30 Amazing, Fan-favorite My Hero Academia Gifts 2022

By on Aug 22, 2022

My Hero Academia Gifts

"What do you give someone who likes MHA?" is the common question of both fans and non-fans of this anime when preparing for some special events. This article will guide you through the top 30 My Hero Academia (MHA) Gifts ideas of 2022. Scroll down to discover the Boku no Hero Academia (BNHA) gifts list, which you can easily get on GearAnime, Amazon, or Esty!


1. Katsuki Bakugo Coffee Mug

For those who haven't watched My Hero Academia, Bakugou is one of the favorite hero characters in this anime. If you're looking for your boyfriend's birthday gift, a coffee mug is not bad! Getting an MHA fan a coffee mug will certainly make their day, especially for those who enjoy coffee or hot drink.

You could go directly to the nearest anime store or click the link below to get the Bakugou, Deku, or Todoroki cup.

My Hero Academia Mug Katsuki Bakugo 16 Oz Tea Coffee cup

Source: Amazon

2. Shoto Todoroki Eye Mask

If your friend has difficulty sleeping, an eye mask could be a sweet and caring gift! This gift will be an amazing present for MHA collectors.

There are many places to buy this thing; however, we find Gearanime sells the most high-quality and unique eyemasks ever!

You can check out some cool-designed eyemasks at Gearanime through the link below: Shoto Todoroki Eyemask

Shoto Todoroki Mask My Hero Academia Anime Sleep Mask

Source: Gearanime

3. Deku Mask

In this COVID-19 pandemic, getting a mask is essential for MHA fans and everyone. You can consider buying a Deku Mask as a Boku No Hero Academia ( BNHA) gift for your relatives or mates. Click the link below to check the product - Deku Mask!

My Hero Academia - Izuku Midoriya (Deku) Mask

Source: TeePublic

4. Dabi Wallet

Do you still wonder what a suitable MHA gift is? Try getting your dear friend a wallet! A wallet is a necessity that everyone needs when going out, and for those who love MHA, the Dabi wallet could serve as a thing to display their favorite anime and still keep their money safely. You can buy a Dabi wallet at Esty from the link here.

Dabi wallet Zipper Wallet 7.87" x 4.33"

Source: Etsy

5. MHA Headphones

If your friend is also a music lover. Why don't you fulfill their dream by getting them Boku no Hero Academia headphones? This is a cool gift for birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. Click the link down below to buy the MHA Headphones easily on Amazon.

Skinit Decal Audio Skin Compatible with Surface Headphones

Source: Amazon

6. Uraraka Ochako Water Bottle

This MHA gift will remind your friend to drink water daily and keep them hydrated throughout the day. Here's the link to get this cute gift: Uraraka Ochako Water Bottle

Uraraka Ochako - BNHA Water Bottle

Source: RedBubble


7. All Might Custom Shoes

Shoes are a gift that all friends would be happy when they receive. On GearAnime, there are numerous unique and badass designs for you to choose from sneakers to slip-on shoes.

Check out the best-selling Deku sneakers and All-might shoes .

Toshinori Yagi Sneakers Custom Anime My Hero Academia Shoes
Source: GearAnime

8. BNHA Socks

If you consider buying something to go with shoes, a pair of socks is the best choice.

GearAnime also provides its customers with beautiful sock collections to select from. Here are the All-might socks at this store.

All Might Socks My Hero Academia Anime Socks Mixed Manga

Source: GearAnime

9. Kirishima Graphic T-shirt

Nothing great than having an Academia T-shirt of their favorite Manga series. Besides Kirishima, you can buy any MHA character on the Internet, such as a Deku Hero T-shirt.

We promise your boyfriend or brothers gonna love this anime shirt gift! Here's a Kirishima Academia Anime T-shirt from AliExpress.

