30 Demon Slayer Gifts For Special Days - No.1 Is Super Cool

By on Aug 26, 2022

Demon Slayer gifts

Want to give your otaku friends a gift on their special day? At GearAnime or any other stores, you can choose from a wide variety of shoes, socks, sweaters, hoodies, eye masks, etc.

Among them, what gift should you give a Demon Slayer fan? Below is a list of 30 options for Demon Slayer gifts on any occasion. Let's check it out!

1. Demon Slayer Sneakers 

Akaza Sneakers Custom Demon Slayer

Source: GearAnime

One of the most loved gifts for boyfriends is sneakers. For birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween gifts, sneakers always dominate the charts. With an eye-catching and impressive design, the gift will turn your boyfriend into the center of attention.

You can freely choose the pair of speakers for him at GearAnime. The brand offers any character you love. In addition, made of durable and eco-friendly materials, their products are always comfortable to use.

2. DS Sweater

Harajuku Anime Demon Slayer Kamado Nezuko Manga Kawaii Unisex Hoodies Sweatshirt

Source: Amazon

A Demon Slayer sweater will be among the best Christmas gifts. A Nezuko Kamado sweater in the wardrobe will give your fellow a happy start whenever slipping into it.

Sweaters combine with skirts or baggy pants, sports pants, or jeans to create an eye-catching outfit. You'll look great at Japanese anime carnivals!

3. Demon Slayer 5-Pack Eye Masks

5 Pack Demon Slayer Eye Mask for Anime Fans Party Decorations Eye Mask for Sleeping

Source: Amazon

Next to the pillow, a Demon slayer eye mask will block the light, making your sleep sound better. In particular, an eye mask with the eyes of your favorite character (like Tanjiro, Nezuko, etc.) will look cool or cute even while sleeping.

It will be a unique gift for your close friends and family members. Made of breathable polyester satin, these eye masks make a wonderful choice for your party or birthday gifts for your best friends, family, etc.

4. Cosplay Dangle Earrings

2 Pairs Demon Slayer Tanjiro Earrings

Source: Walmart

What gift do you give a Demon Slayer fan? The legendary Demon Slayer earrings are indispensable for cosplay lovers. Wearing earrings like Tanjiro, Nezuko, Agatsuma Zenitsu, or Kochou Shinobu will look stylish and give off a great vibe!

Available in wood and acrylic with delicate carvings, the bright new earrings in cute little gift boxes will make a special gift for Demon Slayer fans.
These earrings are especially suitable as gifts for cosplay occasions, parties at anime clubs, Halloween, etc.

5. Demon Slayer Badges

Kimetsu no Yaiba Alloy Enamel Lapel Pin Badges

Source: Amazon

A Kimetsu no Yaiba badge is one of the indispensable toys for any manga or anime fan. For Demon Slayers, everything is more colorful with each character's epic shapes and moves.

These plastic badges always captivate the fans and make them scramble to collect. Put this bold badge on your backpack, briefcase, shirt, and pants, guaranteed to make you look outstanding.

6. DS Cable Holders

POQUAN 6 PCS Demon Slayer Bite Cable Pet Protector

Source: Amazon

Turning everything around into a colorful Demon Slayer world is always fans' favorite.

Like keychains, cable holders with 3D figures of Demon Slayer characters are beautiful, cute, brightly colored, and have practical uses. Insert a cable holder for electronic devices like this on the table; is it cute and unique?

7. Nezuko Pillow

Source: PreviewsWorld

Nothing is more comfortable than after a day of work and resting or resting your head on a soft pillow with the image of your idol character.

A Demon Slayer pillow with a chibi picture of cute Nezuko (or the entire Demon Slayer team if you like), is too cute not to smile every night before going to sleep. It can also help you sleep better and deeper.

Therefore, these pillows are the perfect gifts for anime fans as they are both beautiful, meaningful, and healthy at the same time.

8. DS Wall Scrolls

Mxdfafa Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster 16 X 23 Inches

Source: Amazon

A Japanese-style wall scroll is a perfect choice for fans who love posters and pictures related to their idols. This type of painting is printed on durable fabric and designed with two cardboard rolls above and below, creating a space dedicated to Demon Slayer.

