What Are The Best Naruto Gifts for Your Beloved? A Full List

By on Aug 25, 2022

Best Naruto Gifts

Naruto Shippuden, no doubt, is among the greatest anime franchises of all time. Despite its conclusion years ago, the series still generates thousands of official goods each year that sell out within seconds! Chances are your otaku pal is also a huge Naruto anime and manga fan - all the more reasons to consider our extensive list of the best Naruto gifts below.

All these perfect gift ideas will certainly wow your friends - and with a reasonable price, too! Gearanime, Amazon, or OtakuMode, etc., are some well-recognized brands with broad arrays of products that might suit your needs.

The Best Naruto Gifts - What Should I Give My Naruto Fans?

A. Birthday Gifts

1. Sasuke Uchiha Action Figures

Sasuke Uchiha figure

Source: Bandai

Is Sasuke Uchiha among your friends' favorite characters? We certainly have no doubt about that; despite some of his rather... questionable decisions, this cool ninja is still adored by millions of fangirls and fanboys around the globe.

Does that sentiment also apply to your pals? Then they will be on cloud nine with a stunning Sasuke figure on their birthdays. These figures depict Sasuke's iconic pose to the greatest detail, accompanied by movable hands and a collection of extra accessories to experiment with. Imagine all the captivating photos your friends can take with this exquisite item!

2. Hinata Hyuga Body Pillow

Naruto Uzumaki Hinata Hyuga Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover

Source: Animepillowshop

Though Hinata has never been included in the main cast, she still garners millions of fanboys with her kind-hearted demeanor and stunning beauty. A body pillow with Hinata's real-size body proportion will certainly send any male otaku into ecstasy! It's as if the real Hinata Hyuga is resting on the bed next to them, thanks to the detailed design, vibrant color, and dynamic drawing lines!

How about girls? Is it alright to give such a present to a fangirl? Well, we cannot deny that the character also enjoys a lot of love from girls; still, these body pillows might not be an excellent gift for straight women. After all, the slightly suggestive graphics are mainly tailored for men.

But what if your girl pal is still dying for a Hinta-related present? Then you may consider...

3. Hinata Hyuga Chibi Figure

Naruto Shippuden Hinata Nendoroid Chibi Figure

Source: Fiheroe.com

Most fangirls are pretty weary of all those goods and products that sexualize Hinata's body, which is why this cute chibi figure is such a fresh change!

Rather than pooling the male gaze to her body, Hinata's chibi figure highlights her cute expression and hand gestures perfectly. It also comes with several face-swapping options for more experimentation, along with bendable body parts!

All in all, this cute chibi Nendoroid will serve as a lovely addition to your workplace or office desktop. For more creative minds, it's possible to use it for keychain-making or artistic photography, too - terrific if your pal is a devoted photographer!

4. Cake Topper

Naruto Edible Image Cake Topper Personalized Birthday Sheet Decoration Custom Party Frosting Transfer Fondant

Source: Edible Cake Topper

What sets birthdays apart from other important holidays? A tasty cake, obviously! No matter how old we have grown, we still squeal with joy at the sight of delectable and well-designed cakes! 

Why don't you boost that happiness to a new level with exquisite cake toppers of famous characters like Naruto Shippuden Sasuke & Sakura, Naruto & Hinata, and other fellow ninjas?

This Naruto topping is indeed an ideal gift choice, redrawing any Naruto image of your choosing with vivid and precise proportions. And you know what's even better? They are 100% edible, boasting a sweet and vanilla flavor that will spice up your friend's already memorable birthday. We are certain he will remember it for years to come!

B. Anniversary Gifts

5. Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga Couple Rings

Uzumaki Hinata Couple Rings S925 Ring for Men Women Adjustable Fashion Jewelry Cos Christmas Gift

Source: Aliexpress 

Naruto and Hinata's relationship is romantic and truly wholesome. She is among the very few characters who see through and accept Naruto for the person he is. After years of one-sided crush (Sakura was the only girl that occupied Naruto's mind back then), Hinata finally got the happy ending she deserved with the man she had devoted her whole life to!

