ignored. Although designed with a basic design, this is an advantage for us in mixing clothes. These shoes are truly the perfect choice for daily outfits. 

Sailor Mars custom shoes

Sailor Mars' real name is Rei Hino. Admittedly, the characters in Sailor Moon are all extremely gorgeous and impressive, and so is Sailor Mars. She often appears in a sexy red dress. Therefore, Sailor Mars custom shoes also take red as the main color. The youthful and fashionable look of these shoes keeps you dynamic. Besides, this design is really suitable for outdoor activities because of its compact and convenient design.

Sailor Saturn custom shoes

Sailor Saturn custom shoes are one of the most loved designs in Sailor Moon Shoes. These shoes take purple as the main color based on the color of the character's skirt. These shoes bring a familiar feeling to the beautiful girl, Sailor Saturn. The image of Sailor Saturn is highlighted on the shoes. This design is a combination of fashion and creativity that brings a dynamic và fancy look for you. 

Artemis Cat custom shoes

Artemis Cat is a lovely cat and is always a good assistant to the main character in the story of Sailor Moon. Inspired by this character, designed Artemis Cat custom shoes. With a simple but still unique design, these shoes make it easier for you to mix clothes.

Sailor Venus custom shoes

Minako Aino, better known as Sailor Venus is a character that leaves a lot of impression in the hearts of readers. She looks extremely gorgeous with long blonde hair along with a striking orange dress. She is a character with a lot of fans. Taking the yellow color as the main color, these shoes help you stand out in any event, especially those related to Anime. Moreover, being made of good and soft materials, these shoes bring comfort to your feet.

Sailor Neptune custom shoes

If you are a fan of the Sailor Moon manga, you certainly can't forget the little Michiru Kaioh, also known as Sailor Neptune. Sailor Neptune custom shoes are designed based on the appearance and personality of the character of the same name. The character image printed on these shoes help you show your love for the character. Besides, the basic and simple design gives the wearer a fresh and youthful look.

Sailor Jupiter custom shoes

Sailor Jupiter custom shoes are the most prominent and creative design of the Sailor Moon collection. This design takes green as the main color based on the main color of the character Sailor Jupiter. Moreover, the stylish and unique design of the shoes also helps you to build a dynamic and trendy look. 

Sailor Pluto custom shoes

Sailor Pluto has a lot of fans because of her gorgeous appearance. Her impressive blue long hair is one of this girl's defining features. Therefore, since Sailor Pluto custom shoes were launched on the market, the product has been sought after by young people. Not only for fans of Sailor Pluto, but most young people love this design because of their uniqueness and creativity. 

Chibiusa Tsukino custom shoes

Chibiusa Tsukino custom shoes are probably the shoes that many fangirls love. These shoes are designed in the main pink color to bring a sweet and lovely look to the girls. If you want to build a pretty appearance, then these designs are a great choice for you.

Sailor Uranus custom shoes

Sailor Uranus is a girl with short brown hair. She has a special charm that cannot be compared with other characters. designed exclusive Sailor Uranus custom shoes based on the character's appearance and personality. This is also one of the most favorites designs at Gearanime. The shoes also protect your feet even if you have to be outdoors all day long.

Tuxedo Custom Shoes

Tuxedo attracts the attention of fans, especially fangirls, because of his elegant appearance. It can be said that he is the most handsome guy in the series. Therefore, Tuxedo has a big fandom club. In addition, these shoes are highly appreciated for their quality and practicality.


Sailor Moon Jordan shoes

Sailor Moon Jordan shoes show youthful, and extremely fashionable style. These shoes are designed based on the characters in the Sailor Moon series. These shoes attract the attention of customers because of the uniqueness in design and quality that they bring.

Sailor Moon Air force 1 shoes

Sailor Moon Air force 1 shoes have many different designs based on each character in the story of the same name. Each design brings an impressive style that receives positive feedback from the audience. With their creative design, these shoes help you have a fancy and fashionable look.

Sailor Moon Jordan 13 shoes

Sailor Moon Jordan 13 shoes are too familiar because it is the top choice of many customers. These shoes will help you look young and extremely fashionable.

Sailor Moon Stan Smith Style shoes

If you are worried that the basic and simple design of the Stan Smith style will make your appearance boring, then the Sailor Moon Stan Smith Style shoes will help you solve this concern. Instead of choosing familiar simple Stan Smith shoes, we can now refresh this style with Sailor Moon Stan Smith Style shoes. This is a combination of fashion and practical. 

