What Is The Best Gift for Anime Lovers? 40 Terrific Choices

By on Jul 26, 2022

The Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

We all have an enthusiastic buddy that goes crazy over every anime-related thing. Yes, it might be a bit of a challenge for us to relate to such an overwhelming passion, but who doesn't want the best for their friend, right? An awesome present with his favorite anime characters printed all over will make him the happiest person in the world!

Still, which option to choose from is an entirely different story. What should I get my anime loving best friend? Should it be a couple of Naruto Shippuden sneakers from GearAnime, or a super expensive Good Smile Company figure?

Do not fret; our extensive collection will gather excellent contenders for the best gifts for anime lovers. Check them out!

What Can I Gift My Weeb Friend? The Best Gifts for Anime Lovers

1. Itachi Akatsuki Anime Shoes

Itachi Akatsuki shoes

Source: Gearanime

A snug pair of Itachi Akatsuki anime shoes with stunning patterns and vibrant hues definitely dominates our list of perfect gift ideas, captivating anybody who catches a glimpse of them! 

The black-red tone of the shoes exudes the exact vibe whenever “Itachi no Akatsuki” appears - so cool and mysterious that it draws many audience’s eyes.

Numerous Internet retailers offer a diverse assortment of exquisite footwear, but GearAnime is still our most trusted brand at the end of the day. Their goods are both sturdy and stylish, pleasing even the pickiest “otaku”.

2. The Son Goku Family - Custom Anime Portrait

Custom Family Portrait, Custom Anime Portrait, Cartoon Illustration

Source: Etsy

Joining the Son family can never be simpler, thanks to custom anime pictures! 

Let's try to wow an otaku friend by commissioning a personalized portrait of one or two renowned fictional families - in which your pal is included as the newest member. Imagine his delight and surprise upon such an ideal gift idea.

3.Tokyo Revenges Chibi Figures

Nendoroid Mikey (Manjiro Sano)

Source: Goodsmileus

Tokyo Revengers chibi figurines - often referred to as Nendoroids - are the fantasy of every anime lover out there. The staggering price tag is a major concern here - but if you wish to give your best buddy a superior present, these items are the way to go!

Of course, the market offers numerous Chinese counterfeits that might resemble the official merchandise at first glance. Still, we suggest you never resort to those. Anime fans are quite perceptive when it comes to authorized goods; these phony Nendoroids will get recognized from miles away.

4. My Hero Academia Manga Box Sets

My Hero Academia Box Set 1

Source: Amazon

Most renowned anime are inspired by manga, which explains why the anime community also shows interest in limited goods from the source material.

Hence, we believe My Hero Academia manga box sets will be among the best gifts for anime lovers and manga fans. These stunning boxes compile an entire manga series into compact bundles, accompanied by extra accessories and gorgeous, exclusive drawings from the artists themselves.

5. Clamp Artbooks

All About Clamp Art Book And Manga Tankobon Hardcover

Source: Amazon

Clamp artbooks, of course, should be one of the first options that sprung to your mind! These materials feature thousands of beautiful wallpapers - either captured directly from the anime or drawn by mangakas and studio artists. Your buddy will be on cloud nine as he holds these striking pages in his hands!

On another note, fan books are a sub-branch of artbooks - except that the pictures are all fan-made. Though this option is also promising, for otakus, nothing could surpass official merchandise.

6. Attack on Titan Blu-ray Set

Attack On Titan - Complete Season 1 - Blu-Ray

Source: Store.Crunchyroll

Attack on Titan Blu-ray sets are simply a DVD edition of the Attack on Titan anime. We "muggles" often assume the Blu-ray and TV versions are identical, yet they are worlds apart! 

To save money, studios often pool fewer efforts on television broadcasts. On the other hand, this Blu-ray set enjoys a significant improvement in art quality, which explains its relatively extravagant pricing! Any fan of Attack on Titan would love to have them in their assets, and your friends, we believe, will not be an exception.

7. Uchiage Hanabi Soundtrack Albums

Uchiage Hanabi (SINGLE+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

Source: Yesasia

Plotlines and animations are not the two sole factors behind the success of an anime. Soundtracks play a crucial role, too. Do you know that "Uchiage Hanabi", a song from the anime movie Fireworks, has garnered more than half a billion Youtube views? These numbers alone denote the immense popularity of anime music.