In addition, you can also choose Demon Slayer wooden framed wall paintings. The living room design will look unique when decorated with these paintings.

9. Kamado Tanjiro Phone Cases

IPhone 7/8 Case Kamado Tanjiro

Source: Walmart

If you find the case of a loved one or friend is too old and worn out, then a Tanjiro phone case is really meaningful.

Embossed designs with scratch-resistant protection make the gift even more valuable and express sincerity to the recipient.

If you can't find a model you like, you can consider designing a phone case for your loved one yourself. However, Demon Slayer tools and items you also need to buy at DIY phone case stores.

Also, ensure the phone case is the same as the recipient's phone!

10. Demon Slayer Nendoroid Figures

Nendoroid Nezuko Kamado

Source: GoodSmile

Cute Nendoroid models are always among the top gifts that fans always want to own. Especially for Nendoroid collectors, these Demon Slayer Nendoroid figures will help complete their collection.

On the body of these models, there are several neck, shoulders, arms, and legs joints. You can help the characters pose and adjust their poses and even their expressions.

A room decorated with Demon Slayer Figuarts' collection would look cool, right? You can choose to gift the characters individually depending on your buddy's preferences or gift the entire Demon Slayer family.

11. Kimetsu No Yaiba Keychain

Tryse Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Keychain

Source: Amazon

Keychains are always a national gift for anime lovers. Demon Slayer keychains usually come in three types: 2D soft plastic keychains, 2D hard plastic keychains, or small 3D models.

It will be a cute gift to hang next to a keychain or hang on a school bag to prove you are a big fan of Demon Slayer. For those who love collecting keychains, a gift box full of Kyoumei, Obanai, and Rui keychains will excite them.

12. Kyojuro Rengoku Figure

Kyojuro Rengoku Flame Hashira, Bandai Spirits Figuarts Zero

Source: Amazon

For Kimetsu No Yaiba lovers who already have a chibi model in hand, they cherish the character model like a real person in the story. Let Kyojuro Rengoku Figure be the next interesting piece in their collection. 

These models are designed based on the original size of the characters in this anime series. It is taller than the chibi models and is made of ABS and PVC.
This version of the action figures will recreate each battle state and the fine details. The colorful effects, like in the story, will make your buddy fall in love with it on the spot.

13. DS Pocket Maquettes

Pocket Maquette Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Mini Figure 6 Piece Display

Source: Walmart

If you love cute chibi, then in addition to Nendoroids, perhaps a lover of the Demon Slayer series should not ignore the Pocket Maquette toys.

It is a series of miniature figures about 5cm tall stylized into chibi form. They have the same features as the adorable lego Minifigures. You can let the model sit or stand.

It is also an excellent collectible for Kimetsu no Yaiba fans. These models are too cute, like sweets in the shape of unique personality characters. Together with the Nendoroids, Pocket Maquette will make the room space even more unique and diverse.

14. Tanjiro Color Changing Mugs

ABYstyle Demon Slayer coffee mug

Source: Amazon

Tanjiro color-changing mugs will surprise your friends and loved ones. When topped off with hot water, these black cups will change color, and the super cool Demon Slayer main character - Tanjiro, will appear!

No matter how often you watch this happening, the magical feeling will never disappear.

Because of their magic effects, these mugs are trending on anime social networking sites. They are like an animation that recreates the battle scene of the characters in the story. How creative and visually appealing!

15. Nezuko's Figurine Collection

Demon Slayer Kamado Nezuko Figure Statue Figurine Model Doll Kimetsu No Yaiba Collection Cute Birthday Gifts PVC - 6 Inch

Source: Amazon

If you are a fan of Demon Slayer, surely the Nezuko with the small box is one of the special details that cannot be ignored. Her brother, Yaiba Tanjiro, used this box to protect her from the sun.

Designed to be almost the same as the manga version, from the strap to the color of the box, Nezuko's Figurine Collection will be a special gift in the Demon Slayer collection.

