The 10 Best Horror Anime

By on Feb 09, 2022

Best Horror Anime

Horror anime isn't all that prevalent, but there are some series out there that have it off very well. Here they're.

People are drawn to the horror genre since storytelling began. the sole thing people love over laughing is being scared. Anime delivers a flavor of horror unique from western tropes and cliches. For those that like to be scared a violent, bone-chilling anime can bring them to new levels of fear and revulsion. The titles on this list are the simplest of the worst. They're truly grotesque and push the boundaries of decency. If you are looking for a story as disgusting and bloody because it is riveting and suspenseful, look no further.


Attack On Titan

For a species that has remained at the highest of the organic phenomenon for many of its history, the thought of being eaten alive is one among our greatest fears. Humans inherently fear anything bigger than us and therefore the Titans are absolutely colossal.

Eren Yeager together with foster sister and supporter sleep in the walled city of Shiganshina. Within the triple walls of town, Yeager and also the remainder of humanity hide from the large, flesh-eating titans. This show will leave viewers squirming in their seats. It's dark, disturbing, and gory all without delay.


Terra Formars

Cockroaches play on basic human fears and repulsions. The way they scurry reminds us of the worst creepy crawlies. A cockroach's natural aversion to light makes them seem even more sinister. Terra Formars features not only cockroaches but enormous mutant roaches. The plot begins only enough. Moss samples and cockroaches are sent to mars to start populating life on the earth. some hundred years travel by and therefore the cockroaches evolve in ways humanity could never have expected. Now a team of superhumans must jaunt the superior planet to capture and exterminate these gigantic pests referred to as Terra Formars


Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

This story is filled with unexpected twists and turns that nobody sees coming. Many of the characters appear sweet, innocent, and kawaii but there's quite meets the attention during this haunting tale. The setting could be a beautiful mountain town.

Young Keiichi Maebara is spending a while with beloved friends. At first, things seem to be idyllic and peaceful until news of murder begins to spread. Keiichi's friends soon begin acting strangely. He fears they will even plan his life. The serene setting around him turns dark and terrifying because the story unfolds. even as the audience feels safe a brand new horrifying twist begins.


Elfen Lied

This is a classic tale about the oppression of a humanoid race with horns and incredible psychic abilities. After years of performing cruel and painful experiments on the Diclonii, their queen escapes. She releases the wrath of her psychic powers referred to as vectors as she makes her thanks to freedom. As she fights for her escape queen Lucy loses her memory. She finds herself alone within the world with no idea who she is or why she's so stuffed with hatred for humankind. The show is incredibly dark and gory. Each bloody, violent scene fills the audience with disgust.


Parasyte: The Maxim

Most folks are horrified to the core at the mere idea of parasites. Having your body invaded against your will is that the most horrifying violation. In Parasyte: The Maxim this basic human fear is taken to a creepy new level. The helplessness is ramped up because unlike an easy brain worm or a humble tick, these parasites take over your mind. the most character escapes the worst of this hostile take over when he wakes up before a parasite can embed itself in his brain. By preventing the parasite from completing it's take over of his mind and body, 17-year-old Shinichi loses control of one hand. His mind remains intact.


Theater Of Darkness

Theater Of Darkness is delightfully freed from many of the tropes that horror stories depend upon. you will not find any of the over-used settings during this masterpiece. Each episode is presented as a standard style theater performance. Using tools like puppets and paper cuts each story plays out across the stage. Many are horror classics like ghost stories, tales of the occult, and concrete legends. The chilling, creepy feeling grows within the audience as each tale unfolds. This anime hasn't received the popularity it deserves. It remains largely obscure but it's truly terrifying. Any fan of horror will appreciate this unique presentation.


Ghost Hunt

The title of this horror series may describe it's basic content but it does little to foreshadow the weather of mystery and tension viewers can expect. For those that like to watch a story slowly unfold before their eyes Ghost Hunt delivers in an exceedingly chilling way. The show follows the paranormal investigations of Mai Taniyama.



Another could be a gory, disturbing tale that follows transfer student Kouichi Sakakibara. Kouichi realizes something strange goes on at his new school immediately. He's on his own to see what it's. Among the strange and weird occurrences in his rural classroom is that the treatment of his classmate Mei Misaki. Kouichi seems to be the sole one who can see her. It's almost as if she were invisible, maybe even a ghost. Their classroom contains a horrible and dark secret. the opposite students all seem terrified, driven by fear of acknowledging what is going on on around them.



The classic horror staples of vampires get a breath of recent life during this spooky anime. This slow-building mystery takes some patience to induce into but the pace soon picks up and rewards those committed with plot twists and creepy tension. One by one the villagers in an exceedingly rural town are dying of an unknown cause. The deaths are only half the matter. The recently deceased are rising from their graves. The cause is none apart from a vampire. Lovers of vampire horror will adore this anime that adds new flavor to a classic trope.


Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls lives up to its twisted name delivering blood, gore, and spooks. The plot centers around a classic trope. Heavenly Host grade school was a dreadful and accursed place. it had been demolished for the security of mankind. Unknowing builders erected a brand new school on its doomed foundations. Despite the location's checkered past, all was quiet until a gaggle of scholars made a horrible mistake. Believing it might bind them together forever in friendship they performed a ritual. the scholars then find themselves whisked away to a different dimension to roam the terrifying hallways of Heavenly Host grade school.

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