As a result, a soundtrack album from Uchiage Hanabi - with all the OPs, EDs, and character songs covered - will be terrific for any anime enthusiast.

8. Itachi T-shirts

999 By Juice WRLD X Naruto Itachi T-Shirt Hot Topic Exclusive

Source: Hottopic

A gorgeous pair of Itachi Gearanime sneakers should go with equally stylish Itachi anime T-shirts. Together, they are a fantastic match for your pal to wear at major Japanese animation festivals, such as cosplaying famous Uchiha Itachi.

Another great news is that these items are relatively affordable (at least compared to some other alternatives). 

9. Dragon Ball Z Console Games

Dragon Ball Z console games - Xbox

Source: Xbox.com

Some anime franchises are so well-recognized that their fame extends beyond the animation industry to reach other sectors - such as gaming. 

Dragon Ball Z is a case in point, whose popularity has prompted Nintendo to produce numerous related game titles. If your pal is both a gamer and a weeb, Dragon Ball Z console games can be your best bet.

10. Premium Streaming Membership

premium membership crunchyroll

Source: Crunchyroll

Many third-party platforms, such as Crunchyroll, provide top-notch services to facilitate HD streaming - with a fee, of course. Nothing is free, after all!

In compensation, premium membership allows your friend to view high-quality movies all year round and gain direct access to the latest anime news. All these experiences are ad-free, unlike millions of illegal movie platforms out there. Such thoughtful anime gifts are certainly a delight to receive!

11. “How to Draw Manga” Guidebooks

How to Draw Manga Volume 1 : Compiling Characters

Source: Thriftbooks

Many otakus possess a great sense of creativity. We suggest you give them the book series “How to Draw Manga”, which helps streamline their path to professional goals! Another similarly amazing option is to purchase artist courses from well-known websites such as Udemy. 

One day, when your close friend eventually reaches the same level as Hayao Miyazaki (Ghibli director) or Naoko Takeuchi (Sailor Moon's author), we are pretty certain you will be the first one that comes to his mind!

12. Doraemon Throw Blankets

Blue Doraemon Plush Flannel Soft Blanket Throw

Source: Aliexpress

Our next suggestion is a throw blanket covered with gorgeous illustrations of the lovely cat Doraemon! It is a great complement to any slumber party among your friend and his like-minded otaku pals!

These blankets are made from soft fabrics, so their delicate textiles will lend your friend added comfort.

13. Ghibli Backpacks

Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Sakura Mini Backpack

Source: Hottopic

Let’s shake things up by discussing more practical anime merch. After all, most anime and manga fans are still attending schools or universities. A convenient Ghibli backpack with cute Totoro patterns is a nice choice, which might motivate him to study harder!

So instead of opting for disposable items (such as an anime sticker) or those purely designed for aesthetic purposes, this cute Ghibli backpack will help improve his academic performance. 

14. Sailor Moon Makeup Cosmetics

sailor moon x colourpop collection

Source: Colourpop

Most alternatives discussed thus far are either gender-neutral or aimed toward male fans. A bit of an unbalance, don't you think? Let's give fangirls some attention- Sailor Moon package! 

Every lady loves receiving cosmetics as a gift, even otaku girls. Here is good news: these Sailor Moon cosmetic products are reasonably priced! Assess which style she prefers to make sure your purchase is worth it.

15. Levi Body Pillows

Levi Ackerman Body Pillow

Source: Etsy

As the name implies, their lengths are comparable to Levi's height. By printing the entire body of Levi on these pillows, these pillows will delight any fangirls of Attack on Titan. Whenever users place one such pillow on the bed, it feels as if Levi is sleeping right next to them!

A warning, though: most illustrations are quite... sexually suggestive, and not everyone views their characters that way. Be careful, or the pillow might turn into an accidental insult. 

16. NaruSasu Doujinshis

Boys Love (Yaoi) : R18] Doujinshi - NARUTO / Naruto x Sasuke (薄明の狂気) / 10-RANKAI(サテライト)

Source: Otakurepublic

In most cases, doujinshis center on a "ship" - two characters romantically paired together by fans. Let's say this otaku buddy of yours is a diehard Naruto/Sasuke shipper; you may order this NaruSasu doujinshi to make her day.