Sailor Moon Yeezy shoes

With the unique design of Yeezy Style along with creative ideas about characters in Sailor Moon manga, these shoes bring a fresh and unique appearance for you. 

Sailor Moon converse shoes

Do you enjoy Converse style? Converse shoes often have a classic style that is really convenient to combine outfits because they can perfectly match any style in your wardrobe. However, you can completely refresh this style with Sailor Moon converse shoes. These shoes are designed based on the character of the series of the same name that will bring you freshness and originality like never before.

Sailor Moon skate shoes

Sailor Moon skate shoes are also one of the best-seller and unique designs at 

Sailor Moon slip on shoes

Sailor Moon slip on shoes prioritize convenience.These shoes bring a fresh and dynamic look for you that are also suitable for all outdoor activities.


Sailor Moon Socks

Sailor Moon Socks help your outfit become more perfect. Each pair of socks is an exclusive design that helps you express your fashion taste.

Sailor Moon Eye Mask

A creative Sailor Moon Eye Mask not only helps you protect your eyes but also brings a cool feeling for you.


Sailor Moon leather shoes

Sailor Moon Shoes are available in 2 materials: leather shoes and canvas shoes. Sailor Moon  leather shoes are highly recommended for their quality and trend in fashion.

Sailor Moon canvas shoes

Besides, Sailor Moon canvas shoes are also always impressed by their material. These shoes bring convenience in mixing clothes.

Sailor Moon shoes size

You can easily choose your favorite pair of Sailor Moon shoes that fits your foot size easily at

Sailor Moon shoes cosplay

Sailor Moon cosplay shoes will help you stand out in cosplay events or other anime events.

Sailor Moon shoes custom

Let’s express your fashion taste and your personality through your pair of shoes. You also can customize Sailor Moon shoes in your style. Just pre-order with us to get your favorite shoes

Sailor Moon shoes drawing

Owning a pair of Sailor Moon drawing shoes in a distinctive and creative style will help your appearance become more fashionable.

Sailor Moon design shoes

We also offer many impressive Sailor Moon design shoes that build up your image and style.

Sailor Moon edition shoes

At, you can easily choose your favorite pair of Sailor Moon shoes with your bias character. We also offer many different editions that will satisfy you.

Sailor Moon girl shoes

Women's Sailor Moon girl shoes are also available at Visit our website and grab your favorite pair of shoes. 

Sailor Moon men shoes

In addition, Men's Sailor Moon shoes are also available in many styles and colors. 

Sailor Moon shoes for sport

Sailor Moon shoes can be used for many different purposes, including outdoor sports such as:

  • Sailor Moon gym shoes
  • Sailor Moon tennis shoes
  • Sailor Moon custom basketball shoes 

Sailor Moon shoes for sale

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Sailor Moon shoes in real life

You can also check more real feedback about Sailor Moon shoes on our website.

Sailor Moon convention

Sailor Moon shoes will bring you a trendy and fancy look when attending any events related to Anime, especially the Sailor Moon convention.

FAQs About sailor Moon shoes

How much did moon shoes cost?

Although they are now priced at $100,000, the shoes may certainly fetch more. This pair of shoes is incredibly unusual; only 12 pairs were first produced. Seeing this pair of shoes sell for more than its initial price is perfectly reasonable considering that a pair of untouched Moon Shoes sold for $437,500 in 2019.

Why is it called the moon shoes?

In order to let you show your personal tastes and style, Sailor Moon shoes are a line of footwear based on the anime series of the same name. We must not overlook this collection when talking about anime merchandise. You can choose goods based on your tastes and favourite characters because each piece of stuff in the collection symbolizes a different character from the series.

What time do the Sailor Moon Vans come out?

Everything from slip-on and Sk8-Hi sneakers to tees, sweaters, and backpacks are part of the collection, which goes on sale on June 10. They're all decorated with our favourite Sailor Moon characters. Sailor Moon, which began in 1992, ranks high among the most well-known anime series of all time, alongside Dragon Ball, One Piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and others. The show has had a long-lasting influence on the industry as a whole, and it is still frequently cited for its transformation sequences and the seductive allure of Tuxedo Mask. 

Why is Sailor Moon popular?

We may be familiar with the well-known anime series Sailor Moon. Many people associate this anime series with their childhood. In this anime, the girls are a constant source of inspiration. As a result, the series gained a lot of followers right away after its debut. The show empowered its female fan base by demonstrating that girls could be just as tough as the boys without losing their femininity. It also taught its viewers valuable lessons about friendship, love, and self-assurance. These legendary magical warriors have gained a global following and will keep shaping the animation industry.