Hence, buying Naruto-Hinata couple rings for boyfriend or girlfriend is a unique idea. They strongly represent your determination to stay by his/her side forever - even during their lowest moments. Who wouldn't be moved by that?

You and your lover may also wear these couple rings together in front of you guys' mutual friends, showing the world how happy you two have always been!

6. Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno Couple Shoes

Sasuke Uchiha And Sakura Haruno Skate Sneakers Custom NRT Anime Shoes

Source: GearAnime

Any romantic anime fan will be truly inspired by Sasuke and Sakura's utmost loyalty to each other. Unlike Naruto and Hinata, their relationship is not always all roses and sunshine. In fact, it was quite rocky, with Sasuke constantly turning Sakura down - not because he did not care about her, but for selfish reasons only he himself could comprehend. 

Sakura has had many suitors since then - including Naruto - but Sasuke remains her one and only true love.

If a jewelry box or couple rings sound a bit too expensive for you, no worry; these Sasusaku shoes from GearAnime will more than suffice! Each shoe is decorated with Sakura/Sasuke's trademark manga panels, meaning to go together as a pair.

Should your budgetary limits allow, it doesn't hurt to buy another pair for yourself, too. Once other people notice you two's identical Sasuke-Sakura sneakers, they will get the hint: he's yours, and no one should get their hands on him!

7. Hinata Hyuga Figure - Wedding Ceremony Version

Shippuden - Hinata Hyuga (Wedding Ceremony Ver.) GALS Series Figure

Source: Crunchyroll Store

Fans of Naruto and Hinata are no doubt the happiest fandom in the world. Not only did their dream couple get together, but the studio also dedicated an entire movie to their love story and wedding! 

Hinata's gorgeous bridal attire has inspired thousands of follow-up products, including this stunning figure from Megahouse that will be launched in 2023. The pre-purchase period has already kicked into gears; go place your order right away!

Why is this item included in our suggestion list? Well, the reason is simple: it's a meaningful and creative proposal token for your girlfriend. Buying a Hinata-bride figure for her is your own way of saying: "I want you to be my bride - just like how Naruto finally got Hinata". Trust us; the girl will accept this heartfelt proposal immediately!

C. Anime Expo Gifts

8. Naruto Keychain Set

20PCS/alot Anime Narutos Cartoon Keychain Acrylic

Source: DHGate 

Another Anime Expo season has arrived, but your pal sadly cannot participate. What should you do then? We suggest you either go to those Expos by yourself, or scour through online stores to purchase a bunch of beautiful Naruto keychains for him!

Tons of keychain sets are available on the market to suit different preferences. Still, this Acrylic keychain package dominates when it comes to popularity. 

Aside from the Ninjas from Leaf Village, it also features famous Naruto Shippuden Akatsuki ninjas. You will find all the most popular male characters here, ranging from Naruto Shippuden Kakashi and Itachi Uchiha to Rock Lee and Gaara! 

Receiving this simple yet lovely anime merch from you will shoo away your friend's misery. Who cares about missing all the fun at the Expo when they already have such amazing friends by their sides?

9. Naruto T-Shirt


Source: Clothing Harajuku

Of course, no Anime Expo purchases can be completed without one or two pieces of anime T-shirts. Numerous anime titles have delivered gorgeous shirts and pants for their die-hard fans. Of course, Naruto is far from an exception!

This little pink shirt with cute portrayals of Naruto enjoying his favorite bowl of ramen definitely earns its position on our list. The straightforward yet elegant design is a huge bonus point; not to mention, it barely costs more than a few pennies!

From a fashion viewpoint, these pink and orange themes suit most summer clothing, going rather well with a pair of jean shorts and sneakers - just like the illustrated picture above. Your fashionista slash otaku buddy will be very delighted with such thoughtful and trendy presents!