Kirishima Eijiro T - Shirt Kirishima Eijiro Red Riot Boku No Hero Academia Kirishima

Source: AliExpress

10. Izuku Midoriya Jacket/ Hoodie

Going out in their favorite character hoodie in cold winter is such an experience! This item is a must-have in MHA fans' closets. Check the product details on GearAnime- Izuku Midoriya Jacket.

Katsuki Bakugo Zip Hoodie My Hero Academia Anime Shirt Fan Gift HA06

Source: GearAnime

11. My Hero Academia Uniform

If you are a fan of the popular expressive anime Manga - BNHA, you may be interested in cosplaying characters in this anime. An MHA formal school uniform is an excellent gift for events such as Anime Expo. Click on the link below to check out Bakugo's uniform.

Ochako Izuku Blazer Cosplay Costume Tsuyu Full Suit School Uniform

Source: Amazon


12. Boku no Hero Academia Wrapping Paper

Why not wrap your perfect gift in cute wrapping papers? The low-price wrapping paper from Esty we introduce below is specifically suitable for an MHA Chrismas Gift!

Anime My Hero Academia Heroes Wrapping Paper / Christmas Paper

Source: Etsy

13. Himiko Toga Schoolbag

For the teenager fangirls of this favorite series, a Himiko Toga Bag is the best option for her. Below is a link to get a Himiko Toga bag on AliExpress; however, you can also get the bags of your favorite MHA characters on Google.

My Hero Academia Cross my body Himiko Toga Women Backpack Kawaii Bookbag

Source: AliExpress

14. Momo Yaoyorozu Pencil Case

Pencilcase is a must-have item for most teenagers. For those who aren't fans of this anime, Momo is the smartest character in all the professional superheroes, and she always comes up with wise strategies to help her classmates.

Owing a pencil case of this character is absolutely a motivation to study! Click the link below to buy Momo Pencilcase on Wish.

My Hero Academia Mineta Minoru Momo Yaoyorozu Storage bag pencil case

Source: Wish.com

15. Bakugo Sticker

If your friends' hobby is decorating notebooks or bullet journals, giving them an Anime sticker - My Hero Academia Stickers is not bad! A high-quality sticker is waterproof, sticky to the notebook's surface, and intact for a long time.

Although numerous places try selling this product, you should carefully select one for your closest friends! Here's where you could get first-rate stickers with an affordable price range.

Japan Anime Kawaii Stickers My Hero Academia Midoriya All Might Bakugo Todoroki Mirio Shigaraki Scrapbooking Stationery Sticker

 Source: AliExpress

16. Boku no Hero Academia Postcard

An anime postcard is no longer a "strange" animation product to those who are "otaku"-people who love watching anime series. You can collect postcard, decorate or use it as a gift for others.

There are often enough characters in a postcard, so this gift is ideal for those who like all of the MHA's characters. This product is now available on AliExpress; click the link below to buy Boku no Here Academia Postcard!

Anime My Hero Academia Postcard toy Magic Paper Postcard Collection Card toys gifts

Source: AliExpress

17. Asui Tsuyu Notebook

A fan of this cute frog girl shouldn't miss out on this special item! Asui Tsuyu is also known as Froppy in Boku no Hero Academia; she is the one who receives lots of love from fanboys of this Japanese cartoon.

If you intend to get your mate cute and unique MHA stationery, why don't getting them this notebook? On Redbubble, you can select between the white version and the black option of this product.

Here's the link to get the white product: Asui Tsuyu Notebook

Tsuyu Asui 6 Spiral Notebook

Source: RedBubble


18. Katsuki Bakugo Figures

A collectible figure is maybe the coolest anime gift you could buy on this list! If you have no idea what is your boy/girlfriend's favorite character is, try getting them Bakugou's figure, we sure all anime lovers love him from the bottom of their heart.

Whereas figures are quite expensive to buy, these gifts would be worth it because, as we know, every fan of anime wants a figure to display in their room, not only to show that they enjoy watching that anime but also because owing one is really cool.

