30 Hunter x Hunter Gifts For Birthdays, Christmas & Others

By on Oct 19, 2022

Hunter x Hunter Gifts

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga that has stirred the Otakus community thanks to its captivating plot, unique character image, and eye-catching graphics. 

Attracting a large fan base worldwide, HunterxHunter merch like anime shoes is usually the best seller for special celebrations like birthdays, Anime expos, or even wedding days.

Here are 30 HunterxHunter gifts arranged into particular categories: clothes, accessories, and home interiors. Most of the products are popular items on major websites like Gearanime, Etsy, and Crunchyroll. Dive in and pick one for your Otaku friends.

30 Hunter x Hunter Gifts For Your Loved Ones

1. Killua And Gon Freecss Sneakers

Hunter X Hunter Killua And Gon Custom

If you adore the Killua and Gon, you will impossibly take your eyes off these unique sneakers from Gearanime. This product is made from microfiber, which is resistant to abrasion and aging. It can completely guarantee the same durability and comfortability as other specialized sports brands. 

Styles and colors are unisex so you can choose them as birthday gifts for anime lovers from 14-20 years old.

The exclusive design from Gear Anime is exactly the highlight. Unlike ordinary shoes, the left and right shoes designed by Gear Anime are not the same as they demonstrate two different characters. This model is extremely worth trying for Otakus pursuing a cool street fashion style. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

Source: Gearanime

2. Hisoka High Top Shoes Hunter X Hunter

Hisoka High Top Shoes Hunter X Hunter Custom Anime

How can we miss the clown Hisoka with the symbolic slanted eyes, the tattoos of a star and a teardrop? This is an ideal birthday gift for Hisoka's fans of all ages. The shoes with the image of clown Hisoka are also perfect as Halloween gifts.

The shoes are made from canvas with a rounded tip of the shoes for higher durability. Canvas is a good color retention material, so the image of Hisoka hardly fades despite being used for a long time.

Honestly, the design is somewhat inspired by Converse Chuck Taylor - the iconic sneaker for the young. The color scheme focuses on three typical colors: black, red, and white, demonstrating Hisoka's face. This item best fits casual or sporty outfits.

Source: Gearanime

3. HUNTER x PENDANT Hunter License Necklace Chain Stainless Steel Jewelry

HUNTER x PENDANT Hunter License Necklace Chain Stainless Steel

You can regard this stainless steel necklace if you are looking for a stylish HunterxHunter accessory.

The necklace is designed as a chain loop, more in favor of hip hop or probably unisex style. The pendant stands out with the typical XX symbol. You can express your love for Hunter x Hunter subtly. As we see, you can combine it to enhance the cool taste of your street style outfits.

You want to give your boyfriend memorable and valuable anniversary gifts? You can consider purchasing the full set of Hunterx Hunter tees, fleece shorts, and socks accompanying this necklace.

Source: Etsy

4. Hunter X Hunter Hoodie

Hunter X Hunter Hoodie

Do you know the One True Pairing term, popular with Anime girl fans? It's the romantic pairing between their two favorite characters in the series or movie. Give them this hoodie if your Otaku friend's OTP is Gon and Killua's best friend.

The hoodie has a soft felt material and a wide form, increasing comfort while keeping warm. The shirt has 6 colors, from bold to pastel, suitable for each fashion style.

While purple and pink pastel fit people with fairer skin tones, the other can flatter all skin tones and is easy to wear or coordinate with other items.
This hoodie can be a Christmas gift. You can also wear it as a couple look with your sweethearts or besties.

Iron the inside for more durable figures

Source: Etsy

5. Hisoka Run Dye T-Shirt 

Hisoka Run Dye T-Shirt

The tie-dye style has recently become a top trend in the fashion world. So, it is much more excellent if you have a tie-dye tee combined with the foxy image of Hisoka. 

Blending between purple, blue, and baby pink, this Crunchy-owned T-shirt has a stunning galaxy effect, flatting Hisoka his signature deep pink. 

This shirt and the Magician HxH sneaker can create an outfit that couldn't be more attractive. The cotton material ensures comfort when dressing in summer. Size ranges from S to 2XL, available for different body shapes.

Source: crunchyroll

6. Gon Action Circle Dye T-Shirt

 Gon Action Circle Dye T-Shirt

You can also refer to another exclusive shirt with the image of the main cast: Gon. 