10. Kex Century Mug

Kex Century - Limited Edition - "Akatsuki Cloud" 11oz Mug

Source: Amazon

Want to spot a versatile mug set that both bears Naruto-embedded trademarks and compliments the table set? These Akatsuki cups are a go-to choice, whose sleek and neat black-themed design can fit into any house decor category!

You know what makes things even better? These limited editions come with not one, not two, but eight varied choices to switch between - all of which differ in terms of layouts, color themes, and handle positions. Each alternative is 50% cheaper than the already-cheap shirts we introduced above, so feel free to buy 2 or 3 at one go then. The more the merrier!

D. Mother’s Day Gifts

11. Akatsuki Apron

Aprons Akatsuki (12) Kitchen Oil Resistant Wreath Anime Manga Apron Women Man For Restaurants 72*52cm

Source: DHGate

Is your mom a dedicated otaku? Some might consider this question a bit ridiculous, but otaku mothers are more common than you think! Anyways, should your mom fall in the same boat, chances are she will prefer an apron that's both anime-related and well-designed without being too colorful and over the top.This Naruto apron easily meets all those criteria!

True, it's a piece of clothing aimed at otakus; but even from a non-anime perspective, these aprons are still gorgeous and elegantly crafted. Not to mention, its pitch black color hues mean all food stains will be well hidden, ensuring your mom always looks great whenever she dons them on!

12. Hinata and Sakura Kimonos

NARUTO Hyuga Hyuuga Hinata Haruno Sakura Kimono Yukata Kostüm Cosplay Costume

Source: eBay

There are good reasons why both Hinata and Sakura are ranked among the greatest female characters in history. They are amazing ninjas, devoted wives to Naruto and Sasuke, and raise their children (Sarada, Himawari, and Boruto) very well! Being compared to Hinata or Sakura will be the greatest compliment any mom out there can ever get.

On Mother's Day, make your mom feel cherished and loved by gifting her these sets of exquisite kimonos. They both enjoy pink and purple color themes (Sakura and Hinata's hues), which represents beauty, youth, and devotion. What a terrific present for a mother that has sacrificed everything for you!

13. Brush Sets

10pcs naruto makeup brush set

Source: Panashe Essence

Your mom has spent 365 days for her children and husband - and none for herself. She barely has time to take care of her look! At least on Mother's Day, let the woman take off her daily worries, giving her some time to cater more to her appearance.

These Naruto brush sets are crafted exactly for that purpose, made of high-quality textiles that guarantee year-long usage and accommodate all types of makeup components. They also enjoy a very vibrant and sleek golden finish, elevating the whole set to a more luxurious level (despite all of them being pretty cheap).

There are only a few sets left in the stock; hurry up!

E. Father's Day Gifts

14. Sharingan Beer Mugs

Original Sharingan - Naruto - 25 Ounce Glass Stein Beer Mug

Source: Amazon

On Father's Day, there's nothing better than sitting down with your beloved father, talking about the greatest Naruto arcs while enjoying great-tasting beer from these Sharingan mugs!

They can hold up to 25 ounces of liquid, boasting sturdy and potent glass that easily withstand the hottest temperature. Furthermore, the beautiful sharingan logo inscribed onto its double walls only adds to the elegance of these designs!

15. Akatsuki Necktie

Keep Calm and Call Bat Hero Men's Necktie

Source: Amazon

Unless your dad works as a freelancer - or any other non-office profession - ties will be an integral part of his working outfit. An akatsuki necktie inspired by his favorite anime series will lend him lots of motivation to finish his overwhelming workload!

Still, remember to consider the nature of his working environment and avoid childish or over-excessive options.

16. Football Shirt

NEW Personalized Naruto Akatsuki cloud Custom Football jersey shirt

Source: Kybershop

All men are crazy about football, and your dad probably does not rule himself out of this decades-long trend, either! 

Ask him to join a football match with you and your team - before surprising him with this unique and gorgeous Akatsuki shirt, which has his favorite number embedded!

