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When it comes to Anime shoes, we can't help but mention Haikyuu Shoes. Haikyuu Shoes can be said to be one of the most loved and expected designs. Let's find out what makes these designs so special.

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Haikyuu shoes reviews

Haikyuu is a series that is loved by many audiences because of its unique and interesting plot about sports and the shaping of each character in this manga. It can be said that each character is heavily invested in images by the author. Haikyuu custom shoes are designed based on the different appearances and personalities of each character in this story. These designs are a diverse combination of colors and designs from classic style to modern style. Besides, the soft material protecting your feet is also a significant plus point of these designs. Haikyuu shoes have been well received by a large number of fans in particular and the community of anime lovers in general.

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Shoyo Hinata custom shoes

The boy with striking orange hair and impressive brown eyes, Shoyo Hinata is one of the most beloved main actors in the series ever. This guy is the new, unique inspiration for Shoyo Hinata custom shoes design. Taking orange as the main color of the design to exude strength, as well as passion and desire. This design is highly appreciated in terms of style, modern, and extremely dynamic.

Toru Oikawa custom shoes

If you've ever aspired for a unique and creative navy blue shoe in your shoe cabinet, Toru Oikawa custom shoes are the perfect choice for you. Inspired by the handsome boy and multi-talented Toru Oikawa.  Toru Oikawa custom shoes are a unique and creative combination of colors and designs.

Kenma Kozume custom shoes

Kenma Kozume is one of the most important members of Team Nekoma. Throughout the series, the guy has received a lot of support from the readers. Kenma Kozume custom shoes are designed based on the appearance of the character of the same name. The shoes are designed in red color to show a strong personality for the wearer. At the same time, the image of Kenma Kozume is prominently printed on the shoe, which is a plus point that attracts fans of this character.

Karasuno High custom shoes

Karasuno High School is a school with an outstanding boys' volleyball team. Karasuno High custom shoes are inspired by the school uniform of the same name, with yellow and black as the main colors. The shoes are designed with a dynamic and strong style that embodies the spirit of the Karasuno high school volleyball team..

Aoba Johsai High custom shoes

This is one of the schools that impresses the boys' volleyball team. Aoba Johsai's boys' volleyball team is in the top 4 strongest teams in the district. Inspired by this, Aoba Johsai High custom shoes are designed. The shoes are designed in blue as the main color, showing freshness like the method of playing and the spirit of the Aoba school team.

Satori Tendou custom shoes

Satori Tendou is a guy who always has a friendly smile that many fans love. Satori Tendou custom shoes are designed based on the appearance of the boy of the same name. The design is featured in purple, which is also the color of Tendou's uniform. Along with the fashion design, the shoes bring dynamism and vitality to you.

Koutarou Bokuto custom shoes

As one of the most loved designs of the Haikyuu Shoes collection, Koutarou Bokuto custom shoes impress with their innovative design. Koutarou Bokuto is a tall guy, he stands out in his competition uniform, an image that has left a special mark on his heart. Taking yellow and black as the main colors, Koutarou Bokuto custom shoes bring youthfulness, dynamism but still personality to the wearer.

Kei Tsukishima custom shoes

The short blond hair and a tall figure are the highlights of Kei Tsukishima's appearance. Inspired by this, Kei Tsukishima custom shoes are designed. Still, the main colors are yellow and black, giving you a feeling of mystery and strength. The shoes also received high praise from customers for their materials and designs.

Asahi Azumane custom shoes

Asahi Azumane custom shoes are designed into many different designs at Gearanime.com. From classic to modern, youthful, whatever style you want, Asahi Azumane custom shoes will satisfy you.

Tadashi Yamaguchi custom shoes

If you are a fan of Tadashi Yamaguchi, then this design is for you. Inspired by the personality and appearance of Tadashi Yamaguchi, these shoes received a lot of support from the audience because of their originality and creativity.

Kiyoomi Sakusa custom shoes

It can be said that Kiyoomi Sakusa custom shoes are the most eye-catching and unique shoes in the Haikyuu Shoes collection. The shoes are designed in a very striking neon green, which is the same color as the boy Kiyoomi Sakusa's uniform.

Kiyoko Shimizu custom shoes

Kiyoko Shimizu holds an important management position for her volleyball pair. She is often described with words such as charming, sexy but also very serious. Because of these advantages, she has many fans. Kiyoko Shimizu custom shoes became one of the best-selling designs at Gearanime.com. This design also received loads of good feedback about its quality. These shoes bring comfort to your feet even if you have to work all day long.

Keiji Akaashi custom shoes

Keiji Akaashi custom shoes are also one of the bright stars in the Haikyuu Shoes collection. Keiji Akaashi custom shoes stand out with modern, trendy designs and extremely youthful colors, suitable for dynamic young people.

Atsumu Miya custom shoes

The handsome boy Atsumu Miya makes many fans fall in love. Atsumu Miya custom shoes are designed mainly inspired by this character. This is a very meaningful gift for his fans. Besides, the extremely dynamic design is also a plus point of this design.

Koshi Sugawara custom shoes

A boy who always cares about everyone around him is Koshi Sugawara. Koshi Sugawara custom shoes impress customers especially Koshi fans because of their creativity in design. The shoes are also very easy to apply in practice, easy to mix with different styles of clothing.

Tetsuro Kuroo custom shoes

When it comes to Haikyuu Shoes, we can't help but mention Tetsuro Kuroo custom shoes. The shoes bear the imprint of the character of the same name. From personality to appearance, all are reflected in this design.