The shirt has a cool turquoise color. The gray dyed patterns are arranged in a fancy arc shape, hugging Gon right in the center.

Its pros are the fabric's lightness and coolness, and it is less sticky due to sweat. Therefore, the shirt can maximize comfort, especially in summer when you attend anime festivals. So, you can consider the shirt as one of potential Anime Expo gifts.

Source: crunchyroll

7. Hunter X Hunter Title T-Shirt

Hunter X Hunter - Title T-Shirt

The character print may only be suitable for young people. Therefore, we recommend an extremely basic shirt for mature HunterxHunter lovers or those preferring the minimalist or unisex style. Especially if you are not a fan of HunterxHunter, you can still wear this shirt as an ordinary pullover.

It only briefly depicts the manga's title, but the uniqueness has not been lost thanks to the text stylization. The shirt has only three colors black, red, and white, so it easily coordinates with any other pants.

Source: crunchyroll

8. Hisoka Vintage Eyes Shirt

Hisoka eyes T-Shirt

This shirt vividly demonstrates all Hisoka's signatures: slanting eyes, the blue star, and the yellow teardrops, attracting the eyesight of any opposite person.

The cotton shirt is quite cool, absorbent, and light. Notably, its color palette is the most diverse among the tees above (27 colors, including cool and warm tones). 

You will choose models that suit your skin tone. The size board also varies from kid to adult. That's why this tee is so ideal for a birthday gift for anyone.

Source: Teepublic

9. Gon & Killua Unisex T-shirt

HunterXHunter Anime Unisex Tshirt

You can also find a summer version of the Gon and Killua tee. Lively graphics are the highlight besides the stylized title. The shading on Gon and Killua creates a 3D feeling for the viewer.

Not only do you show your love for HunterxHunter or the couple Killua and Gon, but you also prove your ability to keep up with fashion trends.

Source: Etsy

10. Hunter x Hunter Men's Fleece Shorts  

HunterxHunter Men's Fleece Shorts

Here comes an idea not to be missed for father's day gifts. These black/white fleece pants have a significantly simple design (only the X symbol on the trouser leg), fitting indoor outfits or any other t-shirt for casual outfits of your dad. 

3 pockets with sufficient depth and width, can hold phones, wallets, watches, or earphones. The pants also have a drawstring for waist tightness adjustment.

Source: Etsy

11. Feitan Sleep Mask 

Feitan Eye Mask Hunter X Hunter Anime Sleep Mask

An item for Feitan fans who often appear with a very mysterious face shield. Inspired by his visual appearance, this eye mask from Gearanime focuses only on vividly sketching his eyes.

The sleep mask can be a cute and funny little gift you can give on any occasion (especially the random gift selection at Christmas parties) and to anyone. In addition, this accessory has a much more reasonable price.

Source: Gearanime

12. Hunter X Hunter Chibi Mini Backpack

Chibi Mini Backpack

The selling point of this backpack is the character design. You can easily see the 4 main hunters of the series arranged evenly on the entire backpack. This backpack can be an excellent solution if the recipient loves multiple characters.

The figures are designed in a lovely chibi style. The backpack size is suitable for the little ones to bring to school. That's why backpacks like this one are ideal for Children's Day gifts. It can meet the children's interests! Cleaning is also relatively easy. You need to wipe it with a warm damp cloth.

Source: Etsy

13. Funko Pop! Animation Killua Zoldyck 

Funko Pop! Animation: Hunter x Hunter - Killua Zoldyck

Otakus also often like collecting character simulations to display in their homes. That's why this item can be a good choice.

The Killua model has a chibi design and is about 3/4 inches tall. It can beautify children's desks, bookshelves, or even adults' bedrooms. The price tag per unit is cheap, so you can give 2-3 models at a time on special occasions like birthdays.

Source: Amazon

14. Anime Hunter B&W Mug

Anime Hunter B&W Coffee Mug, 11oz

A mug can be a versatile gift for any occasion. Have you ever thought of giving a HunterxHunter mug?

This ceramic mug has been tested as non-toxic, facilitating the health concern. The cup can hold hot water without cracking like low-quality glass, thanks to the reliable material. You can also warm the cup in your microwave.

The character prints are also durable, maintaining their sharpness after many washes. What a perfect choice for a cup of coffee or milk on chilly mornings!

Source: Etsy

15. Hisoka Sneakers Magician HxH Anime Shoes 

Hisoka Hunter X Hunter JD1s Sneakers Magician HxH Anime Shoes

Another model that you can refer to is the Magician HxH shoes. The appearance looks impressive at first glance with a perfect combination of bright colors.