Just like the neckties introduced above, these patterns can be altered to suit your dad's preferences. Assess which characters and numbers he likes to ensure your gift is exactly what he wants and needs!

F. Children’s Day Gifts

17. Yoyo


Source: Lazada

Sure, why not? Common belief assumes modern-era children know about nothing but their mobile phones. Still, none of them can resist the temptation of a yoyo! Trust us; give your baby brother a nice Yoyo with Sasuke, Itachi, or Naruto printed on its shell, and he will play with it for hours on end!

For people with more than one younger sibling, do not hesitate to buy several yoyos at once (they are super cheap, anyways). You can be the judge for their yoyo competition!

18. Schoolbags

Anime Cosplay Backpack Akatsuki Sharingan Student School Shoulder Bag Teentage Travel Rucksack

Source: DHGate

The child will have greater motivation to go to school if you give them a cool and sleek backpack to show off to their bright-eyed classmates. Though each child has different preferences when it comes to design, we are pretty certain they will be ecstatic to receive these stylish Akatsuki bags!

They are pretty roomy, easily accommodating huge numbers of textbooks and schooling equipment. In certain cases, they can even adopt them as backpacks for traveling, too.

19. Manga Box Sets

Naruto Box Sets

Source: Viz

Sometimes, exorbitant and unique merches are not really necessary; children are pretty simple-minded, after all! A box of his favorite manga volumes is more than enough to send him to heaven.

These Naruto box sets gather all the series' volumes into one neat package, accompanied by extra gift sets and illustrations from Kishimoto. Anyone would love to get their hands on such precious collections - even full-grown adults, let alone children!

G. Halloween Gifts

20. FX Sharingan Series

FX Sharingan Naruto Itachi Series

Source: Eye Candys

Who says one should only cosplay monsters or ghosts on Halloween? (Well, technically, that's the Halloween spirit. But you know, not only ghosts and monsters are scary!) Just one look from Itachi's red sharingan will send any bad guy away!

This FX series offers beautiful and exquisitely-crafted Sharingan lenses to complement any Halloween costume. There are only 2 months left till Halloween arrives at our door; start preparing these outfits now!

21. Akatsuki Robes

QZBON For Naruto Cloak Adult Costume Anime Akatsuki Robe Size Cosplay Ninja Shippuuden 6 Pieces/Set

Source: Walmart

Sharingan lenses certainly cannot go without an equally intimidating Akatsuki robe! Once combined together, they will transform anyone into a frightening and powerful Ninja who never hesitates to slander any foe coming their way.
Even better, your friend group can purchase a whole set of several attires, establishing your own Ninja clan to jump onto those weak-hearted children and scare them to death on Halloween!

22. Madara Uchiha Costume

Uchiha Madara Cosplay Costume Fighting Suit Halloween Costume Full Set

Source: Amazon

The Akatsuki Ninjas are pretty scary. Still, they are nothing against Madara Uchiha - the most powerful villain of the whole saga! His crazed eyes and manic laughter have always sent chills down our spines. Imagine what everyone else will say if you and your friends cosplay this nasty character and emulate all of his iconic tics! 

The Marada costume package comes fully equipped with gloves, suits, wigs, and boots. Feel free to contact the manufacturer for size negotiation, ensuring it fits your friend's body perfectly.

H. Christmas Gifts

23. Akatsuki Itachi Socks

Akatsuki Itachi Socks Costume Akatsuki Clan Member

Source: GearAnime

For centuries, children have always hung their stockings in front of the fireplaces, hoping the generous Santa Claus (their parents, but shhh, do not tell them that) will put in some nice presents. Well, let's help them continue this lovely tradition by gifting them a pair of Itachi-themed socks from GearAnime!

These children will appreciate your kindness a lot. Even if Santa fails to give them anything, the kids will probably feel okay with that, considering your socks as a great present already!

Even if your giftees are not kids anymore, giving them socks in this festive season will not only warm their feet but their soul as well.