17. Wall-Decorating Asuka Posters

Evangelion Asuka Poster

Source: Soleposter

Room decors call for nothing extra; just one or two huge posters of beautiful Asuka Langley are enough to draft over the space with an upbeat atmosphere. The prices are not demanding, which is a huge advantage! And while some other alternatives on our list may take a few days to reach you (particularly those purchased from international platforms), poster shipping is far more uncomplicated.

But what if the budget keeps you from buying authorized posters? Then one simple approach is to download and print an ultra-HD artwork from Google. Again, never use these prints for commercial reasons!

18. Pokemon Plushies

Pokemon Plush Pikachu 8" Stuffed Animal- Officially Licensed Pokemon Standard Doll

Source: Walmart

Body pillows and cosmetics only suit certain ages, while plushies are for everyone! No one can outgrow plushies -  no matter how old they are. 

This stuffed Pokemon is enough to make any lucky receiver shriek with joy! It is also made of breathable or machine-washable fabrics, which is a plus as not all of us enjoy scrubbing them off dirt and stains, right?

19. Sailor Moon Outfits

Sailor Moon Neo Queen Serenity Cosplay Dress Costume with Butterfly Bow Wings

Source: Miccostumes

What is a good gift for an otaku? Is there a childhood pal that wants to be Sailor Moon when she grows older?

Let's make their dream come true by purchasing these Sailor Moon outfits to let them get immersed in the character’s life. And do you have any embroidery skills? That's even better; you can make such costumes yourself!

20. Jujutsu Kaisen Movie Tickets

Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Source: smcinema.com

Similar to other types of film productions, anime is available in two formats: series (broadcasted on televisions) and movies (released at cinemas). Surprise him by showing him a couple of Jujutsu Kaisen tickets you bought and asking: "Shall we go this weekend?"

Worry that you might not understand what the movie is about? No fuss; there is no need to keep track of the prequels or source material. Jujutsu Kaisen is intended for the general audience, meaning the storyline structure is simple to follow, even for non-otakus like you.

21. Kishimoto Signatures

NARUTO 10th Anniversary Illustrated signature card Masashi Kishimoto Japan only

Source: Ebay

Some mangakas - such as Masashi Kishimoto are quite well-known, enjoying millions of admirers worldwide. A copy autographed by Kishimoto is a blessing for any devoted fan.

These are a great gift for your anime-obsessed buddy, though you might want to brace yourself for the troubles ahead; they are both super pricey and hard to access, selling out within nanoseconds.

22. Love Live! Concert Tickets

Love Live! Concert Tickets

Source: lovelive-anime.jp

Who says only idols and singers may perform on stage? For fans of music-themed film franchises such as Love Live concerts have always been the norm. 

The seiyuu (voice actors of the characters) will organize concert tours throughout Japanese cities, and together, they sing every hit song that has contributed to the anime's immense success.

Suppose you and your best buddies have the chance to set foot in Japan one day. Participating in one such concert night will definitely make the trip even more memorable!

23. Tokyo Ghoul Mugs

Tokyo Ghoul Logo 2 Mug

Source: Teepublic

These Tokyo Ghoul mugs are mostly valued for aesthetic qualities rather than functions, so you need not worry about whether they are suitable for drinking or not. 

In fact, your buddy may be so enamored with those splendid designs that he refuses to fill the cups with anything. Well, as long as he is happy, you are happy. 

24. Death Note Replica

Notebook Death Note Notebook Feather Pen Japan Anime Writing Journal

Source: Joom

Say, if the protagonist often carries a specific item or object that has become one of his trademark symbols, buying replicas of those items would be great!

Here is an example: your buddy is a fan of Light Yagami from "Death Note", who kills criminals around the world by writing their names in a book called "Death Note". The Death Note has always been associated with Light, which is why a notebook that looks exactly like the Death Note is quite an awesome birthday idea!

25. Hatsune Miku Mobile Phones

Xiaomi Mi 6X Hatsune Miku Limited Edition 64GB VERY RARE

Source: Ebay

Remember Hatsune Miku, one of the most popular virtual idols in the otaku community? 