16. Demon Slayer Socks

Demon Slayer Socks Shinobu Kocho Socks

Source: GearAnime

A pair of Shinobu Kocho high-bottom socks from Gearanime will help your buddy shine. Socks can be the highlight of an entire outfit.

This ideal accessory completely transforms its wearer into a true Demon Slayer fan. In addition, the short socks with cute chibi prints will captivate kids, making them ideal children's day gifts.

With lightweight, breathable materials, these stylish socks will keep you comfortable in any activity. What's more eye-catching than a cosplay costume and Demon Slayer socks?

17. Tomioka Giyu Hoodies

HUNTER135 Giyu Tomioka Hoodie

Source: Amazon

A Tomioka Giyu hoodie will be the right gift for both kids and grown-ups. Hoodies bringing the world of Demon Slayer, teamed with a pair of jeans, will make you stylish.

Many shirts are made of polyester and are open for customization. So you can unleash your creativity on your hoodie.

18. Demon Slayer Backpacks

Taicanon Anime Demon Slayer Backpack Polyester School Bag Students Children Tablet Bag Corlorful

Source: Walmart

Demon Slayers backpacks or crossbody bags are always attractive gifts for teenagers and young adults.

Coming to school with a stylish backpack will help you have a productive and energetic day. It would be great to hang Demon Slayer keychains and add badges to the bag.

The backpacks feature different characters. You can choose Nezuko, Tanjiro, or Tomioka patterns depending on your preference. Many products are sewn from 4-way stretch cotton fabric, providing a comfortable feeling when worn on the shoulder.

19. Nichirin Sword

Kimetsu no Yaiba Zenitsu Agatsuma Nichirin Sword

Source: StockX

A cool accessory for Demon Slayer fans is a copy of the demon-slaying Katana - Nichirin Sword. Designed exactly like the original with an eye-catching glossy metallic finish, this plastic model has always been loved for its meticulous and wild beauty.

They will be "super cool" anime expo gifts as they can also play more than 50 sounds from the movie, such as the theme song or the lines of Tanjiro Kamado. Battle sound effects are also added to recreate the feel of the movie. There's no Tanjiro big fan who won't be crazy with this gift.

20. Demon Slayer Mouse Pads & Keycaps

Kimetsu No Yaiba 11.8 X 31.5in Home Office Long Mouse Mat

Source: Amazon

Demon Slayer's large mouse pad will make the working and studying space come alive and full of energy. The action scenes of the characters in the movie also become realistic, making you motivated to work and study.

In addition, Demon Slayer keycaps with a diverse color palette will synchronize the mechanical keyboard and your pad. It's great to move the mouse on a pad with your favorite character and type on an artistic, mechanical key.

21. Tanjiro Kimono

Anime Cosplay Costume for Tanjiro Kimono Jacket Thin Casual of Adults Cloak Green S-M

Source: Amazon

Instead of giving away the usual t-shirts, a Tanjiro's kimono will be even more special. Along with the dangle earrings and katana, the look of a Demon Slayer feature is complete.

A Kimono would be a great outfit for group photo sessions. This idea will help you get the whole spotlight in the frame because of its uniqueness. It will also mark the most beautiful things in your life!

Besides, if your buddy wants to enjoy the mysterious sense, you can include the mask in the gift list.

22. Demon Slayer Shot Glass

Demon Slayer 4-Pack Mini-Glass Set

Source: EntertainmentEarth

A Demon Slayer shot glass set will be a suitable choice for birthday and wedding gifts.

You can turn every detail in the house into a Demon Slayer maze. Even a glass on your desk or even a colorful set of glasses on your kitchen counter at home can show your undying love for your favorite anime.

You can choose between plastic or glass sets. The natural glass colors and images of your favorite anime characters will make you enjoy the drink more. So, this gift is good for your health and makes your living space interesting.

23. Kimetsu No Yaiba Scrunchies 

Japan Anime Hair Scrunchie Elastic Hair Bands Demon Slayer Women Girls

Source: Amazon

It is an indispensable gift for girls. Demon Slayer patterned scrunchies and a cute cotton hairband makes them look so cute.