24. Xbox Games

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker (Deluxe Edition) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES

Source: Eneba

What a way to conclude a wonderful year! Imagine your friend's shocked and happy face once he opens his Christmas present to see a full-fledged Xbox game of his favorite anime waiting inside.

Of course, before your purchase, check to see whether he already has compatible consoles for the game - and buy one for him if he does not. Otherwise, it will be pretty embarrassing to spend a fortune on a title that your friend cannot play!

25. Christmas Ornaments

Naruto Christmas Ornament Gift

Source: Bobotemp

A Christmas tree with his favorite characters littered all around will be the best Christmas miracle for your buddy, hands down; there's no need to purchase super-costly items or anything! 

Such a simple wish can easily be accomplished with one or two Naruto-themed ornaments. Their prices are not too demanding, so be a little more generous and bring home several at once.

These ornaments can be recycled year after year, Christmas after Christmas. Every year, whenever your friend decorates his Christmas trees, he will instantly be reminded of you and your kindness. 

26. Goku/Naruto/Luffy Xmas Shirt

Naruto Goku and Luffy chibi Christmas shirt, sweater

Source: T-shirtat.com

Not many otakus are dedicated fans of just one franchise; they usually follow several series at once. Hence, feel free to double - no, triple - his excitement by purchasing a Xmas T-shirt graced by three famous protagonists from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto!

The cute chibi drawing style will easily capture everyone's keen attention. Not to mention, the three boys' adorable grins are quite pleasant to look at, suiting the upbeat spirit of this year-end holiday.

I. Wedding Gifts

27. Hinata’s Wedding Outfit

Shippuden Hyuga Hinata Kimono Wedding Dress Cosplay Costume

Source: Aliexpress

The best present for your newly-wedded friend on her married day is none other than a Hinata wedding gown. 

As we all know, Hinata Hyuga has had quite a joyful married life, with a kind husband who adores her and two gorgeous children. Obviously, you also want the same thing for your friend, right? She will definitely be touched by such a meaningful wedding present.

28. Naruto’s or Sasuke’s Groom Outfit

Shippuden Uzumaki Narut Kimono Wedding Suit Cosplay Costume

Source: AliExpress

Of course, it would be quite hilarious to give your male friend a Hinata wedding gown, so here's another alternative - a Naruto groom attire!
Naruto is indeed very lucky to have such a wonderful wife like Hinata by his side. Even before their fateful bond, she always sees through his imperfection to realize the admirable person he is, standing up for him when no one else does. Hopefully, with your lucky token, your friend also receives the same amount of loyalty, love, and admiration from his future wife.

In face, the traditional wedding costume is the same for men, so you can gift this for your male buddies, whether he is a Naruto or Sasuke supporter.

29. Sakura’s Wedding Dress

Naruto Sakura Wedding Dress

Source: Adilsons

Is your married friend a fan of Sakura? Then giving her a Sakura wedding dress will be the icing on the cake. She will feel glad to be blessed by a beautiful gown that her favorite character has worn!

Sakura's marriage has never been the center of the series like Naruto-Hinata one, but that doesn't make it any less meaningful. We hope your friend will grow into a second Sakura - a strong-headed and talented mother that raises her child to be a promising Ninja despite all odds!

30. Naruto Canvas

Naruto - Canvas Print

Source: icanvas.com

Your newlywed friends will get hooked on this super cool and vivid naruto canvas, we bet. Coming to their new “nest” after the big day, your buddies might be both adapalene-filled and bewildered, not knowing where to start to make the house their true home. 

Let’s give them a hand with this canvas, printed with strong-minded and courageous Naruto. The presence of their fav idol will give them a pat in the back.


This article has presented an extensive list of the best Naruto gifts suited to each occasion. Browse our recommendations to pick the most appropriate one, and feel free to write to us should any issue persist!

Don’t forget to check out GearAnime for more cool sneakers and other merchandise about not only Naruto but also other franchises.

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