Several years back, Xiaomi launched a new product line for this digital singer; these mobile devices boast a teal color scheme (Miku's signature color), with her image emblazoned on the phone's exterior. Even the keypads and displays are Miku-themed! Imagine how excited a Miku fan would feel to receive such a unique gift.

Kimetsu no Yaiba, Naruto, etc., are some other famous anime titles that collaborate with phone brands. Find out your friends' preferences to purchase the best products.

26. Bleach Phone Cases

Bleach Phone Case

Source: Teepublic

Have no money to purchase an expensive anime-themed phone? That's alright; a Bleach phone case might suffice. Retailers offer a diverse array to accommodate fans of varied Bleach characters. It is also feasible to design your own - and turn to affordable printing services for optimal outcomes.

Of course, one important thing is to determine the phone model your friend uses. If he has a Samsung and you get him an iPhone case... Well, how embarrassing that must be!

27. One Piece Kimonos

Luffy Gear 5 Kimono Custom One Piece Anime Haori Merch Clothes

Source: Gearotaku

Kimonos have always been regarded as one of the most well-known traditional Japanese garments. And it could be a blessing if a One Piece fan receives a Luffy-themed Kimono. 

The elegance and grace of this item can suit numerous occasions, not just otaku-related events. And it never makes you sweat in summer thanks to the lightweight material that you can even dress up for a beach party.

Purchasing a set of One Piece kimonos for group photos is also quite a nice concept, in our opinion. All the beautiful pictures you took will mark a significant milestone in your lifelong friendship!

28. Anime - A History Book (Jonathan Clements)

A History - Jonathan Clements (Author)

Source: Bloomsbury

Animes had quite a long way to go before they turned Japan into the economic powerhouse it is today. We are certain that any avid otaku would wish to gain further insight into Japanese film-making and animation history. Why don't you grant that wish for your pal by getting him an Anime - A History book (by Jonathan Clements) with valuable and critical information?

29. Cardcaptor Sakura Pencil Cases

Cardcaptor Sakura Pencil Case - Kawaii Cute Pencil Holder, Pen Pouch for Craft Supplies - New Series - Limit Edition

Source: Etsy

We are nearing the end of this compilation list; let's wrap it up with some more down-to-earth solutions! 

Similar to a backpack, Cardcaptor Sakura pencil cases seem to be such an ordinary gift item. All the designs are quite elegant, which helps boost studying motivation to new heights. 

30. Nezuko Caps

Cute Nezuko Cap Hat Anime Kimetsu Snapback

Source: Gearotaku

Combined with Gearnanime shoes and fashionable T-shirts, a cool Nezuko hat can turn anyone into a sleek fashionista!

On another note, it would be even better if your friend’s favorite character had a penchant for wearing caps; two notable examples are Kite (Hunter x Hunter) and Ash (Pokémon). In those cases, we recommend you go after products with identical designs to the caps used by these characters!

31. A DIY Gundam Kit

Bandai Hobby - Mobile Suit Gundam - 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam, Bandai Spirits Entry Grade

Source: Amazon

If your friends or acquaintances are any ambitious builders or Gundam enthusiasts, this entry-level Gundam kit is indeed what will kick off their journey of a whole new model installing project.

Since this kit is expected to take a few hours to finish, double-check if they are on board with doing such stuff. Whether or not it makes a stand among splendid anime expo gifts depends on your determination!

32. L. Lawliet Sneakers Custom Death Note Anime Shoes

L. Lawliet Sneakers Custom Death Note Anime Shoes Fan MN05

Source: Gearanime

Is your boyfriend's birthday coming near, yet you still have no idea of what to gift him? L. Lawliet sneakers from GearAnime are what to spoil your nerdy lover!

Imagine how happy he could be knowing that his birthday gifts are a combination of what he loves the most: His favorite anime series and a cool, nice pair of sneakers!

33. Monopoly Naruto Board Game

MONOPOLY Naruto Board Game

Source: Fun

Here comes an excellent present for any age group of anime fans: The Monopoly Naruto board game.