Ryuunosuke Tanaka custom shoes

Ryuunosuke Tanaka is also one of the strong players with a strong and decisive way of playing. Therefore, he also has a lot of fans. Ryuunosuke Tanaka custom shoes were launched with everyone's welcome and expectations. The shoes are always out of stock and have to be updated constantly because of their hotness.

Yu Nishinoya custom shoes

If you don't want to miss a unique design, don't miss Yu Nishinoya custom shoes. These shoe designs attract customers at first sight. The shoes bring a fresh and dynamic feeling to the wearer.

Ryunosuke Tanaka custom shoes

With yellow as the main color, Ryunosuke Tanaka custom shoes received a lot of love from customers. Basically, this design can be summed up in 3 words: simple, dynamic, and modern.

Inarizaki High custom shoes

A basic black shoe is definitely a must in your cabinet. Inarizaki High custom shoes are designed in black, easy to match with any style of clothing you want.

Nekoma High custom shoes

What more can we expect than a pair of Nekoma High custom shoes?

Because these shoes bring so much to us: individuality, uniqueness, and practicality.

MSBY Black Jackal custom shoes

Don't worry because black will make your outfit boring. Because, in fact, a pair of black shoes is the optimal choice for you. Convenient, simple but still extremely fashionable are the MSBY Black Jackal custom shoes.

Fukurodani custom shoes

Do not ignore Fukurodani custom shoes, shoes that bring uniqueness and personality to you. At the same time, their material will satisfy you.

Shiratorizawa custom shoes

These are definitely the shoes that Shiratorizawa fangirls have been waiting for. A lovely and very unique pair of pink shoes.

Date Tech High custom shoes

Finally, we have Date Tech High custom shoes, one of Haikyuu Shoes' must-have designs. These shoes are appreciated both for their quality and design.


Haikyuu Jordan shoes

Haikyuu Jordan shoes are one of the most loved styles at Gearanime.com. Unique and dynamic design is the indispensable advantages of this design

Haikyuu Air force 1 shoes

Haikyuu Air force 1 shoes are not too strange anymore. Creativity in the design along with novel color combinations, Haikyuu Air force 1 shoes bring a new fashion breeze.

Haikyuu Jordan 13 shoes

Don't miss Haikyuu Jordan 13 shoes. The shoes are the perfect combination of style, color, and quality.

Haikyuu Stan Smith Style shoes

If you are also a fan of Haikyuu, Haikyuu Stan Smith Style shoes are one of the choices you should not miss. From the design to the material, this design scores absolutely in the hearts of the customers.

Haikyuu Yeezy shoes

Be stylish girls and boys who grasp fashion trends when owning Haikyuu Yeezy shoes

Haikyuu converse shoes

Converse shoes are probably the shoes we all have in our closet but refresh it with Haikyuu converse shoes.

Haikyuu skate shoes

Haikyuu skate shoes are one of the designs that are sought after by young people because of their simple but still fashionable design.

Haikyuu slip on shoes

The design of Haikyuu slip-on shoes creates a comfortable and smooth feeling for your feet. This is the biggest advantage of this design.


If you love the Haikyuu manga series, besides collecting shoes with your favorite characters, don't forget to collect these cute and fashionable accessories:

Haikyuu Socks

To have a fashionable outfit, choosing the right socks is also necessary. Haikyuu Socks are also designed based on the looks of all the characters.

Haikyuu Eye Mask

Instead of choosing a normal eye mask, now you can choose Haikyuu Eye Mask if you are into any character in this series. 


Haikyuu leather shoes 

Haikyuu leather shoes are the first choice of customers in all cases because of their fashion and style. Leather material always brings satisfaction to customers. It helps to enhance the luxurious and trendy design of the shoes. Moreover, leather shoes are also a good material to help take good care of your feet. What is more special is that customers do not take their eyes off Haikyuu leather shoes because of their creativity. Inspired by the characters in the story, Haikyuu leather shoes became one of the most loved products in gearanime.

Haikyuu canvas shoes

If you prioritize minimalism and lightness, then Haikyuu canvas shoes are the right choice for you. Canvas material will provide maximum protection for your feet.

Haikyuu shoes size

Haikyuu shoes have all sizes to serve the needs of customers.

Haikyuu shoes cosplay

If you love cosplaying as anime characters, especially those in Haikyuu, you also understand the importance of Haikyuu cosplay shoes. Visit our website to choose your favorite pair of shoes.

Haikyuu shoes custom

Haikyuu custom shoes are the best way for you to comfortably and creatively express your personality and fashion sense.

Haikyuu shoes drawing

Haikyuu shoe drawing is a constant creation, bringing you unique and trendy designs. 

Haikyuu design shoes

Don't miss our Haikyuu design shoes, these designs will not let you down.

Haikyuu edition shoes

There are many different and unique versions of Haikyuu Shoes for you to choose from at Gearanime.com

Haikyuu girl shoes

There are many cute and personality versions for Haikyuu fangirls. Visit our website and grab it. 

Haikyuu men shoes

Haikyuu men's shoes are also available to serve your needs.

Haikyuu shoes for sport

You can absolutely use Haikyuu shoes in sports because their materials will bring comfort to your feet.

  • Haikyuu gym shoes
  • Haikyuu tennis shoes
  • Haikyuu custom basketball shoes

Haikyuu shoes for sale

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Haikyuu shoes in real life

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Haikyuu convention

Haikyuu shoes will help you shine at any parties and events, especially the Haikyuu convention. So don't miss these special designs.