Vegeta Saiyan Battle Armor Dragon Ball Apparel

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Vegeta Saiyan Battle Armor Dragon Ball Super Compression Apparel

Vegeta Saiyan Armor is inspired by Vegeta battle armor from the Dragon Ball Super anime series.
Our shirts, hoodie sweatshirts, and jackets are custom-made-to-order and handcrafted to the highest quality standards.
  • Each of our products is constructed from a premium polyester blend that is ultra-soft and incredibly comfortable.
  • Features a specialty high definition heat-dye application that ensures long-lasting color vibrancy even after machine washing.
  • Fabric is durable and resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, and mildew.
  • The product is custom printed, cut, and sewn just for you when you place your order - there may be small differences in the design on the seams and /or arms due to the production process's custom nature! View more: Vegeta Shoes


1. This is Unisex US size. Height and weight are just suggested. The exact dimension of the shirts is made after the Length, Chest

2. Chest Width: edge-to-edge (not circumference) over the fullest part of the chest.

3. Due to hand-measurement, please 0.5-1.5 inches tolerance.

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Saiyan Royal Battle Armor

A special form of RIT Armor worn by King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta before the Genocide of the Saiyans. King Vegeta's armor features the addition of a blue cape with a red inner lining, a reddish-brown bodysuit (worn under the armor), a golden band worn on the right arm, a necklace, white gloves, bluish-purple boots, and the emblem of the Saiyan Royal Family on the left side of the torso armor. Vegeta's version features a red cape and the usual blue colored bodysuit that Vegeta often wears underneath his various armors. King Vegeta's version appears under the name Battle Suit (King Vegeta) and is referred to by Vegeta as a Royal Battle Jacket in Xenoverse 2.

Source: Dragon Ball Fandom

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