The combination of deep pink, yellow, black, and white is both contrasting and surprisingly harmonious. Instead of focusing on the face like the above model, this one vividly sketches this villain's full body and "power".
We believe that Hisoka female fans will be delighted if they receive this gift on their birthday or Halloween celebrations.

Source: Gearanime

16. Gon x Killua Decorative Posters (21x30; 30x40; 40x60 (cm))

Affiche hunter x hunter Gon

The wall poster of close friends Gon and Killua is highly recommended among unique wedding gifts for young couples. Home interiors are always cared for the most by newlyweds. You can lend them a hand by giving useful and aesthetic bedroom decorations, for example, this poster.

This poster is made of cotton canvas, so it has a smooth surface to the touch. In addition, the waterproof layer on the print can ensure high durability. It not only satisfies the couple's interest but also adds a separate beauty to the new nestle. We believe this gift will be appreciated.

Source: Etsy

17. Hisoka Decorative Canvas Poster

Hisoka Decorative Canvas Poster

We spoil you with another design with a creative twist on Hisoka. On Canvas, Hisoka shows up with a new angle with bubble gum. However, alongside, his familiar beauty and attractive charisma are still fully shown in the picture. Any Otaku who is into aesthetics can hang this quality artwork on any house corner. It fits all the areas!

The quality of this printing is rated better than the above model thanks to the super smooth fabric, waterproof, fade resistance, and eco-friendliness.

Source: Amazon

18. Hunter X Hunter Chibi Character Lanyard 

Hunter X Hunter Chibi Anime Cartoon Character Lanyard

Compact, convenient and affordable are 3 reasons to consider this HunterxHunter stationery accessory: a lanyard coupled with a cardholder.
It features some HunterxHunter's main characters - a great idea for fans with no particular bias. There is also a cute rubber character charm on the lanyard.

A buckle release is another great point, allowing you to align the length as desired.

This lanyard has been officially confirmed as an authentic item, which makes it much more valuable than other similar duplicates in the market.

Source: Amazon

19. Hunter X Hunter 45x60 Phantom Troupe Blanket 

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe Blanket [45 x 60 inches]

Here, we have an ideal blanket for HunterxHunter fans this Christmas. The blanket illustrates almost all of the main characters in the movie, including the Phantom Troupe gang, which is not seen in the items above.

You can flexibly spread the blanket on the bed, sofa, or armchair. You can't imagine the excellent feeling of curling up in a blanket with your favorite figures, enjoying the movie while sipping hot drinks in the chilly season.
Use gentle wash in cold water and tumble dry at low temperature to maintain the print.

Source: Amazon

20. Characters Five Pack Casual Crew Socks

Hunter X Hunter main Characters Casual Crew Socks set for Men 5-Pack

These colorful turtleneck socks will be a must-have addition to  Hunterx Hunter fans' collection. Socks can be easily combined with many styles of shoes to wear to school or hang out. You can give 1 set of 5 pairs to change daily.

The socks have good elasticity and absorb sweat well, so they can serve you for exercise sessions. 

Wherever you go, you can still attract attention with the graphics and brightness.

Source: Amazon

21. Hunter X Hunter - Bucket Hat Logo

Hunter X Hunter - Logo Bucket Hat

There was a time when celebrities usually wore bucket hats in their casual outfits. Now, let's add it to your collection. 

Basic black design, liberal vibe, personality enhancement, and especially the iconic HunterxHunter logo make your street look more fashionable. You can apply the hat in many situations, such as shopping or airport outfits.

Source: crunchyroll

22. Character Enamel Pin Set

Hunter X Hunter - Character Enamel Pin Set

1 set of pins, including 4 main characters in chibi style, make your tee or backpack much more adorable. They are also "saviors" that conceal imperfections, unwashable stains, or tears in any of your fabric surfaces. Please note that these small items are 100% authentic!

These tiny pins are more versatile than you can imagine: add them to your cap, backpack, clothes, etc.  Or as the weather starts to cool down for the fall and winter months, you'll probably jazz up your beanies with these cute HunterxHunter pins.

Source: crunchyroll

23. Gon Killua Water Bottle

Hunter X Hunter - Gon Killua Water Bottle

Giving the water bottle is a lovely water replenishment reminder for the recipient. That's why we suggest water bottle gifts for the summer birthday.
The bottle lid is designed to prevent spills, accompanied by a straw. This personalized bottle will follow you wherever you go throughout the day without fear of spilling.