The main characters' kimonos inspire these hairpins. Pink of Nezuko, green of Tanjiro, and green or yellow of Giyu or Zenitsu Agatsuma will enhance your outfit even without cosplay.

You can choose these items as accompanying gifts that will also create joy all day for her.

24. DS Kimono Pattern Coasters

Demon Anime Inspired Coaster Set

Source: Etsy

Again inspired by the Kimono sets of Nezuko, Yaiba Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Ginyu, the Demon Slayer pattern coasters are one of perfect father's day gifts. Whenever he drinks water, he will remember your love.

Laser cut and engraved on the base, and these handmade insoles make a great and useful gift for newlyweds. It can also be used as a gift on any occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

25. Demon Slayer Tamagotchi

Tamagotchi Demon Slayer Tanjirotchi

Source: Amazon

Tamagotchi is probably a nostalgic game of the 1990s and early 2000s. Many people will not know this super cute toy. A Tanjirotchi DS Tamagotchi will make your buddy spend the day with it.

Taking care of your favorite characters and leveling them up is a cool idea. This gift is probably the most unique and curious. Your friend will be amazed at this delightful antique toy.

26. Demon Slayer Lamp

Acrylic Led Night Light Anime Demon Slayer Agatsuma Zenitsu Figure for Kids Child Bedroom Decor

Source: Aliexpress

A Demon Slayer nightlight is one of great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, or thanksgiving. The lights with LED creative visual effects help change 16 arbitrary light colors at night.

Turning the sleeping space into a colorful world would be irresistible. This 3D illusion lamp is not only used in the bedroom but also in the living room or at all-night parties.

It includes a remote control, so you just sit on the bed and adjust the pattern you want. Immerse yourself in the variety of variations of this lamp that will help you have a great party and a deep and comfortable sleep.

27. Nezuko Slippers

Kamado Nezuko Rengoku Shinobu Clog Shoes Cosplay Props Slippers

Source: Amazon

Looking for mother's day gifts? A pair of Nezuko slippers will keep her feet comfortable anywhere. 

Or if you give it for girls, you can bundle scrunchies and headbands with the same pattern, so they have a really matching accessory set.

28. Demon Slayer Throw Blanket

Throw Blanket Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba 60"X50"Teen Fleece Blankets

Source: Amazon

What could be better than owning a super soft throw blanket with the main characters in the Demon Slayer series? The colors are reproduced exactly like in the story.

This anime blanket will make the recipient extremely happy, suitable for anniversary gifts. Perhaps it will make them indulge in magical dreams when trapped in the world of Demon Slayer with their favorite characters. Who knows?

It would be best if you chose blankets made from soft fabrics such as microfibers. This material will feel light and soft when applied, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of floating in your endless dream.

29. Inosuke Piggy Bank

Kimetsu no Yaiba - Inosuke Piggy Bank


Help your friend save money now with an Inosuke Piggy Bank! You can easily do that by dropping coins or folding the banknotes and stuffing them through the slit on Inosuke's snout.

It must be a huge hit when added to your buddy’s home decor collection. This present not only reminds your friend of his fav anime but also his duty to save money!

30. Demon Slayer Christmas Ornaments

Anime Christmas Decorations Hanging Snowflake Ornaments Stainless Steel Pendant Handmade Ornament

Source: Amazon

It's great to have Demon Slayer snowflake ornaments for Christmas. Holidays will be more unique and adorable than ever!

These decorations are suitable for giving to family members, friends, relatives. Your friend will be extremely excited to decorate snowflakes or christmas bubbles on the Christmas trees in the house, or hang them on the door to create a special Christmas atmosphere.

The images of the Demon Slayer characters on these ornaments are hard to fade, and your friends will be able to use it through many Christmas seasons.


The otaku community or anime fandom is growing and growing. You can find Demon Slayer gifts anywhere. Just spend a little time in the GearAnime store, and you will have a stylish pair of shoes, sneakers, or socks. No Demon Slayer fan could resist such gifts.

Hope you have chosen a satisfactory item as a present for your beloved. See you soon in the next post!

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