If you don't think much of the price before choosing a present, a figure is certainly the best gift for beloved anime fans!

Check out the link below to buy the Bakugou figure.

17cm My Hero Academia Anime Bakugou Katsuki with Weapoon Jamp Battle PVC Action Figure Model Toy Doll Decoration Brinquedos

Source: AliExpress

19. My Hero Academia Poster

An anime poster on their room wall would be the best idea for those who want to bring Japanese cartoons to life. To express their love for popular anime - MHA, most fans try to stick on the wall as much as posters as they can.

However, the wall could be harmed depending on the poster's quality. So if you are considering whether you should buy for your intimate, the answer is yes; nevertheless, try to select the store with high credit before using your money.

Look through these posters on Amazon.

Trends International Hero Academia-Key Art 2 Wall Poster, 22.375 in x 34 in, Unframed Version

Source: Amazon

20. Mangas of BNHA

Manga is the least recommended gift in this top 30 My Hero Academia gifts List. First, if you intend to get your friend mangas, you should ask whether they have already owned some to save money.

The next reason is mangas are the high-price present because most anime often have more than five seasons ( My Hero Academia has four seasons already). Therefore, you will have to buy from 35 to 40 volumes, which maybe cost you a fortune!

However, if your friend is a manga collector, this gift will be the most suitable choice! Getting the 1-26 volumes of BNHA by clicking on the link below.

My Hero Academia Manga Volumes 1 - 26 Anime Book Collection Graphic Novels Set by Kouhei Horikoshi Paperback

Source: Amazon

21. Boku no Hero Academia Blanket

Few fans gonna use an anime's blankets for their main purpose: to keep you warm. Instead, most of them would utilize this item for their collections or living room decoration.

But if your friend wants one for sleeping, this is totally okay, and you should get them one!

AliExpress is now selling this cute product: Boku no Hero Academia Blanket.

Midoriya Izuku Blankets Bed Sofa Lazy Soft Blanket Boys Girls Kids Gift Flannel Blankets

Source: AliExpress

22. Todoroki Pillow Plush Toy

Imagine having one cute Todoroki chibi lying on your sofas! What a wonderful experience, right?

Pillow plush toy is known as the "teddy bear" for anime lovers. These items make hugging your favorite characters no longer an "impossible" dream.

Because of their popularity among anime fans, many stores are trying to sell low-quality products that may be torn after a few weeks of use.
To avoid this situation happening, our advice is simple, as previously mentioned, you should carefully select the anime shop by reading the reviews and compare them with other shops.

Here's a shop on Amazon to get one: Todoroki Pillow Plush Toy

My Hero Academia Todoroki Shouto Cosplay Boys/Girls Plush Stuffed Doll Pillow Toys Birthday Gifts

Source: Amazon

23. My Hero Academia Advent Calendar

For those who dont know, the Advent calendar is a special calendar that runs from Christmas Eve to December. Most begin on the first day of December, but some begin at the end of November due to the advent of Christianity.

This sounds like an interesting gift for MHA fangirls, doesn't this? Unless you are a professional collector, we regret to inform you that the Boku no Hero Academia Advent Calendar is a really hard-to-get item.

In case you can't get this product for your loved one, here are some normal MHA calendars for their special day.

Calendar 2022 My Hero Academia

Source: Euro poster

24. BNHA pins

The pin is a small, pointed thread with a round head, used especially for holding pieces of cloth together. However, nowadays, pins can be used for decorating schoolbags, totes, or any soft surface you want to use it.

This gift definitely makes your girlfriend smile when she first sees it; you can get this small, cute gift on Amazon:  BNHA pins.

MHA pins My Hero Academia Button Pins 2.28"

Source: Amazon

Accessories In Life

25. MHA Keychain

A keychain of their favorite anime is the most common present for MHA fans. There are many cute and cool designs for boys and girls on most of the online marketplace. Try getting one for your friend or cousins and see how awesome they would react!