The bottle is made from BPA-free Tritan, which is safe, durable, and substantial. You can dare your creativity by recycling it into something else you want.

Source: crunchyroll

24. Hunter x Hunter LED Night Light Lamp

Hunter x Hunter LED Night Light Lamp

Romanticize your bedroom with the magical light of this lamp. You have several choices between your favorite characters, including the individual or groups/couples.

You can control the light by your touch or remote. It is a surprise that the lamp flexibly offers you 16 color shades. Thanks to this feature, you can transform the bedroom space according to many different inspirations, especially an enchanting background to take some photos.

The light gives off a soft light and runs without sound, perfectly softening your sleep. Why don't you use it as one of the best Christmas gifts?

Source: Etsy

25. Kurapika Otaku Lamp

Hunter X Hunter - Kurapika Otaku Lamp

You can take a look at another lamp model. Instead of a character portrait like the one above, this lamp sets up a full-size (~8 inches tall) model with the emphasis on the chain winding from his hand. 

When lit, it feasts your eyes immediately because of the attractive 3D effect. Besides 16 color shades, the light can change 4 lighting modes: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

The light also facilitates you with both wired and wireless operation. Let’s try giving these items as mother’s day gifts to help your beloved mama sleep better.

Source: crunchyroll

26. Gon Cosplay Backpack     

Hunter X Hunter - Gon Cosplay Backpack

This backpack's dimensions are approximately 18H x 12W x 5D (inches), so it can hold a 14~15 inches laptop. The design is only inspired, not depicting the character's image in detail. It can be a good choice for college student fans who want to express their interests gently. 

Except for the design, the backpack still meets the standard in capacity and function (zip pockets, bottle pockets, and internal sub-compartments). A quick release in the middle adds a sense of certainty when wearing.

Source: crunchyroll

27. Hunter x Hunter license bank card sticker

Hunter x Hunter license bank card -Vinyl/waterproof- sticker

Have you heard about waterproof stickers to protect bank cards? You can be the first to give this new item to your friends. You can say goodbye to the bank card' boring appearance. Now it is covered with a new personalized layer! 

Carefully stick the sticker to each edge of the card. Make sure you hold the card straight for the best results later.

Source: Etsy

28. Good Smile Hunter X Hunter: Curapickt Figma

Good Smile Hunter X Hunter: Curapickt Figma

The Curapickt simulator is not only a decoration but also a rather interesting toy. Thanks to the versatile joints attached to the back, the character can create many lively movements, especially the chain toss. 

His facial expression is sketched so vividly that Curapickt seemingly stepped out of the movie into your real life. The dedicated design on Curapickt's outfit is finally another plus point.

You can display this moderately tall simulation (6 "L x 2 "W x 1" H) on any flat surface in your room.

Source: Amazon

29. Good Smile Hunter X Hunter: Killua Zaoldyeck Figma

Good Smile Hunter X Hunter: Killua Zaoldyeck Figma

You can also easily find a similar model with the main character Killua. Instead of the chain, the Killua simulation is equipped with mini skis. 

Killua Figma can hold the skateboard in his hand or stand up and create a vivid surf track. It's up to you to adjust the character's poses. By displaying this model, you can feel like a real Killua is with you.

Source: Amazon

30. Hunter x Hunter Anime Badge Numbers Biodegradable Cases

Hunter x Hunter Anime Badge Numbers Biodegradable Cases

The final item ending our list is a HunterxHunter badge number phone case. As you also know, people tend to change their phone cover frequently, so a phone case has never been an old-fashioned idea.

Consider this case if you want to show off your love of HunterxHunter discreetly. The numbers printed on the cover represent the badge numbers of HunterxHunter members that only true fans can understand.

This item is also preferred for its plant polymer and bamboo fibers. The non-plastic feature perfectly fits the current sustainable usage trend. The matte finish prevents fingerprints and is easy to clean with a tissue. In addition, the case still supports the phone's wireless charging capabilities.

Source: Etsy


HunterxHunter is a hit movie. That's why its merch is diverse in product lines, from sneakers, clothing, and accessories to home decoration. 
These 30 HunterxHunter gifts are designed in different designs and styles, fitting interests of any gender and age range. You may have chosen a present for your loved ones for the upcoming celebrations!

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