Even your father, the one who has seen over 700 episodes of Naruto, can be hooked on these father's day gifts!

A fantastic thing is: He must not be any stranger to creating a real estate empire in the original Monopoly. Well then, the Naruto board game to construct a supreme Shinobi empire should not be challenging for him! 

34. Cook Anime by Diana Ault

Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character – From Bento to Yakisoba By Diana Ault

Source: Urban Outfitter

What else could be the best anime gift for parents? An anime cookbook, indeed, we would say!

Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character—From Bento to Yakisoba by Diana Ault is a brilliant cookbook that enables anime viewers to prepare the foods that their favorite characters frequently eat.

You'll also like the explanations of the background and culture of the cuisine, as well as the practical advice for preparing specialties like ramen and mochi.
Looking for mother's day gifts?

Give such a present to your mom as a token of gratitude; we believe she will not only feel precious, but there are also more delectable dishes for you to have a taste of!

35. Bleach Ichigo Eyes Hoodie


Source: Hypland

This Bleach Ichigo Eyes Hoodie is really colorful, making  you stand out on the street. We suppose even the harshest person could be in awe of how well the brand's screen printing and sewing are done.

It will be simple to find an epically trendy present for someone you know, whether they love Ichigo, Feitan, or any other character from "Naruto," or "Hunter x Hunter, "etc.).

What could be a marvelous choice for choosing personalized anime gifts better than this? Say no more!

36. Attack on Titan Eren Password Key Necklace

Attack On Titan Eren Password Key Necklace

Source: Weebstuff

Seeking an ideal romantic yet not any less personal gift for your other half on your two love birds' special day? 

Attack on Titan Eren Password Key Necklace is our recommendation as one of the fruitful anniversary gifts or a company of Halloween gifts you can find nowhere better!

Of course, the prerequisite is that your partner has to be in love with this anime series as much as he or she is with you (just kidding!). 

37. Goku Figure

Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Imagination Works Action Figure

Source: Fun

Every die-hard fan of the Dragon Ball would go crazy for this arrival!
With the inclusion of such a 7-inch-tall Son Goku figure in the Christmas gifts, your friends shall love you till the cows come home. 

Note that hair, hands, eyes, and heads are all replaceable in the entire set, so you can inform your buddy with affection thoroughly! Moreover, not only does it come with a stand so you can display your model, the detachable pieces also let you strike the ideal stance.

38. Killua Zoldyck Eye Mask Hunter X Hunter Anime Sleep Mask

Killua Zoldyck Eye Mask Hunter X Hunter Anime Sleep Mask

Source: Gearanime

A big Hunter X Hunter enthusiast can no way be able to miss out on this sort of children's day gifts!

Let's think about how hard it is to take a kid into bed when they are unwilling to do so. In such a case, Killua Zoldyck's eye mask Hunter X Hunter would be a rescuer of the day!

With pleasant and breathable satin polyester and soft wadding that won't bother your kids' skin, especially included by his favorite anime character, there will be not even a chance that child continues fussing.

39. Studio Ghibli Postcards

Studio Ghibli: 100 Collectible Postcards: Final Frames from the Feature Films

Source: Amazon

Here goes another option you should not overlook - Ghibli postcards. We all know how a vintage appeal on postcards makes them suitable as gifts.

It doesn't matter to place them on a wall as a decoration or store them away for safekeeping and collecting. The receiver would feel treasured as always!

What's more, fans of anime will find these sharp, striking postcards especially vastly captivating because they feature illustrations from the famed Ghibli movies.

40. Naruto Crew Socks

Naruto Crew Socks for Adults

Source: Fun

The Masashi Kishimoto figure is depicted in knit-in designs on these Naruto Crew Socks. The socks are extremely soft and elastic since they are a combination of cotton, nylon, and spandex.

This is indeed an inexpensive present for an anime fan whose feet are often chilly!

Key Takeaways

As anime has taken the world by storm with an array of successful franchises, the otaku community is spoiled with anime-themed merch. If you are on the quest for gifts for anime lovers, the above 40 ideas should hit the spot. 

Even a quick browse on Gearanime can also bring you the high-quality and inspiring anime shoes that your pal will cherish. For more clarifications on the issue, feel free to reach us.

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