Boku no hero Academia Keychain Acrylic Keyring Key chain Pendants
Source: AliExpress

26. Boku no Hero Academia Bracelet/Necklace:

When talking about bracelets or necklaces, people immediately think about these as girls' items. However, there are numerous designs for boys on the Internet, specifically BNHA designs.

Not only will your friend appear cuter when receiving the necklace, but they could also tell the others their favorite anime without saying a word.

Here's one in thousands of bracelet designs on Amazon for both genders. If you decide to get one for your mate, click on the link below: BNHA bracelet.

Deku MHA Charm Bracelet Anime Manga Cartoon Cosplay Props Jewelry Gifts
 Source: Amazon

27. Jijo Kyoza Pillowcase

Owing to one of the most favorite hero pillowcases in BNHA is what every MHA fan wants. If you have a chance to watch this series, you may know that Joji is a confident girl with special ear power; she is able to listen to sounds that humans cannot.

Kyoka Jiro was born into a family where her parents were rock musicians, which is why she is passionate about music. Despite this, Jiro doesn't share this with anyone in her class, fearing that she will stand out in a place that focuses solely on hero training.

Therefore, Jiro almost only plays music when alone. You could try watching this anime to know more about this outstanding girl. Click on this link to buy the Kyoka Jiro pillowcases.

BNHA Kyōka Jirō Chibi Pillow

Source: TeePublic

28. Tenya Iiya Customized Phone Case

Tenya is an anime character with a quite serious impression in this comedy anime - Boku no Hero Academia.

He is a tall and muscular young man with short dark blue hair, beautifully styled, and has a split right side of his head.

If you love BNHA, you certainly see Tenya as a big motivation; he is an admirable figure of hardworking and self-discipline.

Nothing great than having him on your phone case; you will have a daily inspiration to look on!

Here's a beautiful phone case on RebBubble: Tenya Iiya Customed Phone Case

Tenya Iida - My Hero Academia iPhone Case

Source: RebBubble

29. Izuku Midoriya Hat

Before wanting to buy Deku Hat, you should know a little about this character.

Izuku Midoriya (also known as Deku) is the main character in this series. He was born incompetent (without a Quirk). However, he has gained the attention of the legendary hero - All Might thank to his heroic gestures after becoming a Kosei High School student.

All Might passed on his Quirk to Izuku, making him the 9th person to inherit the Kosei One For All.

Check out the link below to get your friends one of the most beautiful Deku hat designs.

Bioworld My Hero Academia Characters Big Face Sublimated All Over Print Snapback

Source: Amazon

Surprising Gift!

30. My Hero Academia Mystery Box

As its name, Mystery Box is a collection of Boku no Hero Academia things that you cannot know what's in it until opening. Currently, there are lots of anime stores selling this surprising gift box. We are sure your brothers or sister will enjoy whatever is in this mystery box!

Walmart is now selling this product: My Hero Academia Mystery Box

My Hero Academia Mystery Box of 12 Mini PVC Figures

Source: Walmart

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the best MHA gifts for birthdays?

After reading the top 30 My Hero Academia Gifts List, you surely have something ideal on your mind to buy for your close one.

The top 6 suitable MHA birthday gifts include:

For girls

  • Stationery
  • Keychain
  • Bracelet

For boys

  • Wallet
  • Jacket/hoodie
  • Customized Shoes

MHA Gifts for friends at Anime Expo

Having carefully considered the selection of Anime Gifts, we think two ideal MHA gifts for friends at Anime Expo would be:

  • Uniform
  • Figures


Above are the top 30 My Hero Academia Gifts 2022, with the rapid increase in the anime lover amount, owning one of those amazing items or giving your friends anime gifts would impress the others!

Hope you could find the perfect gift for your close one, you could try visiting the Gear Anime website for shoes, socks or eye masks options.

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